Does anyone know what happen to simon baz and beast boy from multiverse line are they going to be out soon?

Baz was in the Luthor wave but got pushed back. Beast Boy is in the Mammoth wave I think.

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There’s a build a Baz,I have all but 2 pieces,but I saw a nice one already complete on Amazon & it was a very good price. I can’t remember the maker but if u search on Amazon it should come up. I also got a Terry Dodson designer series Beast boy off Amazon that was cheap. Actually, all the Terry Dodson designers are cheap. I have Starfire, and Raven as well as Beast boy & they were all around $15 and under.


Idk if u are going to check back here, but if u do I shopped yesterday & that Baz is still on Amazon for a great price.

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Do you have a picture of or link to that figure? I only know of the DC Collectibles New 52 Baz figure and the upcoming Mattel version. I’d be curious to see another Simon figure.


It’s dc collectibles you’re right. I just went to take pic for ya & saw. It always pops up when I’m looking on Amazon & it’s a really nice one for $25’ish. It looks exactly like the multiverse figs I never read the co. I’d seen so many multiverse ones I just assumed it was. That Baz style wise looks exactly like the multiverse ones. Good call tho.

I confused this with a different post I was thinking I said it was multiverse just got u were just asking which one I was, it’s the dc collectibles Vroom.