Multiverse: 52 Universes

The multiverse is made up of multiple universes. Name 5 of the 52 universes. What characters are involved in the 5 that you pick and what are the names of the 5 universes that you pick?

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Sure, I’ll do it right now. Earth 1, Earth 2, Earth 3, Earth 4, and Earth 5.


What characters are involved in those universes and what are the proper names for those universes?

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Here are some of my favorites.

Earth 19: Gotham by Gaslight Universe (Batman/Jack the Ripper/Poison Drinking Joker/Inspector Gordon/Alfred)

Earth 21: The New Frontier Universe (Green Lantern/The Flash/Martian Manhunter/King Faraday/Wonder Woman)

Earth 22: Kingdom Come Universe (Superman/The Spectre/Norman McKay/Shazam/Magog)

Earth 30: Red Son Universe (Superman/Wonder Woman/Batman/Lex Luthor/Brainiac

Earth 42: Vampire Batman Universe (Vampire Batman/Werewolf Catwoman/Joker/Alfred/Dracula)

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Earth 31, Batman, Robin III, Clark, Yindell, Joker, Two Face, The Mutant Leader, Abner, and Ronald Reagan.