Mr. Terrific vs Nightwing

This is a tough matchup but I think Terrific can take it, he’s smarter, has better tech and although not remotely on the level of Nightwing, can hold his own for long enough to secure the W.

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Yeah, Terrific takes it. In addition to be the third smartest man alive, and having technology superior to Wayne Enterprises, he’s an Olympic level athlete.

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Nightwing is my favorite bat family member bit he’s not seeing Terrific with or without prep. Not sleeping on Nightwing but Terrific IMO can give the bat a run for his money

Mr. T. Terrific that is, not the other Mr. T.

T spheres never hurt either

You are all Daft. Batman would take Mr. Terrific… no contest. Terrific might take down Ace the Bat Hound…maybe.