MR Miracle Trade

I know that the critical response was wild, and it was nearly impossible to buy on the day of release in LA (and Detroit my brother tells me) and I don’t want to be too hyperbolic, but is this the best superhero comic of the last 10 or so years? I can’t think of anything i’ve liked this much since 52.

I feel like 30 years down the road we’ll be talking about this like we talked about TDKR and Watchmen. What a powerful book. I love lots of comics certainly but some stick out like best of year books and some stick out like best of decade books and this one felt decade. Anyone else this hyped?


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I’m on #3 and have highly enjoyed the series so far. Mister Miracle is also my favorite Jack Kirby created character so I’m an easy sell on most things featuring and starring him.

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