Mr. Freeze is not a villain!

Yes, goes about his business in the worst way possible, BUT you know his reasons! Watching Subzero right now and the opening sequence shows how good he is at heart. Ansara as the voice is perfect casting, so congrats to Andrea Romano for that casting. My favorite Mr. Freeze moment is the plot line in Arkham Knight.

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Anyone else wanted a redeemed Batman villains team up title with Clayface, Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze, and maybe others like Poison Ivy or Killer Croc. I think it would be interesting to explore those dynamics, and delve deeper into those characters.


That sounds cool but that’s a lot of his rogues gallery so they’d never do that

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True, you’re probably right. So long as I’m still spitballing though, Catwoman would be team leader

He really is. However understandable his reasons, he goes around killing people and stealing things because he thinks his pain is more important than what happens to anyone else. He’s a selfish, bitter person. The only one I really feel sorry for is Nora.

That’s not to say I don’t like Freeze’s origin, but only because it makes him an interesting villain, not because it makes him not a villain.


Forgive my ignorance but I am never sure which reality/ universe/ timeline is which, but IS the woman in the cryochamber his wife??

If he had a mental break somewhere and its just some random woman he kidnapped (a story arc I seem to remember from somewhere) then he is NOT some tragic victim of Batman’s folly trying to save his beloved - he is a crazy kidnapper.

In the above scenario? Villain

The New52 retconned Fries to simply be deluding himself that a woman that had been cryogenically preserved for decades was his wife.
From what I understand, Rebirth has changed his origin back to the previous origin, where he did marry Nora and tried to save her through cryo-stasis.

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Yeah, Mr. Freeze has had 3 origins in the comics:

  1. He accidentally exposed himself to chemicals while designing a freeze gun.

  2. He was exposed to chemicals while trying to take care of his cryogenically-frozen wife.

  3. He was exposed to chemicals while creepily obsessing over a cryogenically-frozen woman.

He went from fairly sympathetic to extremely sympathetic to utterly repulsive. But he’s certainly a villain in each case.


Obviously I know he’s a villain but I guess I’m just a sucker for his reasoning and would always give him endless chances if I was Batman

Even if he we take his BTAS based origin. He is a tragic character or has a tragedy based origin. However, he is a villain. Perhaps a villain who actually fits the “The Killing Joke’s” one really bad day. However, he is a villain.

(I think the one bad day is the worst premise of a Joker origin ever)

There is a 4th Mr Freeze origin, created for The Batman animated series. He is a jewel thief and falls into a cryogenic chamber and is electrocuted at the same instant he is flash frozen. I think it’s the best of the 4 Mr Freeze origins I know. It is the “hoisted by his own petard” nature of his origin that really leans into his villainous nature.

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