MOViEVERSEs, TV-VERSEs, & SERViCEVERSEs: Where are we Gilligan? Why won't Ben Affleck be seen with us at Titans Tower?

So it looks like Cyborg is part of Doom Control? Thus ending the TITANS season long Batman face avoiding suspense as to whether these DC PRODUCTIONS were part of the same universe as the :movie_camera: movies.

I like that move–the Hollywood stars never deign to appear on any series anyway–they stick to movies–I guess to protect their cinema only association or similar status?

The only time I saw a movie star appear on TV was when the (always seemingly working) great Samuel Jackson appeared on Agents of SHIELD. Please correct me if I’m wrong and I’d LOVE TO BE TOLD I’m wrong that MOVIE STARS DON’T DO TV (And the resurrection of Colton was never accepted into the MOVIEVERSE for another point).

I mean why oh why can’t we just be able to stream Ben Affleck having a salad with Robin? Mayhaps there was a prototype of Trump’s wall and it BLOCKS & DIVIDES the MOViEVERSE, TV-VERSE, & SERViCEVERSE?

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You answered your own question, movie actors don’t want to water down their brand by appearing on TV.

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I see DC is using the Marvel model of casting actors who pretty much had their time in the sun and then haven’t been casted in 5 to 10 years - That was one of my favorite things Marvel did - I mean once you get used to a actors run, know their name and remember them permanently it’s nice to see them again and you’re wasted memory of their existence suddenly isn’t quite so wasteful

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Daniel Radcliffe has that tv show where he reads messages from humans to angels.

Elijah Wood was in Wilfred.

Those are two that I can think of. I will add more when I think of them.

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