Movies Available

I am confused on the movies available. The catalog for DC is pretty good, yet so many have never came available yet. I know it is growing and all but reports and rumors are Disney will have a deeper list of works in the Star Wars/Marvel universes. So why is DC holding onto movies like the Dark Knight Rises and so many other animated features that are great.

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Please note that the movies are rotated every month. There are prior licensing agreements with other platforms. We’re updated as to what’s coming and going every month in the Watchtower forums by the moderators. Check those for further information.


My guess is that this service is too niche for it to be profitable to withdraw movies from other services and put them here. Which is a shame. Hopefully this changes when DC Universe becomes complimentary to the much bigger service, HBO Max.

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The newer movies and TV shows will be on HBO Max for maximum revenue, not here.

Hopefully Warner Brothers will allow these videos, to be shown on DC Universe, on a non exclusive basis, six months after debut at Max and for two weeks only, one at a time, on a rotating basis.

If they let all the DC content on HBO Max also be on here simultaneously, there would still be enough exclusive content on HBO Max for it not to eat into its profits.

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I already have all the movies that would be on HBO Max, but if I didn’t and knew i could see these movies eventually here, i would not subscribe to Max, for that reason.

It would be wise, revenue wise, for Warner Brothets to experiment with non exclusivity before dropping it.

Warner Brothers wants DC Universe to survive. That is why it is putting big money for Original Content and Community 2.0. So I think we will get video, like we used to get Batman and New Teen Titans issues, in a limited way and for a limited period of time.

But the real big revenue generator for Warner Brother is for newer, exclusive HBO Max content, not allowing a cheaper service to get the same content.

Yeah but HBO Max will have so much more than DC. Let’s say I wanted to read comics and watch Scooby-Doo. I’d have to subscribe to both.

The question is how far Warner Brothers will go to help DC Universe.

We differ on how far. We will see in a year.

For now we are guessing and projecting our wants and needs on what will be a business decision by Warner Brothers.

I doubt WB will go far to help DC Universe. I’m just saying that I don’t think it would hurt their profits if they did.