movie vs

Who makes the better Movies
Marvel with Avengers, Spider-Man, Guardians, DeadPool, etc
Or DC with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc

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This thread is asking for a fanboy war zone. Before it gets toxic, I’ll just saw I enjoy BOTH!


Agreed. While I personally prefer DC, I go to all of them and love most of them lol.


I agree with the guys above - both have their merits. DC is in my blood, but I gotta hand it to Disney and Marvel they know how to make good movies but what they don’t have… is BATMAN! :slight_smile:


It really depends on the films honestly. Marvel has way more films than DC in entirety, but when DC has a great film it’s amazing and very special to me because WB works on mostly creativity with their films. Such as with Burtons Batman 89 and Returns, or Nolan’s trilogy. You can really tell it’s by that director and that’s what I loved about them. Marvel has great films and has done very successful with MCU. (Though I personally prefer X-Men and Raimis Spider-Man due to the creative input it had into the films.) I just like to see films as artwork and different they’re. I was all for Zack Snyder’s vision but I feel he didn’t incorporate the characters very well in my opinion. I did like Man of Steel besides some of it’s flaws, but my favorite out of DCEU has to go Wonder Woman. No Man’s Land is incredible.

I feel DC has the most interesting characters, which is why DC is my favorite. However, Marvel is entertaining as well and I’ve enjoyed all the movies so far. So I guess it’s both for me.

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