Mourning Checkmate and more poem

Manhunter, Red Robin, and Checkmate
Seeing you go is something we hate
When the Purge took you away
Seeing you come back made our day
Manhunter a story of critial accliam
A story that makes Batman look tame
Red Robin a Tale of Tim Drake
Now that your gone my stomach akes
And Checkmate with its criminal evil
Returns to the abyss post upheaval
Thank you DC for the great read
But bring them back give us this deed!!


Thankfully I have Checkmate downloaded on my phone.

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I don’t think downloading does anything to save access to something that’s been pulled. None of the issues of any of the series that went down are still available to read.

Yeah, when they are removed downloading doesn’t help at all. When Manhunter was first removed I had several of the issues downloaded and that did absolutely nothing. I dislike that they removed 2 of my favorite series, but I guess that is the way the service is. I started reading some of “The Flash” featuring Wally. Hope it isn’t removed next :wink:

Interesting sidenote (which will probably be corrected relatively quickly): if you have books that were removed downloaded and you disconnect your device from the internet you’ll get a message that includes a “view downloads” option when you open the app. Selecting this will allow you to read the books that were rotated out.