Moth's Toy World

Hey! I’m going through a bit of a toy obsession lately, so I thought I’d create my own thread for it. I’m going to post my action figure displays here as well as whatever crafty things I do with my toy collection.

I’m going to start simple, though. I’ve been collecting McFarlane Toy’s Super Powers line, and I love their Wonder Woman figure. However, I was a little let down that it didn’t come with a Lasso of Truth accessory. So, as a Mother’s Day gift to Diana, I whipped up a quick Golden Perfect for her:

It ain’t much, but happy Mother’s Day, angel…


I see your Superman is prepared to be attacked by Red Sun Rays with his Supermobile.


Some of the baddies on my bureau have mysterious, green weapons, so Supes is being cautious.


Awesome thread @TheCosmicMoth. Like I said, I love your displays and can’t wait to see more of ‘em. Have to ask, is the image graininess intentional? I ask because it gives the whole thing a retro vibe that feels very appropriate!

Oh and… raise that lasso so it’s around TBWL’s neck. Can’t stand that ■■■■■■ :joy:


Nah. That’s either the lighting or my phone being trash or both. Funny enough, I did try to use my digital camera, but that was worse. Glad it sort of looks intentional!

DC combined their most popular hero with their most popular villain to create… a character who’s pretty universally hated! My exposure to TBWL has been limited, but the concept does scream jumping the shark.


pulls out a seat and sits down

“This is going to be good, I can tell.”

pulls out and opens a package of Chocos he snuck in, then initiates nibbling upon them


I’ve always felt that Slade is a scumbag. Waller vs. Wildstorm #1 (now available on Ultra) basically confirmed it. Here’s a scene inspired by that issue with a slightly different cast:


Man that dresser has… seen things.


Yeah, dude… I’ve actually decided that’s a pretty grim, militaristic scene. So… let’s send some good guys in to thwart this illegal black ops mission on my furniture:


This all confirms a suspicion of mine: the Cosmic Moth is secretly a vampire; we know this because the mirror does not show the reflection.


My fairly new Superman and Supermobile Super Powers set are doing okay so far on one of my shelfs, but I’m a little concerned for Supes as I do have a giant Galactus figure on the shelf just above.

I’m not sure what would happen if Superman ever met Galactus and his Heralds… oh no now there’s another comic I need to go buy…

…yoikes, this thing is wildly expensive…I guess I’ll just watch this YouTube video on it.

And wait for more action figure excitement on this thread!


Aww, c’mon @Don-El, you should know by now that I don’t like vampires in my superhero comics. Though… my hands are always deathly cold… hmmm… But, nah, in reality that mirror drives me crazy when I do these pics because I have to work hard to keep myself out of the shot. No one needs to see this ugly mug.

I wouldn’t mind a picture of that shelf…

He’d figure out a way to stop Galactus without putting a gun to the universe’s head… cough Reed Richards cough

I’ve got some ideas that I hope are cool!


As requested here’s the current state of the action figure shelf next to my home office desk.

At the moment, apparently there are more of the other publisher being featured, but no worries, all my DC figures are waiting to be displayed soon.


Thanks for posting @Don-El! I really like the Spider figures on the top shelf!


They look awesome!


Thanks. Frankly there’s a bit of a Sinister Six theme going on in my office. It probably goes back to when I read it back in the 60s.

Perhaps while we wait for the Cosmic Moth’s next action figure reveal, the DC figures might have some sort of revolt in my home office, we shall see…



I’ve always wondered what goes on when I leave my home office for the evening!

And now, back to the Cosmic Moth show!


I just hope Arthur will be okay against Sinestro…

That’s a cool, little world you have going on in your home office! Feel free to share more anytime!


I think I may have accidentally revealed this summer’s Crisis for DC LOL


Let’s see, there’s:

  • Top shelf: What looks like a Toy Biz Spider-Man, followed by Rhino from the Biz’s Spider-Man animated line, Sandman from the Biz’s Spider-Man: Flip 'N Trap line and Lizard, from Hasbro’s Spider-Man Origins line.

  • Middle shelf: Toy Biz Galactus and Modok, from the Fantastic Four and Iron Man lines based on their respective Marvel Action Hour shows, followed by Reed from Hasbro’s Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer line.

  • Bottom shelf: The best Supermobile ever committed to plastic (sorry Kenner, but its true).

Its much more interesting than Knight Terrors appears to be at this point, so in addition to being a rad display in-general, it also has that going for it.