Mother Panic Returns?

I wasn’t planning to read Future State: Gotham (have never been a Jason Todd fan), but it sounds like a version of Mother Panic will be appearing in some upcoming issues so I might have to check it out.

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Love Mother Panic! Is this Violet? :purple_heart:

It sounds like no, she’s a legacy hero like Jace Fox and Yara Flor. But her name is Jodi Edwards, so she’s named after Jody Houser and Tommy Lee Edwards who created Violet. Also, her name is now Hunter Panic.

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Yea she’s been in a few issues already. Cool seeing the design again even if it’s a different character.

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Hunter Panic found Mother Panics armor…and is first introduced in issue 4 which is a Future State Harley Quinn story. Gotham: FS also has some very interesting backups that do not involve the main story. Plus i like the manga feel of the black and white print.

Cool, I might have to add it to the list. Have been sticking mostly with the Infinite Frontier titles currently (as they come to DC Universe Infinite) but I enjoyed the Future State event. I kinda hoped the title being Gotham: Future State would mean it wouldn’t only focus on Jason.

Well, it follows Jason it is not Jason-centric event-wise like Task Force Z is. I would say Gotham is the main character in them but that’s just my personal opinion.