Most Wanted Trades - What's Your White Whale?

Wait. Are all the issues on here? TO THE SEARCH BAR! (60s Batman transition)

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Finishing out the Amalgam trades (the other companies collections) and I eventually need to get the trades for Tangent Comics: Superman’s Reign, as I have all 3 of the original trades for Tangent.

lol, well my white whale doesn’t exist yet…but I’d love a big compendium of all the Dr. Fate/Swamp Thing/Phantom Stranger/Etrigan best of’s…

Update: Since making this post, I have obtained both Batman/Huntress: Cry for Blood, and The Question Vol. 2. Volume 1 continues to elude me… but I’m keeping my eyes peeled.


Definitely Starman omnibus vol. 3! It comes up on eBay regularly but no way I’m paying over $150 for it. This series so needs a reprint! I was able to mash it together by collecting the 3 older trades and a handful of singles but it works. Still on the hunt for one decently priced though. Robinson’s masterpiece.

My wish though is for a near future reprint with the amazing colors that are replicated in the digital format. I would , without question throw my money at a collection of this caliber!