Most Overrated/Underrated DC film?

In my opinion…
Most overrated:
Teen Titans Go to the Movies (it’s trash compared to Oliver & Company)
Most underrated:
Man of Steel & 2009 WW (those need more legit appreciation)

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Its trash compared to Oliver and Company, but what isnt? Nice avatar, btw.
I havent actually seen Teen Titans Go! But I admit, the movie trailer made me laugh.

I agree, pretty much whole heartedly on Man of Steel, animated WW seems universally loved by those who saw it.

Live action WW is a bit overrated imo. I mean, what in the blue hell was Dr. Poison going on about with the whole restoration of Ludendorf’s power!? That is one heavy handed misdirect with not even a single after thought. Like I’m just going to ignore it because of the villian reveal…

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Teen Titans Go to the Movies: the only movie to make a joke out of the death of Bruce’s parents. It’s funny too in a dark way if you get what they’re going for.

Zombedy: both WW films are more solid than Frozen.
No pun intended.

Solid, yes. But the live action version IS overrated. Its good, it also uses some of the most transparent and lazy writing techniques. Again, the villains motivations are childish in the live one, they feel like Disney villians. The animation has more realistic antagonists

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