Most overlooked/underrated heroes

What heroes do you feel have never reached their full potential or good be used more? Some of mine would be Phantom Stranger, The Spectre and Uncle Sam. Now granted these heroes have had some great runs, though would love to see them in some updated storylines.

I think that Hawkman is a character that DC just constantly drops the ball with when it comes to his origin and the New 52 only made it worse. Donna Troy, Tempest, and a lot of other C-D list heroes are similar, but it’s more that DC can’t figure out how to use them properly.

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Booster Gold

Arsenal. He is the most relatable character in comics. He makes mistakes he is left with the consequences but he keeps on pushing forward and trying to do the right thing. He is a strong representation of human nature and at the same time the embodiment of the human spirit and it’s want to be better. But he is constantly overlooked and under used.

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Kyle freakin’ Rayner. Say what you want about that mask, I love it! :joy: I want Kyle back the way he used to be!


Kyle for sure but I think Hawkman and Hawkgirl also needs some love

Another vote for Booster Gold. Loved the Booster Gold/ Blue Beetle teamups.

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Kyle Rayner,
Arsenal and Red Hood together,
The Question,
Martin Manhunter,
Booster Gold,

Here is a character that had been overlooked for years… The Protector…

Red Hood is not overlooked or underrated. Just look at how many people are named Red Hood or Jason Todd in the Community. If anything he’s OVERrated.

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Martian Manhunter
Ressurection Man

Rose & Thorn.

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Jack Knight

Plastic man . Blue beetle .red tornado . Martian manhunter .booster gold .sadam yat it’s like he should have been shown and done alot more with

The Question
Martian Manhunter

Cassandra Cain.

The good version, not the “Orphan” version. The fact that she got reinvented at all, let alone how poorly it was done, speaks volumes to how little care DC gives the character.