☠ Most Morally Ambiguous Hero ☠

They’ve done it! They’ve saved the day! But at what cost?

Some heroes make the hard calls, and not everyone agrees with their choices. Which heroes have toed the line between good and evil the most? Who do you think is the most ethically dubious hero in DC?

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My first instinct is to go with Constantine. That dude don’t give a ■■■■. If screwing someone over is the way to win, then, well…adios!


This is tough, because I’m quicker than most to pull the trigger on “This character isn’t a hero anymore, he’s a villain.”

I haven’t read any Hellblazer/Constantine stuff, but he seems like a good candidate based on what I do know about him. There’s also potentially Etrigan. Like, I guess he’s kinda evil, but then he’s still usually the guy you’re rooting for. Whereas I think others like the Red Hood or Lobo make better antagonists than heroes, Etrigan is just a pitch-black anti-hero contrasted with the more straightforwardly heroic Jason Blood. Very close to the line in any case.


Yeah, Etrigan is practically the most ambiguous. He saves people, yet in Demon Knights he sends an innocent Friar to heck for no reason. When there is someone pulling Etrigan’s leash though, he is a bit more relaxed. I just think Xanadu is an enabler.

It is a very fine line between ethically dubious hero and antihero, without a doubt~