Most emotional scene in comics

Impulse #10: I still remember this issue today. Bart had lost his speed and Max, his mentor, was injured and in a coma. Most of the issue was Bart dragging through the day. Part of it was his loss of speed but you could also feel that he really loved Max and acted like anyone else who was worried about a loved one. He was usually joking and moving fast but this hit him hard. It all boils over into the couple page spread of him running after yelling Max, running at normal speed. Still chokes me up how much you could feel for him with so few words from him. Quite realistic


Baan Adventures #16 Bride of the Joker/The Flower Girl. After Ivy comes to Harley’s rescue again, Harley gets mad at Ivy, then Ivy dies without anyone ever finding out. And it took place in the 2nd to last Batman DCAU comic. I’m glad that DC never went to these extremes again, but they still haven’t made it up to the pair imo.


Great question! From a couple years back an entire issue of Action comics had a solo Krypto story of him alone adjusting to life without Superboy (after the death of Conner). So sad and beautifully done, choked me up. Also the first appearance/origin of Dex-Star in a back up story in Green Lantern totally touched me and brought tears to my eyes.

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