More reading recommendations please?

I can’t decided what to read here in the app so I wanted more suggestions.
What I’ve read so far:
Batman Eternal
Penguin Pain and prejudice
Hawk and Dove
Saga of the Swamp thing
Green Are The Longbow Hunters
Green Lantern No Fear
Arrow season 2.5
The Flash season zero

-Aquaman (90’s series; the one that ran 75 issues)
-Poison Ivy: Life and Death
-JLA Rebirth one-shots
-The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive
-Young Justice
-Geoff Johns’ Teen Titans
-Catwoman (by Ed Brubaker and Darwyn Cooke)
-Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey

Hope something there will tickle your literary fancy =)

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Catwoman when in rome



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Green Arrow (1987-) which continues the Low Bow Hunters is great. It has more Shado story lines by Mike Grell who created her and he wrote the series for about 80 issues of which the first 16 are here. Of course, I’m biased given my screen name is Travis Morgan which is one of my favorite Mike Grell created characters.

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Superboy & the legion of superheroes
Aquaman ‘94
All the Catwoman ones
Batman legends of the dark knight
Batman & the outsiders
New Gods ‘71
Forever People
Huntress year one
Robin year one
Batgirl year one
Stars & S.T.R.I.P.E.

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Entire TNTT run is encapsulating

Check out the 2011 Swamp Thing and its crossovers with Animal Man. Its almost as good as Moore’s run at its best.

Young Justice 98 (I’m biased, but it’s a real fun light read), Batwoman and her corresponding Detective Comics story arc, Catwoman 2001, Batman and Robin, Superman Batman, and Batgirl (both versions)