More Quirky Crafts: What's Your Favorite Mother Box?

Hey all! I am working on a few projects. I like to do unconventional types of fan art. I’m working on 2 right now and need help.

  1. I have this vintage tiny address book. It pairs each letter and you open it to that letter. I’m thinking of making it a rogue’s gallery “black book”
  2. I totally want to make a cool Mother Box. Which depiction do you think is the best and most well recognized?

I’m late to the party on this, but I LOVE the idea of making a mother box. I personally love the classic Kirby design - which looks slightly bigger than a deck of cards. It would be pretty easy to build: use some plastazote foam for the box, pack it with LEDs, and then paint it to mimic that Kirby circuitry. Honestly, now that I’m writing this, I kind of want to make one myself…


I collect playing cards… I need to have a Mother Box deck now. haha!


Here is the Mother Light Box… haha… I 3D printed it, silicone molded it, and made it with resin. This is the first one that didn’t come out great, but at least I have the mold.