More On The Return of Dick Grayson

I geeked out over the confirmation that Dick will be back with his memories fully intact in this coming October in Nightwing… um 75 I think it was???
But now we’re finding out from Bloody Cool News that it’s actually happening NEXT MONTH! YOU HEARD ME NEXT ■■■■■■■ MONTH YAASSSSSSSSSSSS!!! Here is the article for those that want to read for themselves:

But wait there’s more! IDK anything about this metal stuff going on (and honestly don’t care) but there has been some really good information of what’s to come and how it connects to Dick’s return because both Starfire and Cyborg return as well and the 3 of them will be teaming up and have a small chance to chat about all the crazy ■■■■ that’s been going on in their lives and personally I love the idea and how the scene is described to play out. Here’s that article from CBR:

When the news broke that Dick was back in October it came with the news that former Titans would be helping him get back his identity. With this information coming from this Metal storyline it appears that Titans is on their way back as well and I couldn’t be happier at this even being a possibility! I’m just loving this right now! Please somebody tell me I’m not dreaming like is this really happening??? I mean, I’ll skip the whole comeback and wait for everything to be done and back to normal before I start reading again because I don’t want any remnants of Amnesiac Ric just let him fade into the realm of the forgotten but I’m just eating this up!