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Just another voice from a paying customer to please go above and beyond for this service.

Look titans is cool and all but let me be 100% clear that was the last reason I got a membership. I’m glad the video library is decent but honestly I pre - order all the animated movies once they get announced.

I was here for one reason and one reason alone. I am a single dad with minimum time to read comics and I was spending a lot of money on story archs I didn’t find interesting such as the decent but a bit slow batman enternal.

I was hoping this would be more like Xbox game pass ( it’s a service on pc or Xbox one that is 7.99 with random back catologe of games but all Microsoft studio games are added day one with all the dlc for you to access and play as long as your member is active and the library is always growing as nothing is taken away from the service) in that because you own 100% of the ip you could give us random back issues but put up the newer comics say a week to a month or two behind.
If it’s money you’re concerned about Microsoft and Netflix has proven that it’s better for someone to pay for a monthly fee to enjoy content than to take half the number of larger one time sales. And I believe I speak for majority that once you find a comic you love you go out and buy the physical edition or even collectors edition to have on the book shelf.

Just my opinion I’m sure titans was a huge investment that needs to see a return but I really was thinking this would have a better comics selection.

Best regards you 95% satisfied Bata testing, bug searching and reporting fan


Hear, hear! Seconded.