More Comics Coming To DCU

I dunno if it has been posted here yet but Jim Lee said recently at New York City Comic Con that they are definitely going to upgrade the service and add far more comics than there is right now. WB Digital Labs and DC Comics have definitely heard your grievances. I’m really hoping they add entire runs from the New 52 and a few other great eras of DC since there’s maybe like 3-4 issues for some books which really sucks.


Jim Lee is awesome!

Glad to hear it!

Good stuff👍🏻

This would be a very welcome change

This would be awesome news.

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That sounds good. Glad to hear about it. Thanks!

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Very glad to hear that.

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Glad to hear this. Ive been pretty happy with the comic experience so far. I’d like to see some alphabetizing errors fixed, along with thumbnail errors (showing an image from one volume of a series that has nothing to do with the actual material present; example: The New Gods shows the 80’s NG #1 cover for the thumbnail but the series is the original one from the 70’s) and other errors, like The New Teen Titans volume one #8 showing up in TNTT volume two series instead of the issue that should be there (TNTT v2 #8). It’s alot to cover, but I’m sure they’ll get things fixed in due time. Just need to be polite and patient.

Regarding The New 52, There are some runs from that currently available here in case anyone’s curious and not aware of them. The Savage Hawkman (forget if the Zero Month issue is there), Hawk and Dove, I Vampire, Aquaman and the Others (minus the Future’s End tie-in) and Secret Origins are a few that come to mind off hand.

The first arcs of All Star Western and Nightwing along wi th the first year of Justice League Dark are currently available too.

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Maybe they’re listening after all. And maybe those on here whining about us raising concerns will learn that we raise concerns not to be negative but to improve the service. Very pleased to hear this!


Itd be nice if they added storylines in Volumes like digital versions of the trades.