More Comic Runs?

We are going to get more than 1 issue for all these titles on the comic section right?
I hope we get at least 10-20 issues in a row for each. I love to binge read a series.


I also hope this. Ive already said elsewhere on here that this seems like a paid promotion for you to go buy their trades after reading the first issue.

If it is a marketing promo to get me to read one issue and go out and buy the rest of the run, I don’t get hooked by just one issue. I would want to at least read the first story arc of issues.

They have been very discrete describing what is going to be on the comic side, but I just assumed that is because they don’t know how many runs they could scan before launch.

I was planning on getting my monies worth out of reading the comics since it saves a few bucks each one I read I can really get value from reading here.

Also hoping this isn’t the final comics selection, but it appears to be. Most of the series with more than a few issues to read are 90s dollar-bin comics, or older, obscure series. Going to be kicking myself for subscribing if their plan is just to push sales of digital trades.

The runs are on the ridiculous side! With Marvel Unlimited any series older than a year you have unlimited access to. The major reason I signed up is DC doesn’t have a digital comic subscription service. Just like their feature films it looks like they’ve once again dropped the ball. Unless they change I wont be renewing.

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There’s lots of good stuff here, and I’m especially looking forward to watching and reading a lot of this with my young son. But I agree, you are going to need some newer runs and some more current stuff following at least the 6m delay Marvel example.

Technically this hasn’t even officially launched yet. I’m sure what’s here isn’t the absolute FINAL comics list they’ll have. Give it time.

Comixology Unlimited started with very limited amounts of a series as well. Now, they have enough to keep you reading for years.

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There is low amounts and there is just 1 issue per series. I would expect more than 1 otherwise this is just a plan to sell you.

I will stay optimistic since i got 3 extra months for preorder i can wait 3 months before i fully evaluate what i got.

all of red robin is available to read and i highly recommend it :blush:


Yeah give it time everyone this hasn’t even officially launched. the launch is on the 15th. They should add things over time. They got my money either way.

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It would be great if we got more content in time for the official launch date this weekend, and eventually for this service to become a true competitor to Marvel Unlimited.


They have not positioned this app to compete with Marvel Unlimited, but at the very least I hope we can have complete story arcs instead of a sampling of single issues.

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Extremely disappointed in the limited issues per run.


I did find some stuff to read once the IOS app comes up. Looking forward to reading Batman and the Outsiders and revisiting Legends of the Dark Knight. There’s some surprises that I wasn’t expecting up so early (the Jack Knight Starman book and Hitman especially) I don’t mind the limited titles at launch but I was hoping there would be some more Superman content. Only the very early issues of Action Comics are up there, nothing from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s. My biggest fear is that they really will be removing stuff instead of keeping everything in and just adding to the collection. I was hoping that this would one day be the answer to a certain other company’s service and the comics aspect is really my main reason for subscribing.

At the least they need to do series runs. Single issues are not worth the read when you are paying for any type of streaming of service. We know that the aim is not to compete with Marvel Unlimited but they still leave much to be desired. Until they get more content, they should open up more comics to read. Single issue sections are sad in comparison to MU.

I am hoping that one day they do offer a higher paying service where you can watch Movies & TV while offering a service like MU.


Have to agree with the above. Have been anxiously awaiting this to open so i could binge batman/detective comics. Looking at the list and seeing the hodge podge way theyve put this together is pretty disappointing.


Also disappointed. I’ve been waiting for years for a DC equivalent to Marvel Unlimited and thought this was finally it. The comics were honestly my only reason for signing up. I realize MU built over time into what it is now, so I’m perfectly all right with the selection starting small and building over time but, between the comments about the selection “rotating” and the blurb in the comics section implying any additional issues will cost extra per issue a la Comixology, it sounds like this is never going to get there. Regretting pre-ordering; would cancel right now if I hadn’t already paid ahead.


yeah I like what I see so far. I’m hoping they do this like Marvel unlimited and add a new issue or two per series every month to beef up those with only 1 2 & 3 issue runs.
I’m a little concerned about the announcement today that in October we will have availability to the entire digital DC library for some price. I paid in advance for 15 months hoping to get at least a fairly decent unlimited concept here. I hope I don’t have to hunt down another $80 to be able to read more.


100% also agree regretting paying for the pre-order for this app. This one issue of a comic is stupid are you supposed to get new fans like me to stay interested if you can’t read an entire comic run here


The interface is a little wonky, but there are some long runs. I just reread the first few issues of Mike Grell’s Green Arrow. A true classic. Highly recommended.

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