More Castings for Superman: Legacy

James Gunn just cast for Guy Gardner, Hawkgirl, and Mr. Terrific.

My knee jerk reaction is less heroes, more emphasis on Jimmy Olsen and the rest of Superman’s supporting cast

But I also love me some Nathan Fillion.



I don’t get it already.

I mean if this is a set up for a new Justice League or a JLA, maybe it makes sense to add 3 more heroes?

As much as I want to trash talk Gunn, I think he did great with Suicide Squad, an the other movies he has done.

Also, with the musical score, I know Gunn is working on something new, but the original Superman with Reeves and who ever made that score, for me is just perfect so why change it.

It would be the equivalent of changing the classic Star Wars score that everyone knows, that tells you in the first 3 seconds of hearing it, this is Star Wars.

So for me changing that score isn’t necessary and shouldn’t be done ever.


These characters may be more like cameos. Like they’re in a fight and Supes shows up to help or they’re in a news report that Lois and Clark are covering or they’re at a wedding/funeral or something. It does strike me as odd, but Gunn has said Lois and Clark are the clear protagonists. I’ll reserve judgement for now.

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Pretty WILD. I’m just curious to see how the movie will unfold. I think it’ll make for a unique 1st -universe- movie out to have him in a world of heroes and how his story plays into that.

Gunn’s perspective on story-telling, characters and just never letting me down in his superhero flicks give me confidence.


I agree with you. I would prefer Superman be the only hero in the movie, so that Lois, Perry, and Jimmy can get some time in the spotlight as well.

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I’m curious to see the tone of this film. I believe DC is in good hands with Gunn. I’m hoping for great story and well written characters.

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Big budget movies are more driven by bombastic action. There’s just 2-3 hours to entertain an audience. How many times has a critic said a movie’s pace has slowed down due to exposition or character development moments?

TV is more driven by quiet moments. You have much more time to explore characters’ motivations, challenges, strengths, weaknesses, and more. It really only slows the pace down if its filler. Even TV shows with large ensembles are largely character driven.

So yeah, if Superman Legacy was a tv show, it could without these castings. But because it’s a blockbuster, it requires these characters to fill the plot.

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