monthly titles

With all the great new titles being released in the coming months why are more and more titles being released on a biweekly or even more frequent schedule? It is making it impossible to read anything new unless you want to give up on a current title. :frowning:


This is a nice question. The same I and others been asking. I hope some mod answers for you cuz I haven’t been that lucky.

Thanks for reply spider. Me too!

I would want that

What do you mean redhood?

Man, I love the every 2 week titles! I hope that they continue this.

What I don’t like are the weekly landscaped digital titles. If the pages were portrait instead, I’d be way more interested. Just don’t like landscape format. Trivial but a pet peeve.

Weekly releases would be great if they were permanent additions. But that’s not gonna happen for awhile. I think DC has taken note of the poor reception to their comic book model. The mods make it sound like they’re scrambling for a fix because they didn’t expect a library of mostly #1s to flop for some reason.

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