Monthly Collection Budget?

How much does everyone spend on collectibles per month? I personally try to stick to around 100 bucks a month on omnibuses/absolutes/deluxe hardcovers. What about you guys?

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That’s a very personal question joking. It all depends on the week. Pull list at the comic book store is 20 percent I try to keep it under 50 But sometimes my eyes are bigger then my wallet

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200 dollars a month with omnibus’s and action figures and such

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This month probably less then 200 probably 150 or so

I pick up my books weekly and place orders for some tpb’s through my store (like i get a volume of jamie delanos hellblazer omce a month for example). They also do buy one get one on used trades, so i like to check those out. I also like to get the occasional statue. So monthly?? Way more than i should.

Try to keep weekly saver to 15-20, but some weeks hit more than others. Trades and hardcover library and treasury editions also can spike a week. Although I can be bad and buy the more expensive volumes discounted online. So jeez, 80-120 a month for me. Try to not think about it too much. Pretty much all books, however, don’t do the statues or toys. But I do paint miniatures every now and then and not counting those. Sometimes I will sell issues that take off in value to buy more books. I consider myself a reader with a collection as a side effect.