Moment of Silence for Memorial Day: Monday, May 31st at 12pm PT/3pm ET

MOMENT OF SILENCE: May 31st, 2021

In honor of Memorial Day and our fallen heroes, the DC Universe Community is calling for a moment of silence from 12:00pm PT - 12:05pm PT. For these five minutes, all topic and reply posting will be disabled. We encourage everyone present to take this time to reflect on those heroic spirits who have given everything. If you would like a digital space to spend this silence in, please join us right here for those five minutes.

Until then, we encourage you to share your own experiences with those who have made sacrifices to better the future in the comments below. Share pictures of your loved ones or people of history you look up to. Even a small note goes towards preserving the memory of our real-life heroes.

Superman (2016) #28


Here’s to Almighty God,
For blessing this great land.
Here’s to our Forefathers,
For taking a brave stand.

Here’s to The Memory,
Of those who paved the way.
Here’s to the Liberty,
The Stars and Stripes display.

Here’s to The Brave Soldiers,
Fighting in Pakistan.
On the streets of Bagdad,
Or in Afghanistan.

Here’s to Army Soldiers,
Who aren’t afraid of death.
Fighting in the trenches,
Until their dying breath.

Here’s to our Navy blue,
Those Sailors in the sea.
Going down with the ship,
Dying for Liberty.

Here’s to The Air Force Men,
Who aren’t afraid to fly.
Paratroopers jumping,
And dying in the sky.

Here’s to The Few and Proud,
Young Soldiers in their teens.
Who spill their blood and guts,
And die as proud Marines.

Here’s to the Veterans,
Who proudly march and pray,
For a fallen comrade,
Who cannot march today.

Here’s to all the Crosses,
The flowers on each grave.
The Flag we all salute,
The families of our brave.

Here’s to U.S. Soldiers,
Who died for you and me.
Here’s to acknowledging,
Our freedom is not free.


So many great heroes who deserve our thanks…
Revolutionary War, They fought for freedom.
War of 1812, They fought to defend.
Civil War, They fought for their rights.
World War 1: They fought for allies.
World War 2: They fought to stop evil.
Vietnam War: They fought to stop the communist.
The Gulf War: They fought to help a friend.
War on Terrorist: They fought to stop the terrorist.

In many years of our history, many lives were lost, they will never be forgotten. Thankyou to those who served.:pensive: :us:


This is an amazing idea. Remember the fallen.


That is a beautiful poem!


Very awesome


Thank you so much! :green_heart:


Did you write this? It’s very, very good.


Thank you to all our troops!


We could be heroes!


This man divided a country for the sake of his countrymen. Then he fought to unite them once again. He and so many others fought for the freedom others deserved. Though there still exists evil today, they fought for the free to once and for all end that evil. We should to. Men fought and died so that we could all realize that we were created equal.

These men created our great country with blood, sweat, and tears. It’s because of them we still exist today. They raised the banner and fought for their descendants and the descendants of those who would come later. They fought for their freedom to worship how they saw fit. They fought to stand up against oppression. They fought so that their voices could be heard.
This man, Lieutenant Colonel William Barret Travis (my namesake) fought and died so that I might have the chance to live in the greatest state. He and his men fought a losing battle for time. It’s because of their sacrifice that I will always remember the Alamo. Though historians may try to change it to suit their own desires. Those men selflessly defended their homes. For that I am thankful.


First & foremost. Thanks to all whom have served.

A poster board of my Grandpa. With documents of where he left Italy from, to where he arrived in New York along with the boat he literally came over on. From him, would come not only my middle name. But, generations of his descendants. Who would fight in every War, from World War II until Afghanistan.
Thank u to all veterans and current forces of our armed services.


Sadly beautiful.


Here’s to the Army and the Navy, and the battles they have won, and the colors of Of Glory, the colors that never run, and here’s to absent friends and family, who will always be in our hearts until our time is done.


The phrase “all gave some; some gave all” is widely attributed to the Korean War veteran and purple heart recipient Howard William Osterkamp from Dent, Ohio. Osterkamp served in the Army from 1951 to 1953, during which he experienced heavy combat in Korea with his unit, the C Company, 5th Regimental Combat Team.

I’ve always loved this quote, and I thought i’d share it with you all today. along with a little context about the veteran that it is attributed too.

Thank you to all our veterans!!!


Even in these times, we can never forget who the real heroes are.

Definitely gonna take time out of my day to remember them, right here.


Beautiful thread, everyone. In addition to our shared moment of silence, sending many a thank you to those, both on the forums, and off of it, who have served. May they and their sacrifice always be remembered. :heart:


@capo-mage: I love the tribute wall to your grandpa and your family’s heritage. It’s the story of America. “Dio vi benedica e la vostra famiglia.”


Grazie. Lo stesso a te i le loro :it:


I can’t say anything better than Frank Bernard Camp:

It’s then we’ll hear St. Peter
tell us loudly with a yell,
“Take a front seat you soldier men,
you’ve done your hitch in Hell.”