Mods, will there be an update soon?

Mods have posted multiples times in threads about DC listening to the feedback and about working on different things to come. So I’m just curious if we can expect a big app update with like a batch of new content or at least a ton of bug fixes, stability patches, community features, U.I. tweaks and etc


I know the teams are working hard, but hope they get a lot of the much needed functions in the community threads sorted out.

Replying directly to other comments, adding friends, subscribing to threads, etc.



Still waiting for the mods to reply? Im provoking them, maybe I can achieve two learn real news about the future of this disaster.

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I would expect nothing less than provocation from Spider_Jerusalem, though it’s not required for a response to this post :slight_smile:

The features for community are developed alongside the features across all of DC Universe, which makes any one category of change appear slow. The short answer to “Will there be big changes” is “yes”, but answer you really want is to the question of “when?” which we unfortunately cannot provide you.

Nobody wants better community functionality more than the moderators. Better functionality means better moderation. We continue to make our voices heard by incredibly talented and hard-working people who rue the sun and their need for sleep. But we can promise you, these conversations occur daily and with vigor. And we will be exceedingly excited to share an update when we have the information, most likely within 30 seconds of receiving it. Until such time, we will continue to answer this question, but I fear it will sound a lot like what I said above- a lot of “Soon™”.


Don’t hold your breath.

Alright that’s cool. Was just curious about both if and when

Mods, this isn’t meant to be rude as I understand its not up to you…but I’m hoping you might be able to give insight as well. This is just regarding the community forums specifically and anything on the site…

However, how come these forums are so bare bones? Every forum I have ever visited in 20 years has had at the very least a way to reply to people directly and be notified for when there are replies in said thread or the topic creators own post. This is aside from other well known features of direct messaging or a friends list.

Was the original consensus that people wouldn’t be using these forums so not much effort was put into it?

At the very least please implement the first mentioned features as using these forums are almost impossible after making an initial post. I can’t tell how many posts I’ve literally spent a half hour looking for, or never even found, just to TRY and see IF anyone had added to the thread.


Hey XanderStrange, DC Universe is very much still in it’s infancy but it will grow substantially with the continued support of the community.

Thank you for the suggestions and I will be sure to pass them along to the team for review. If you have any other awesome ideas, please let us know! :slight_smile:

Doesn’t excuse this for being a poorly constructed forum. You could have just made a link with an actual forum with real features for the DCU.

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TX85, I want to add another point that might help put things in context. The current industry standard forums we are all accustomed to are web-based solutions (Vanilla, vBulletin, phpbb, Discourse, even Reddit and Blizzard). Forums and community functionality that are fully integrated into the app, particularly in the streaming service industry, do not have a precedent. The closest we can conceive is in the gaming industry, which are still not utilizing the same tools and requirements (which differ platform-to-platform and across multiple devices). DCU is building an experience unlike anything else on the market, from scratch.

For those like you who are supporting us through this endeavor, you are instrumental in helping us build a product in your image. Especially when you give us your thoughtful and constructive feedback, so we know what someone on the other side is thinking and feeling. The positive participation you contribute keeps us motivated to keep fight ing the good fight with each monolith that is required to keep this service chugging. You are who we are doing this for, and we cannot wait to show you what we have in store.


I understand. Thank you for the replies! I appreciate it


Can we expect new movies and TV series and comics before the end of the year

I actually co-own a small web development company. Is DCU looking for outside help?

There have been updates. Seems the mobile app has notifications now.


Premium pricing? I pay more in a year for Hulu and Netflix, separately.


$8 a month is pocket change and $80 a year isn’t that premium compared to some services. The app isn’t even broken but just needs improvements


Thank you, mods, for what you do.


8 bucks a month is the equivalent to a subway meal, it’s nothing, idk why people are complaining


But when you buy a meatball sandwich from Subway, they don’t just take your money, give you two slices of dry bread, and then run off. Sure you could eat the bread, but it’s not what you ordered, and definitely not what the picture in the menu shows.