Mods, here's an easy correction to make please.

I noticed in the Comics section that issues of Geoff Johns Green Lantern series are split into two different folders. One shows a thumbnail with Hal and Abin Sur, the notation of “2005-”. The other has the same thumbnail but a notation of “2007-”. These (and any additional issues from this series) should be under the folder with the “2005-” label as that series began in 2005. It ended in 2011 so it technically should read “2005-2011”.


Addendum…forgot to add thanks for your time for (hopefully) looking into this and correcting it.

Also, I’d like to add my voice to the call for a edit function to be added here. Pretty please mods, with sugar on top =)


Hi Vroom, we appreciate the heads up! I’ll make sure and bring it to the right folks at the office tomorrow.
We have a big meaty stew simmering when it comes to the conversation of community features. It’s not quite ready to present yet, but we’ll make sure and keep you updated when we have more details. I ran out of stew analogies.





Hi Vroom, following up on this; the internal feedback is that this is part of a larger challenge, and is being looked into from a development side. That will help effect a larger sweeping update for comic inconsistencies across the platform, rather than hunt-and-pecking instances like this. There is no hard deadline for when this fix will be found, to manage your expectations. We really appreciate the report though!