Modern Comics

Are there any modern comics that do not use profanity? I have read some of Batman Rebirth 1, Batman Eternal, Deathstroke 1, and they all use profanity. I know a large part of it is due to the removal of the Comic Code Authority, but I, personally, do not like reading people cuss.

You might have to stick to older comics

Yeah, it seems that way.

Of course the people in Batman and Deathstroke use profanity. Maybe try some Superman Rebirth. Or Titans.

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I don’t mind at all but then again, cussing is normal to me and it’s not about being cool or edgy. Just grew up with cussing in my vocabulary

Superman Rebirth and Super Sons were awesome. Dont think they cussed. Thqt might change with Bendis tho

Thank you for your responses. I will probably look into those. I just finished 52 #1 and it did not include any, so it would be nice if the other 51 issues were on here to see if they don’t as well.