Modern Age Reading Order

Can someone please link me to a reading order for the modern age of DC Comics(1986-2011)? I know this was a long time period so I only want the essentials and also the best stories.

Post-Crisis -

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BTW, that’s what I use, but I skip a few books at the start.
I start with Man of Steel #1.

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But it only goes to Outsiders#15

I’m asking for everything I need from Crisis-Flashpoint

At the top, you’ll see a a pulldown menu…
Should look something like this:

[ 1 ] >>

click the ‘>>’ to go to the next page.

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Thanks! BTW, do you know if all of these are here on the DCU?

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Most of them are.

I don’t think you’ll run into missing books until Spectre launches.
And some books, like Warlord, currently only have the Legends crossover issues.

Hopefully, these will be filled in before long.

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Also, how long did it take you to read these? There are like, 12,759 comics on this list!

I read a lot of them when they first came out.

I haven’t re-read them all, yet.
I started but kept getting distracted and my spare money would get pulled into other comics.

Now that I don’t have to worry about cost, I should do better.
Of course, now I have too many comics vying for my attention.

So, I’m considering setting one day a week aside for Post-Crisis and maybe read two issues a week…

So… about 6,000 weeks?

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BTW… I recommend reading Man of Steel #3 before Batman #401.
They came out on the same day, and I figure Batman is listed before Man of Steel because ‘alphabetical’, but Magpie’s appearance in Man of Steel happens before her appearance in Batman.

I’m currently on Batman #401, and have read Man of Steel #1-3 since they finished the comic updates.


Oh, and I stop in 1994 with Zero Hour with the fade-out panels where everything ceases to exist.
So, only about 4600 comics for me.


Thanks, after I finish my driving handbook and get my learners permit, I’ll start reading this daily.

Actually, could somebody send me something shorter? I don’t want to spend 5-10 years reading these. Check out the fast track guides at the top.