Mod Tribute

These forums have seen a lot of moderators come and go over the last 6 years. With these forums closing in due time, lets respect some of the people that kept this a safe place for us over the years. I can’t because of memory issues remember all of their screenames. Please post those you remember and share your memories of them here.

always made me feel seen and respected. She had shared parts of her own hustory that made me feel that we were kindred souls. We understand pasts and coming out of them. I am so thankful I met her here and hope for all the good things for her always.

Share your mod memories below and mods you remember from any point of the last 6ish years. We, as a community, are sending every single one love and light always!


@Shayera.Hol and @LastSon0fMars joined the community almost immediately after me. They’ve become two of my greatest friends on this sight, and I’m truly heartbroken to see them go.

Additionally, @Alec.Holland has been an extraordinary ally of mine. His patience with me (no matter how little I deserved it) was always appreciated, and although he’s already left, I’m really going to miss the aspects of him that still live on through this community.


I loved all of you mods so much. @Shayera.Hol @Alec.Holland @Green.Lantern @LastSon0fMars @Huntress_Helena :purple_heart::black_heart::heart:
You are all incredible and made this such a amazing platform


Applejack was incredible! :face_holding_back_tears::purple_heart: I miss her sooo much. I was so honored when she gave me official BG stan status before she left. She is in my :purple_heart: forever.


My favorite was always @Green.Lantern


I remember also HarleysPuddin, Miss Inkblot, and we had a Kitty something early on as well (maybe someone else remembers that full screename because again memory not so good). We have had so many wonderful people help us in this community. We truly were blessed to have each of them.


We had so many great moderators that i fear i can’t list them all. LastSonOfMars, staticshocks, ZatannaZ, Green.Lantern, Shayera.Hol, Alec.Holland, Huntress-Helena, applejack, and so many others. They did a great job and made the DC Community a safe and fun place to be.


I remembered Kitty-Krawler finally. BestBeastBoy. So many more.


@staticshocks encouraged me to show off some of my cosplay when I was new here (which I still feel like I am), and it helped bring me out of my shell.

Riddler Wednesday is what kept me coming back even when I was too busy to engage elsewhere on the site.

@HubCityQuestion should get a shout out here as well considering the new gig. ATQ is a true public service. It’s the comics 911 line that lots of us have come to rely on. I’ve heard from a lot of folks that they are going to give the new server a chance just because that’s where Trivia Tuesday is going to be.

Fun fact: whenever I type “Trivia” into my phone, “Tuesday” is the first word that comes up on auto prediction.


I love love LOVE the mod team so much!

I would like to share a story that I have literally never told to anyone in private or publicly… not even those closest to me know about this.

Some of you may remember my ex’s account MrJasonTodd. Back when we were dating I convinced him to get a DCU account because back then DCU had streaming and we wanted to watch DC shows together. This was back when I started posting in the community, and due to my excitement I encouraged him to join the community as well. He wasn’t active much, but there were times we would talk to each other here openly, and me being a young 18 year old girl falling in love for the first time, I was basically obsessed and I talked about him often. When we started having trouble, I would go back and delete my old posts, and when we broke up I had made it very publicly known about how I felt. It got to the point where I kept hitting the max amount of posts deleted and would have to wait a few seconds before I could do it again.

The reason why I’m sharing this story here, is because I got a message from Applejack asking if it would be okay with me if her and Pretty.Poison.Bombshell went in and deleted the posts I was trying to delete. I gave them permission, of course, and honestly I was surprised to even see the offer. I think that’s the day when I fully realized how much the mod team members care about us and the forum and would do anything for us. I knew they were here to monitor the threads and step in when needed, create and hoat activities for us, but that was the first time a mod team member reached out to me about an emotional manner.

I’m also going to share this part of the story because it’s important as well, and since it was a lesson for me it can be a lesson for everyone else who is young enough to learn it. During my breakup grief, I would often share the sadness and anger I had felt during that time. Even though I didn’t tag him directly, it was very obvious who I was talking about. I had even posted a long post in the Mental Health thread about how easy it is to get stuck in a relationship the is toxic, unhealthy, and emotionally abusive, which caught a lot of attention and likes. Applejack then messaged me expressing her empathy for what I was going through, but also reminding me that I was technically going against some community guidelines. There is a rule about not talking about other members negatively, and I apologized and stopped talking about him and the breakup immediately, and I began to properly move on and heal.

While I was embarrassed in the moment, I understood the reasoning perfectly. Even though at that point he was no longer actively posting, he still technically had an account with posts that were recent at the time and were easy to get to (at this point they are literally lost to the archives I think), and it wasn’t fair to him. He could’ve easily gotten on here, see what I was saying, and could’ve responded, even though he didn’t. I learned then to always be careful when you post or talk about other people, and as much as I hate to admit it, I became one of those annoying people who talked nonstop about their significant other, the relationship, and then trash them when it’s over and they aren’t able to defend themselves or share their side. Even when they can, it could be messy and that’s not what this place is meant for.

Applejack was supportive when I truly needed it, and she taught me a huge lesson when I absolutely needed it. Shortly after this happened, she and Pretty.Poison.Bombshell had both announced they were leaving the mod team to pursue other opportunities. I know I missed out on a lot of what Applejack was known for because I came on here within the last few months of her time here, but she impacted my life in a big way and I will forever be fond of her and Pretty.Poison.Bombshell.

I gained a huge respect for the mod team and everything they do for us, and I made it a point to talk with them and bond with them on threads when I can. They interact with us, they take care of us, and I know they will take care of the Discord server.

Thank you to all of the mod team members.

@Shayera.Hol I have enjoyed seeing you and interacting with you over the years on threads. Anytime someone new posts for the first time, or a member returns after a long hiatus, you are always there to greet them. Thank you for all of the Roll For It games you have created over the years, those were really fun to roll the dice and interact with. I’ve also had a lot of fun hanging out with you in Barbieland :sparkling_heart::two_hearts:

@Huntress_Helena I have enjoyed getting to know you and talking about Taylor Swift with you a lot :sweat_smile:. In the Cheering Up With Animals thread, you always share the cutest animal gifs that make my day, and I will miss seeing them.

@WanderingWarlock I know we haven’t interacted much, but I have seen your posts about living in Brazil and I think that’s really cool. I always look forward to reading about your shared experiences. I imagine it constantly feels like summer over there, so stay cool and hydrated!

@ZatannaZ, I know we have only been interacting for a little while, but thank you for everything you have done for this community since joining the mod team in October. I hope you are going to stick around in the community over on Discord :purple_heart:

@staticshocks, you are and will always be :sparkles:Kenough​:sparkles: in my book. We have had a lot of fun being 90 Day Fiance buddies and constantly being scarred by every new thing Jasmine and Gino want to (wrongfully) show off to the world :rofl:, but we have survived though it! It’s been a blast interacting with you :yellow_heart:

@LastSon0fMars, thank you for putting up with all of my Jason Todd thirst over the years :sweat_smile:. There was a time when I used to post or see posts over there that made me go “surely this is gonna get flagged and taken down”, but rather you reply back laughing and it’s all cool in the end. But aside from that, I have enjoyed getting to befriend you as well. I honestly think you were one of the first mod team members I bonded with back when you first started.

@Jitsu, I know we haven’t interacted much, but I will never forget when you told me that I was nominated for CMOTM. I was genuinely shocked and surprised, and I honestly thought that I wouldn’t be nominated and you surprised me. Thank you again for choosing me for the month of May, and even though I’ve chosen to step away from the community now, I’m glad that I was able to experience that and walk away on a high note. I wish everyone well on Discord and I hope it will have the same or at least similar magic that this place has.

I’m going to miss interacting with all of the mod team members, but thank you to all who have worked so hard to make this community fun, safe, and civil. You all have done a tremendous job, and I know that will be the same for the Discord server.

I also want to give a shout out to @Green.Lantern, who I’m happy to see is still active and present even after stepping away from being a moderator. Thank YOU to everything you have done while being a part of the mod team.

And while I either wasn’t here or I just caught the end of their time on the team, I remember seeing Harley’sPuddin, MissInkBlot, Barry’sBetterHalf, BestBeastBoy, and of course I can’t forget about Alec.Holland.

Thank you Moderators past and present, you have made this place truly special :sparkling_heart::heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart::brown_heart::black_heart::white_heart::two_hearts:





Anytime I listen to Randy Travis song ‘Heroes & Friend.’ I think of @Green.Lantern, he was a great Moderator.

@Applejack was in my opinion the greatest Moderator along with @MissinkBlot who started the music week.

Anybody remember Kittykrawler? She was such a kind person.

As for today Moderators, I’ll definitely miss @Huntress_Helena, @ZatannaZ, @Shayera.Hol & @LastSon0fMars, they were all such a great Moderator.

I just wish I’ve got to know @WanderingWarlock a bit better, behind the tablet screen, I think he’s a nice guy as well.


I mentioned Kitty Krawler actually!!! I remember all of them. Great to have someone else mention them all!!


The mods have been wonderful. I sent a message to @LastSon0fMars @Shayera.Hol and @ZatannaZ to thank them, but they weren’t taking messages :frowning:

They were my favorite and I hope that everything is good for them


On a less serious note…

Does this mean the inmates can control the asylum?


Oh absolutely :smiling_imp::rofl:




I wanted to echo the sentiments of everyone else. The mods have been patient with me. Thanks for everything you did, Mods!


Thanks to all the mods over years.
You’ve all been awesome™:+1:.
Definitely one of the best teams I’ve seen. All so kind helpful and just fun people.

Hope to see you in the discord and if not wishing you all the best :four_leaf_clover::+1:


:peace_symbol: :heavy_plus_sign: :purple_heart: ;

@missinkblot, @Shayera.Hol, @Huntress_Helena, @BestBeastBoy, Harley’sPuddin, @WhySoSerious_Lo, @ZatannaZ, @staticshocks, Barry’sBetterHalf, @Pretty.Poison.Bombshell, and @Applejack.