MKvsDC2 ideas pitch

Whether you loved it or hated it, you can’t deny that Mortal Kombat vs DC is an interesting idea.
So this thread is about ideas for a dream sequel to this game.
Things you can pitch: Characters and some gameplay ideas for them, Story ideas, fatality ideas for both DC and MK characters, other things you think could fit it.
I’ll start, the game should have 2 versions 1 censored and 1 uncensored, the censored one is for the kids who want to see a cool JL story, the uncensored for the more adult players/MK fans.

I’d honestly rather have a great DC vs. Marvel game.

I said awhile back that Capcom or Arc System Works should be either of the studio’s to develop it. But after seeing Mk11 and what NetherRealm has done with it in terms of gameplay and graphics, I take it back and they should be the ones to develop. Ed Boon has talked with Marvel studios so we’ll see what pans out.

crosses fingers

Sorry my post doesn’t really answer your topic.

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@Redd_X It’s fine, I agree with you on the Marvel vs DC game should be made by NRS.