Anybody pick up the Mortal Kombat beta?

Thoughts on it?

I like it so far. Picked it up for The One. Can’t wait for the game to come out and get some Noob in my life. So for now looks like Scorpion and Kabal for me…

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I’m getting the game but I never pre order until days or a week before release so I can preinstall them. So no beta for me but know I’ll love it.

My main is always Sub-Zero

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Nice. Sub is always a solid choice. In MKX Ermac was my go to. Beta is alright. Just the first five who were revealed are playable but i’m content with that until the game comes out

How’s Geras? I have a feeling he will be my 2nd main

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@TX85 he’s not in the Beta. I’d like to mess around with him too.

Not so bad and the game is just a quick month away

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Yeap. Can’t wait for story mode and finding everything else that comes with a new MK

Looking forward to the whole game but the top 3 things for me will be…

Story Mode
Character Customization
The Krypt guided by Gary Togawa’s Shang Tsung

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There’s a small taste of customization in the beta. I probably wouldnt have been that crazy about it if I didn’t play Injustice 2.

MK always has a solid story too. So this with the timelines and old characters coming back is going to be awesome. So we can thank Raiden for that.

The Krypt keeps getting better and better too and with Tsang guiding is going to be even better.

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Honestly, the roster is kind of booty atm. Yeah we have SOME fan favorites returning but there are questionable characters also coming back…hoping Ermac, Reptile, Rain, Smoke make appearances on the main roster.

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Most of the old returning characters are fan favorites and the essentials. People like Kabal,Noob Saibot and Skarlet have new growing fanbases for the past couple of years.

New MK X characters are returning except Torr(the worst)and the new character of Gerras looks awesome.

Ermac and Reptile would be nice but while the roster isn’t amazing, I won’t say it’s ass. I want Nightwolf but I’d be fine with him as dlc and same as the cyborgs indivisually.

I do think Shang Tsung should be in the main game but him being dlc is fine. I’m expecting Syndell to be dlc as well

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Erron Black is returning. I enjoyed playing with him. I’ll give Geras a shot. I’d love to play as Nightwolf again. Noob’s gameplay reveal was pretty sweet. Hoping we get some random DLC character that we don’t expect to make a return. The map selection looks big as well. The game is going to great to play through and can’t wait.

Map selection? You mean for the krypt or stage selection options?

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I meant stage selections idk why I went with map. I can’t wait to explore the Krypt either.

Another new character revealed