🎶Mixtape Monday: Swamp Thing: New Roots🎶

Hello Everybody, It’s time for another week of Mixtape Monday, While @MissInkBlot is busy getting things ready for DC Universe Infinite, I thought I’d keep Mixtape Monday going.
For this week we’ll be looking at Swamp Thing: New Roots, it’s
a digital series that comes to DC Universe each week. With issue 6 coming out, What would be the best music to describe this series? The choice is yours.:slightly_smiling_face:
And here’s a link to last week music.


Here’s my pick…
It’s not easy being green even for poor Swamp Thing

And the next two video, his love for Abby Acone…

Swamp Thing is a tragic hero!:sob:

I made a note to share this one if a Swamp Thing theme showed up, not sure if it “fits” with this run but here you go:

“Return To Earth”, by The Contortionist


This is the first song I thought of. It might not be the most thematically appropriate, but I’m pretty sure Swamp Thing has had flowers in his hair (or the part of his head where he once had hair :stuck_out_tongue: ) at some point.


Hey @Reaganfan78! Great choice for a theme! :seedling: Here’s what I brought! :dancer:t2:

Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul- Glitch Mob

Staring at the Sun- TVOTR

Grey Cell Green- Ned’s Atomic Dustbin. I’ve picked this one for Swampy before, but I’m throwing it in again! Have a great week! :purple_heart: And thanx again for carrying the MTM torch.



Come check it out MTM peeps! :eyes: There is NEWS.


Thankyou for letting me know! This just give me an idea!

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Perfect! :fist: :purple_heart:

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Hello everybody, first I’ve got some sad news, @MissInkBlot will be leaving us. A huge big Thankyou to her for starting this great Mixtape Monday and commenting on our song choices. She’ll be miss.
On the Happy side, unless one of the @Moderators wants to take over, I do plan on continuing the Mixtape Monday each week.
Without further ado, I would like to say Thankyou to…
For all your great song choice for Swamp Thing. Unless MissInkBolt or one of the Moderators wants to take over, I’ll be back tomorrow with a new week!:grinning: