🎶 Mixtape Monday: Super Songs for the Super Sons! 🎶

I totally missed this thread last week. C’est Le vie. I anxiously await this weeks topic.


@MissInkBlot Hey! I don’t think we got your thoughts on the “Summer/4th of July” week!

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@MissInkBlot Heya, thanks :slightly_smiling_face: I mostly saw it as a mix of both of them. As for the playlist, it’s sorta a mix between them but also Lian Harper, the West Twins, Mar’i Grayson, Colin Wilkes, Maya, Kathy, Milagro Reyes, and yeah.

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Always good to read your input on our musical selections MissInkBlot! :sunglasses: :+1:

Very happy to introduce you to that Social Distortion tune (I have a few more in the music vault from them :grin:), and now will also smile more when hearing it because of the reference as well to Toy Story. :smile:

(Fun trivia: I first heard it on the radio as that was the song the station chose to play at the end of the work week every Friday) :relaxed:

Ah, The Offspring and Sum 41. Good selections from them as well! Now looking back into my musical vault there are a lot of choice songs waiting in that they will hopefully find their way onto our mixtapes in the future… To be continued! :superman_hv_4:

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@Pollster - That’s what’s so interesting about things as we move from week to week, actually. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s the fact that the music seems to call to us as much as we look for it at times. So, like you said, you’ll pick what comes to mind first, and it’ll look to me as if it were pre-planned because of the connection I see. A very interesting bit of coinkidink. :slight_smile: That side, I really enjoyed your reasons for them, especially, for instance, for how you took time for both mother and father (I spent too much time focusing on their dads this week that I appreciate your doing so to help me with the blind spot there; made me start thinking about a few more songs I’d add from that perspective)!

Hmmm… a Shazam themed week for Shazam… :thinking:
I am intrigued! :eyes: Sending a warm thank you for the explanation and idea in return! :heart:

@Reaganfan78 - Any time! Ooh, I love that idea… just your description of it brings it to life in my head, I don’t know how you manage to do that so well, mixing two different ideas that are so unrelated at first, but, then… boom! Suddenly, they go together like PB&J! Love how you do it with things like Disney, PotO and Les Mis - tis a commendable talent! :smile:

@ejdias.95910 - Ah, the dad bod! :joy: Just the thought makes me laugh, so I can imagine what a good time you had reading through everything! I apologize, as well, btw, I meant to respond to your music choice (I give you permission to chastise my scatterbrain >,<)! To begin, you were already given the brownie points automatically applied when mentioning KISS, so the thumbs up is a given there. But beyond that, the lyrics and song of the sound, alike, are so touching, because sometimes, when one thinks of heroes, the definition might be restricted to things like special powers, otherworldly origins, etc. but in truth, the boundaries of what makes a hero are broad. The song makes me think, especially considering the Super Sons’ ages, of how those of both older and younger generations step up to take a place as someone’s hero - sometimes the way is unexpected or hidden, but the impact is still powerful. As the song goes, the world would be missing something special without them. That’s such a pretty pick for the week - thank you! :slight_smile:

@xLOVEandDoomPatrolx - Aww, that post makes me wanna unleash the happy dance! :laughing:

But I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention this truth about our group, too - not me, always we! :hugs:

@DeSade-acolyte - If you end up having any for this week, you can go ahead and post them! 'It’ll take a bit, but I’ll add them to the list for you. You know I’d never complain about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

@LDFM - You did not yet, but I’ve not forgotten! :slight_smile: It’s a case of Soon™ (and almost there!).

@Aegiey - You’re most welcome, and thank you for sharing! I had no idea so many layers there were to your playlist - you weren’t kidding when saying your choices represented an entire generation. It really brings to mind just how many people/characters make up one of those. :slight_smile: What’s good is that it applies to characters and the real world, alike, since I can definitely see them applying to some of my younger relatives. Will be sharing them with them - I think they’d be well liked!

@ajm08g - Aww, happy to offer them! :blush: Especially since your selections are always so much better than mine (my ears go, “this song again? When we we get to the good/new stuff??” every week picking my own, and anticipating everyone else’s choices :stuck_out_tongue:). The Toy Story thought made my Monday all the better, so I’m glad it brought a smile for you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Please do share more favs from the vault when you get the chance as the weeks go by. Seriously considering spending some time at some point creating more individual artist/band-specific (but taking time to order songs by mood and sound as I would the others instead of haphazardly adding them like I now do), and they deserve one of their own now! The Offspring, Sum41 and Social Distortion are my choice of tune-age for the night - looks like I’ll have to thank you and the station for completing the trio for me! :wink: :heart: