🎶 Mixtape Monday: School Dayz + The 1st Day of Fall 🎶

Hello DC Fans!

Last week’s visit into Justice League Dark territory was both memorable and exciting, resulting in a list of notable songs we can’t help but brag about! Having put your commendable skills to work, the playlist compiled does proper justice in representing JLD: Apokolips War, and we’re proud to be able to feature here on the forums! :heart_eyes:

To see the full playlist, click here to see the fruits of your labor! :heart:

This Week’s Theme:
School Dayz and the First Day of Fall

With the arrival of September, Summer’s almost gone, and in its place arrives the first day of the Fall season, and, for those like our younger DC characters… the promise of oncoming homework. :eyes: While a good many of us are no longer in high school or college, we can often relate in some way through family, friends, or the plots featured in our favorite DC media. :memo:

As such, we want to know what comes to mind for you when thinking of Fall - does it remind you of the familiar sound of school bells? Or the color of leaves as they change and drift down from the trees? Are there any school-aged characters whose experiences and development stand out to you and worthy of devoting a song to?

Tell us which catchy tunes represent the season for you by sharing in the comments below! :slight_smile:

While lyrics must abide to Forum Guidelines, the songs can be anything, of any genre, as long as it meets each week’s theme!

:headphones: Curious what Mixtape Monday is? :headphones:
Every week, we’ll post the title of our latest Mixtape, and you post a track of your choice in the comments below! We’ll follow up next Mixtape Monday with the full list of tunes collected from the week before. And if our “What’s the Last Song You Heard?” thread is any indication, you all have superb taste in tunes!


I was particularly fond of Teen Titans when growing up, but also Smallville, so I decided to dig around through my old playlists to get a refresher on what I was listening to during the years I matched in age with the characters from both shows. What I discovered was that when growing up, especially getting through the last few years of high school, this one was a particular favorite of mine, and was something I listened to as a daily theme song. :laughing:

“I’m Just a Kid,” by Simple Plan

I was all over the place musically, though, so it was a mixture of that, Sum41, Avril Lavigne, MCR, Britney, Nsync, etc. I also watched a lot of Bring It On, so, this song was common, too:

“As If,” by Blaque

So, goodbye August, and hello September! :slight_smile:
Oh, those years of bored, teenage angst and confusion. :stuck_out_tongue:

This song always reminds me of being in school maybe just because it’s nostalgic. I can’t think of any DC character right now except Smallville ones :sweat_smile:

The Drums- Money

And also, this classic :musical_note:


Here’s one for the changing seasons:
“Autumn”, by Haste The Day


Erasure’s “Am I right” has always felt like a fall song to me.

Found some random guys on youtube who has made a social-distancing cover when I youtubed it and thought - why not. It’s a nice initiative, so lets give them some views. :grin:


Hey there MissInkBlot and fellow music aficionados! :wave: :sunglasses:

Ah the days of school with the beginning of fall… :relaxed:

Yes I am also reminded of those days being filled with watching Smallville MissInkBlot. :smiley:

Also, have a few tunes that were prominent in my playlists that still get a listen every now and then. :grin:

So we shall start with this tune from Shinedown that was a staple in my playlists during those high school years. The lyrics also made me think of when Clark saved Lex from that fateful day on the bridge that brought the both of them together. Especially when it’s sung…

:musical_note: Jump in the water. Jump in with me… My hardest question to answer is why? Why? :musical_note:

This next tune also seemed to play on the radio each morning as I went to school. It also reminded me of how each time Clark had to keep Lex in “the dark” about his powers and where he truly came from. I could also see Lex feeling the way the lyrics go as he was persistent in finding out who Clark was and later pretend in Clark’s eyes to being his friend. :fearful:

This next tune during those school years reminded me of how Clark had to leave his friendship with Lex behind and become the hero he was meant to become while Lex was there to be in his way of his heroics. :superman_hv_1:

Next, this song reminded me of the oncoming of fall with “the wind blowing cold,” or refreshingly staring to, but also as a charge Clark took upon himself to rise “and change this world” as Martha and Johnathan raised him to do. :superman_hv_3:

This last song, also in the fall spirit, I thought of and how there were those occasions in Smallville where Clark was thinking looking out his window in the loft in the barn. :thinking:

Just be sure to stay away from the gold kryptonite Clark! :flushed:

Happy that he did, even if it meant postponing his wedding with Lois. :grimacing:


Hi @MissInkBlot,

Hope you’re well and getting better every day. Actually that’s my first suggestion,

Tesla-“Gettin Better”,

Being a kid and starting back to school, having to wake up early and the dredding of homework, “ugh”. Don’t worry, it’s gettin better everyday. Why?
Because, going back to school meant pep rallies, Friday night lights, football games cheerleaders and marching bands so,

Explosions in the Sky-“Our Last Days As Children”

It’s from the movie Friday Night Lights. It’s a melodic instrumental I enjoy, calm and soothing.

I’d like to throw this one out there,

Vince Guaraldi Trio-“Great Pumpkin Waltz”

Maybe not this year but in years past and hopefully future the Halloween candies and costumes and decorations seem to make it out on the shelves earlier and earlier each year so the Great Pumpkin Waltz. It should go nicely with those Pumpkin Lattes they start selling about now, which reminds me, I forgot to grab my cream cheese filled pumpkin muffin this morning, Damn!

Finally, what does every kid think of when school starts?

Alice Cooper-“Schools Out”, enough said.

Anyway, everybody have a good week and thank you.


To: @MissInkBlot

RE: School Dayz + 1st Day of Fall

Hi! I hope you’re feeling better and that all is well. I’ve been wanting to keep recent mixtapes for you at around two-to-four songs, but sometimes your themes spark lots of memories. My sincere apologies for a silly nerd’s rumination. :white_heart: :purple_heart: :black_heart:

( ( Bike ride in the Fall ) ) - [alt. Jessica Cruz & outer space]
Into the Mystic by Van Morrison

( ( the Comic Book Shop after school ) ) - [alt. One for Mogo]
Cry To Me by Solomon Burke

( ( Fall Wardrobe & Mirror ) )
Cabbage Alley by The Meters

( ( Introduction to Logic with Kelani ) )
Black Lipstick by Chicano Batman

( ( Wanna go see those punk bands play? ) )
Cupid by Sam Cooke

( ( Class & Daphne’s Paper Hearts ) ) - [alt. 20 Miles to Heartbreak, DC Young Love/Secret Hearts]
Reflections by Diana Ross & The Supremes

( ( Study Sessions ) ) - [alt. the Question asks the important questions]
‘B’ Movie (Intro, Poem, Song) by Gil Scott-Heron

( ( C.M.W.'s New York, letters in the Fall ) )
I’ll Be Seeing You by Billie Holiday

( ( Hours before an October breakfast ) ) - [alt. Dinah & Ollie]
Untitled (How Does It Feel) by D’Angelo

( ( Brushing crimson & golden leaves from your hair ) )
Dream a Little Dream of Me by Doris Day

( ( No dances for a hardcore kid ) ) - [alt. Didi (Death) & Sexton]
Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) by The Temptations

( ( A warm coat for campus in the Fall . . . ) )
I’ve Got Dreams to Remember by Otis Redding

Thanks: Above / Artists / Writers / that walk through campus / Tulsi G. / Alexandra A. / Films / the return of @Applejack / @DC89 / @TheKateKane / @Vroom / @biff_pow / @bladexoxo / insomnia squad / Los Bros. / Empire Files / DIY / Thai food / Zines / You / Authentic kindness / All who have also been alienated and de-humanized



Hello @MissInkBlot,
Here’s some of the songs that reminds me of my school days. :slightly_smiling_face: Hope you like my picks.


Those are great picks!


Thankyou, I’m also editing it to add a few more, based on my school years.:grinning:


Hi @MissInkBlot!
I hope you’re doing well. This is going to come w/ a tiny story…


So once upon a time one of my cousins was babysitting a bunch of us kids and decided to have a Molly Ringwald movie marathon. I was very young and it was the first time I’d ever seen them. When it was over, my twin sis and I went outside and she said “I don’t want to ever go to HS!” I replied w/ “I know! Everyone’s so MEAN!” We then got on our little skateboards and rode off to go climb a tree swearing we’d never be like that. And we never were. The end!

Plz enjoy. :purple_heart: Take care.
Lesson Learned- The Gossip


hello! i believe this is my first time doing this? but i really like the idea! :laughing:

so, for me, this song represents how slow time moves during this season, and the general low vibes of it for me. the lyrics also reflect how i rely on those i’m close to to help me through it :slightly_smiling_face:

Pretty Boy, by The Neighbourhood