🎶 Mixtape Monday: Scary Tunes for Scarecrow! 🎶

Hello, our Masterful Mixers!

The Mistress of Mystery would like to announce that she’s quite pleased with your offerings from last week’s playlist, and likewise, you know we are, too (but that was a given, wasn’t it? :blush:). A tad of allure mixed with an awful lot of creepy, your songs were exactly what we needed to get our Month of Mayhem off the ground, and put us on track for another week of music that’s bound to send a chill down your spines!

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This Week’s Theme:
Scary Tunes for Scarecrow!

Another week, another Mixtape to make, and in keeping with our ever-so-spooky theme for October, we’d like to spend time on another member of the Harley Quinn cast, Scarecrow! Formerly a psychologist working at the Arkham Asylum, his desire to hone in on the attributes of fear has given him a reputation for the twisted and inhumane, eventually creating his Scarecrow alter ego to terrorize Gotham City with.

As such, whether audible or silent, this character’s not only a master of the mind, but of being menacing, as well, making his a bad side you do not wanna be on. :pleading_face:

Have a tune in mind scary enough to do Scarcrow justice?
Let us know by sharing your choice below!

While lyrics must abide to Forum Guidelines, the songs can be anything, of any genre, as long as it meets each week’s theme!

:headphones: Curious what Mixtape Monday is? :headphones:
Every week, we’ll post the title of our latest Mixtape, and you post a track of your choice in the comments below! We’ll follow up next Mixtape Monday with the full list of tunes collected from the week before. And if our “What’s the Last Song You Heard?” thread is any indication, you all have superb taste in tunes!
Long Halloween Cat


Sooo, I started this off with nothing immediately coming to mind for Scarecrow, oddly enough, so I had to do a search to see if I found anything I liked, and was surprised to find these were right up my alley :slight_smile:

“Panic Room,” by Theory Of A Deadman

“The Fight Inside (Scarecrow Rap),” by Daddyphatsnaps
This one’s the sort of song I didn’t know I didn’t know I needed until I heard it, lol. :eyes: Soo good.


This one isn’t scary, but lyrically I thought it was relevant, and the title as well…
“Scarecrow”, by Tigerwine

And yay! Some more spooky stuff to share! I don’t know what it is about music boxes that can make things unsettling… :ghost:

“Wraithmarsh”, by Russell Shaw (from Fable 2)

“Peragus Fuel Depot”, by Mark Griskey (from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2)

All the off-putting sound effects in the background really help make this creepy in all the right ways


Hello there MissInkBlot and everyone else. :wave: :scarecrowlaughhqtas:

Some more scary tunes that perhaps Scarecrow would like… Yes, maybe these might do… :thinking:

In thinking about Scarecrow, I am reminded of his first appearance in Batman Begins. This tune was playing when Scarecrow met Batman. :batman_hv_1:

Next up, this tune came to mind especially from the lyrics that I imagine when one is affected by Scarecrow’s fear toxin… :fearful:
:musical_note: I am the monster in your head
And I thought you’d learn by now
It seems you haven’t yet
I am the venom in your skin :musical_note:

Now, another tune that came to mind that might also characterize how it feels to be under the influence of Scarecrow’s fear toxin was this eerie reanimated tune. :smile:

And… Finally, this last tune came to mind after dealing with all the effects of the fear toxin… Or, maybe it was just his patients that required this jacket fashion… :scream: :sweat_smile:


As Scarecrow often uses a hallucinogenic toxin I am sure the first question I would ask is Where Is My Mind?
Pixies - Where Is My Mind?

While under the influence of Scarecrow’s toxin I am sure I might get a little paranoid and worry about unmarked helicopters and say things like “the lord is coming soon”
Mike Doughty (formerly in Soul Coughing performing Soul Coughing’s song) - Unmarked Helicopters

Then you might hear a soothing rhythm that soon becomes ominous.
Grateful Dead - drums

Hopefully, you can make it through Scarecrow’s toxin. Also, I hope that Scarecrow didn’t give you his toxin at Woodstock '99 because that would have been way too scary.
Rusted Root - Send Me On My Way


That drum solo was too cool. Thanks for that.


Hey @MissInkBlot, everybody, I hope you all are in good health and having a good week.

I went at this weeks playlist from the viewpoint of a patient of Scarecrows, someone who he may have abused his power on. So I start this week with,

Suicidal Tendancies-Institutionalized
It sets the stage of a kid living his normal life trying to figure things out for himself but things seem to spiral so his parents have him institutionalized, sending him to,

Metallica-Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Arkham is no spa resort. The young man adjusting/dealing with his new world. Seeing how things are on the inside dealing with even more confusion he begins to shut down mentally in an effort to save his sanity.

A lot more aggressive, by this point Scarecrows experiments have begun to take their toll mentally, nevermind physically on the young man starting a fire, a rage inside of him.

Our poor friend now fears his end, he realizes this isn’t a place to help him but exactly where he is.

Black Sabbath-Paranoid
Self explanatory, will he ever see the real world again.

Ozzy Osbourne- Diary of a Madman
By now to help himself with the torturous experiments of Scarecrow, the young man has begun to keep a mental diary in his mind, hoping and praying some day he’ll be released, escape or…

Slipknot- Duality
To quote lead singer Corey Taylor directly, "It usually has to do with making a choice. You get to that point in everyday life when you have to make a decision that you may not want to, but you’re kind of pushed into that position. Duality’ is about standing at the crossroads of your life, looking down both paths, and going, ‘Now what am I going to do?’ " And finally,

Testament- Trial by Fire
Seems the patients have overthrown Scarecrow and are now exacting their revenge. What better way than their own trial and punishment. Anyway,

And they lived happily ever after,
The End…

Sorry, it’s 2:00AM and I’m wiped out. It deserved a better ending. Have a good week.

EDIT: I know we just had Mental Health Awareness Week. Hopefully I do not offend anyone with the list. I was just trying to be different and tell a story with the songs.


To: @MissInkBlot :white_heart:

RE: Death or Exile Dubplate

( ( Dr. Jonathan Crane ) )
Night by John Carpenter

( ( This is a Mandatory Session ) )
Pure Imagination - Fiona Apple

( ( The Doctor is Right Behind You ) )
Something’s In My Room by Cliff Martinez

( ( . . . It Seems You Are Hesitant In Accepting My Treatment ) )
Wrath by Howard Shore

( ( Inhale ) )
Wonderful! Wonderful! by Johnny Mathis, Ray Conniff, His Orchestra, & Chorus

Thanks: Above / Tulsi G. / Mr. Bill Finger / Cillian M. / BTAS / TNBA / Gillian A. / David D. / Tara McP. / the Mixtape Monday Crew / Night of The Comet / the Society of Diana In Black ™ / DCU. / @Mae / @biff_pow / @Vroom / @ScareoLad / @TheKateKane / @capo-mage / Sincerity / You / & Strength to all who have also been alienated and de-humanized /



ring ring :telephone_receiver: :scarecrowlaughhqtas:


Obviously witch house, am I right?


Ooh, Howard Shore and Seven! Nice pick. :ok_hand:t2:

I haven’t listened to Fiona Apple in years, so that rocks too. :+1:t2:


Hello @MissInkBlot, here’s some music that reminds me of The Scarecrow! Don’t get scare now! :scarecrowlaughhqtas:


Hey Scarecrow what did you think of my music pick?:grinning:
:smile:Great, I’m so glad you like it!


For my pick I would say Control by Halsey, the song has a bit of a spooky feel with the instrumental/sound. The song is either about being bullied to the point of lashing out in retaliation, or bipolar disorder (at least from my interpretation of it), either way, I think it fits.


Am I the only one who remembers The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh?


Hello, again, @MissInkBlot!
I don’t have much reasoning for my choice this week other than to say: Somebody has to drop this one in! I mean…c’mon now. :wink: :scarecrowlaughhqtas: :ghost: Hope you’re doing well. :purple_heart: Take care.
Everyday is Halloween- Ministry

Ps. @TravisMorgan I don’t know that song, but I like it, so I do now! :sunglasses: Thank you!
Pps. You forgot to share w/ the class. :point_down:

So. Because Johnny Mathis is what makes the scene brilliant…and it’s Halloween :jack_o_lantern: Enjoy the creepy scene, everyone!

Bonus track

Because he’s one of those voices that instantly reminds me of when I was little. :heartpulse: (Thank you, grandparents)



maybe this was already done? :eyes: personally, i cannot speak to the feeling this song invokes, but i think it fits very well with Scarecrow, especially his look


Parental advisory this is Twiztid…


A few choice selections.

Warning: Do not listen with headphones.