🎶 Mixtape Monday: Open Mic Night 🎶

Happy Mixtape Monday, everyone!

So, last week featured a tiny bit of our innocently riling up The Joker in celebration of his 80th anniversary! :bomb: He was, however, ahem… less than 100% happy about it, and judging by how fast our party decorations went 'splodey, 'splodey, kaboom, last week’s playlist obviously didn’t go over very well! :boom: We know, we know… boy, did we do it this time! :joker_hv_3: But although a little rattled, we’re no worse for the wear, and thanks to you, we have a set of songs perfect for helping us regain our minds, our composure, and, for a few of us, our memory of the rest of last night’s events! :face_with_head_bandage:

For your own refresher, lyrics permitting, here’s the list of gems shared!

  • “Hello, My Baby,” by Michigan J. Frog (of Looney Tunes fame, lol)
  • “Crazier Than You,” by Krysta Rodriguez and Wesley Taylor (from The Addams Family: A New Musical)
  • “Partyman,” by Prince
  • “Pocket Of a Clown,” by Dwight Yoakam
  • “Smile,” by Nat King Cole
  • “You Think You’re So Damn Funny,” by The Apers
  • “Paper Ruled All,” by Artifex Pereo
  • “My Curse,” by Killswitch Engage
  • “Main Theme,” by Hans Zimmer (from The Dark Knight Rises)
  • “Whiskey In The Jar,” by Metallica
  • “Magic,” by Coldplay
  • “Hold On,” by Wilson Phillips
  • “Paper Planes,” by M.I.A.
  • “Blood, Sweat & Tears,” by Spinning Wheel
  • “Only A Lad,” by Oingo Boingo
  • “They’re Coming to Take Me Away (Ha Ha),” by Napoleon XIV
  • “Painted By Numbers,” by The Sounds
  • “Batman Theme,” by Neil Kefti (Classic 1960’s Batman Theme)
  • “I’ve Got You Under My Skin,” by Frank Sinatra
  • Take Me On Home To The Asylum," by The Joker (from Batman: Arkham Knight)
  • “Stuck in the Middle WIth You,” by Stealers Wheel
  • “Tom’s Diner,” by Suzanne Vega
  • “Black Waltz,” by Avatar
  • “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” by Bob Marley
  • “Girls Just Want To Have Fun,” by Cyndi Lauper
  • “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You),” by Kelly Clarkson
  • “Baby Shark,” by Pinkfong
  • “Harlem Shake,” by Baauer
  • “We Are The World,” by USA for Africa
  • “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm,” by Crash Test Dummies
  • “Nookie,” by Limp Bizkit
  • “Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment,” by The Ramones
  • “Charmless Man,” by Blur
  • “You’re Nobody ‘til Somebody Loves You,” by Dean Martin
  • “I’m Going Slightly Mad,” by Queen

This Week’s Theme:
:studio_microphone: Open Mic Night :studio_microphone:

:notes: “Hey Mr. DJ, put a record on, I wanna…” :notes:
Oh, hey! :hushed: Sorry about that… do ignore my getting carried away :wink:

This week’s theme is Open Mic Night, so as long as it’s related to DC and abides by the Forum Rules, you’re free to pick and choose songs to your liking, regardless of genre, era, character, or reasoning! May your ears, heart, and creativity ever be your guides! :heart:

And since we’re open to feedback, let us know if you like the idea of doing an Open Mic Night theme (OMN-Edition) regularly!

While lyrics must abide to Forum Guidelines, the songs can be anything, of any genre, as long as it meets each week’s theme!

:headphones: Curious what Mixtape Monday is? :headphones:
Every week, we’ll post the title of our latest Mixtape, and you post a track of your choice in the comments below! We’ll follow up next Mixtape Monday with the full list of tunes collected from the week before. And if our “What’s the Last Song You Heard?” thread is any indication, you all have superb taste in tunes!


For my character of the week, I ended up turning to my tried and true favorite of Rorschach, but this one was an interesting one since I worked in reverse, choosing my songs based on their inclusion in my favorite tribute video. I figured there’s no need to fix what isn’t broken, since I felt those were really well chosen for him anyway. :slight_smile:

And, if interested, the tribute in question can be found here, and the songs of choice were:

“The Untold,” by Succession Studios

and “Never Goodbye,” by Max Richter

This is just a start, so I’ll add more later.
Here’s a song for Superman,

And this is for the TV Original Harley Quinn herself!

And Here’s for Kite-man, I couldn’t resist…

Last but not least, I think this song from Red Dead Redemption 2 is a perfect fit for Batman in the Dark Knight Rises. When carrying the bomb out of the city.

This one is for The Question, Who am I from Les Misérables.

:slightly_smiling_face:hope you like it, I’ll add more later.

Open mic nights sounds like a cool idea!

“Kryptonite”, by 3 Doors Down

Movie and game scores are one of my favorite genres, so here are a couple DC ones I like:
“Flight”, by Hans Zimmer (from Man of Steel)

“Black and Blue”, by Hans Zimmer/Junkie XL (from Batman v Superman)

“Hell Hath No Fury”, by Rupert Gregson-Williams (from Wonder Woman)

“What Could Be Greater Than A King?”, by Rupert Gregson-Williams (from Aquaman)

Side comment, was anyone else able to visualize the scenes these played in?

And to throw in one for my “oldies”, I saw this song over in the “Musical References in Comics” thread (too lazy to link it right now), and it was a background song in BvS
“Night and Day”, by Frank Sinatra


Martian Manhunter & Miss Martian- David Bowie- Life on Mars?
Supergirl- Talking Heads- And She Was.
COIE- The Cars- Bye Bye Love.
Batman- Queen-Somebody To Love.
Aquaman- Sublime- Bad Fish.
Cupid- Sam Cooke- Cupid.
Deadman- Pantera- Cemetery Gates.
Constantine- Roger Miller- King of the Road.
Michelle Carter- Guns “N” Roses- My Michelle.
Gotham City Sirens- Beastie Boys- Hey Ladies.


Sorry, got to do a part two… figured I should pick a track for all the DCEU movies since I already did half:

“Come Together” (The Beatles cover), by Gary Clark Jr./Junkie XL (from Justice League)

“One Bullet Is All I Need”, by Steven Price

“SHAZAM! Theme”, by Benjamin Wallfisch (from SHAZAM!)

“TFEOOHQ”, by Daniel Pemberton (from Birds of Prey)

And I just remembered there was a compilation album put out for the Arkham City video game. These probably could have fit in the recent Catwoman and Joker 80th playlists, so figured to share them now:
“Deranged”, by Coheed and Cambria

“Drown In You”, by Daughtry

I also have to echo the choices made by @Lincolnfan78 and @LDFM for their choices for The Man of Steel. :superman_hv_4:

Adding in a few others I would have to choose these for our favorite boy scout in blue.

Oh boy, walking into the room to this classic certainly puts the biggest grin on my face.

I also can not forget the theme to my introduction to live action DCTV.

Finally, to slow it down a bit, to have a nice dance with Lois to cap off a great night would be… Super! (Sorry had to say it :joy:)

I had no idea they released a compilation album for Arkham City! I need to check this out immediately. Thanks for sharing this, @LDFM! :green_heart: :green_heart:


Continuing what @LDFM started, here is my favorite Arkham City track: “Mercenary” by Panic! At the Disco (one of my favorite groups, and the only “popular” artist I’ve ever seen live).

Also, who can forget this classic from the 1989 Batman film?:

Last but certainly not least, “Friends are Family” from The LEGO Batman Movie. I actually have an interesting and quite nostalgic connection to this one. I was in the Philippines visiting my husband over Winter break and while he was at work I would go to the DC Super Heroes Cafe (because 1. the place is AWESOME, 2. I needed WiFi to work on my thesis, and 3. their coffee is cheaper than places like Starbucks) and this would play on loop along with the John Williams Superman theme, the Danny Elfman Batman theme, and other famous tunes. I didn’t know what it was from since I hadn’t watched the film yet at the time. However, I watched it for the first time on the plane back to the states and was like: ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, THIS is where it’s from!!!


For Watchmen :watch:- Madame Supreme by The Buttertones


For Volcana: We’re having a heatwave. (Irving Berlin)

For Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel (a DC OTP, if there ever was one.)

Huntress (Helena Bertinelli) JLU version, since MM is constantly monitoring her behavior

For Sir Justin, aka The Shinging Knight

For Power Girl

For Catwoman (In her anti-hero phase)

Wonder Woman

For Constantine, cuz he believes it

For Hades

Jonah Hex

Geo-Force (Young Justice version)

The Question (Just because you’re paranoid, but that doesn’t mean they’re not after you.

Killer Croc (Cuz who doesn’t need some Bill Hailey and the Comets)

Sgt Rock and Easy Company


Ooh, you’re a sneaky one, @MissInkBlot! Just when I think I’m out, you pull me back in! :grinning:
Instead of picking a bunch of songs for diff characters, you’ve inspired me to go w/ my avatar. (Plus it was just Earth Day… and I lost that GCS PL, but I do recall some trax.) So. This week is Poison Ivy, Act 1! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Ivy’s one of my faves for a multitude of reasons, but for starters (as I’ve mentioned before): swagger, fury and melancholy. Imo, shes a well of untapped potential, and of all the baddies, I have the most empathy for her.
I get you, gurl. :facepunch::green_heart: Now, let the tale begin!
Ps. I’d totally have gone to Jazz Fest w/ HQ-Ivy! Dancing, mimosas, laughing at each other’s nerdy horticulture jokes, bickering about environmental policy—woulda had a great time! lol :smile: :clinking_glasses: :dancer:t2: Enjoy!

Digging in the Dirt- Peter Gabriel
Mother- Lissie (Grrreat slow burning Danzig cover!)
We Radiate- Goldfrapp (What I imagine it feels like when Ivy’s controlling you)

Another one Bites the Dust- Pomplamoose, ‘cause they do some of the best mashup/covers out there—seriously, check out their YouTube!

Mad World- Tears For Fears
Too Bad, So Sad- Metric (They’re back!)

Oh, and because it’s a super fun swing cover:
Poison- Postmodern Jukebox


I’m going to break the rules a little, I dedicate each of these music to some of the Moderators, starting with @DC_Community. :slightly_smiling_face:

And this next song is for @MissInkBlot who is a music fan.

And here’s for @BestBeastBoy who loves to cook! Hope he like this!:cowboy_hat_face:

For both @Applejack and @Pretty.Poison.Bombshell who make this a fun site!

This one is for Harley Quinn for when she can’t get over Mistah J.

“I’m not afraid if happy endings, I’m just afraid my life won’t work that way.”

Fear of Dying by Jack Off Jill


Here’s for Batman:

Way back in the day, there was a Green Lantern title starring a grey templed Hal Jordan who got a little sad and went on walkabout. If you’re not familiar with, you’ll probably never know what I’m talking about because of who wrote it, however here’s a song in the same flavor:


Just gonna park these babies right here…

For my main man, Dr. Holland:
The Flesh Failures- from Hair
Grey Cell Green- Neds Atomic Dustbin
Don’t go to Strangers- Amy Winehouse & Paul Weller, because I love this rendition and Swampy is for romantics—I don’t care what anyone says.
:face_with_raised_eyebrow: …Fight me. :wink:

And for Jessica Cruz:
Humanidad- Ana Tijoux, rough translation: live like it’s your first AND your last day on earth, because fear and curiosity are all part of the game.

Golden Age- TV on the Radio
Freedom 90- George Michael—been in my head and just feels right. :fist: ok, bye.


One more! Err. Two more!
Ive been laughing at poor Bane so much lately (HQ) I wanted to give him a song… and Kite Man.
I laugh, I feel bad for them for a moment, then I go back to laughing, so this is my guilt talking! lol :wink:

Human After All- Daft Punk
Kite Man:
Do you wanna get Funky w/ Me?- TKK version, because it’s a MUCH more manageable 4min.


Justice League Dark


Vandal Savage

Victor Zsasz

Doom Patrol


Solomon Grundy

Professor Pyg


Andrew Bennett (I, Vampire)


“Don’t Stop Me Now”—Queen. “Down”—Jay Sean. Legend of Zelda theme. The Moon theme from DuckTales Remastered. (Put those on your tape!)


Sending this to silver age Kara. It feels like she always struggled to be her very best, struggled with love, wanted to prove herself and then finally reached up to that one moment when she stood above the rest in Crisis.