🎶 Mixtape Monday: Music Mixer's Choice 🎶

Hello DC DJs!

After listening to the list of songs you shared last week, we at DC Universe could feel the air begin to change immediately! Helping us move from warm summer days to cool, crisp fall breezes, your playlist, at usual, does not disappoint! :smiley:

Click the link here to see last week’s songs!

This Week’s Theme:
Music Mixer’s Choice!

That’s right! In celebration for Part Two of DC Universe’s FanDome, we’re handing YOU, masterful Mixtape Makers, the reigns for the week! Have any DC movie/show playlists you’ve been putting together in your spare time, or DC characters or ships you’ve been obsessed with as of late, and want to finish off the time spent thinking about them with a well-deserved tribute song? To that, we say: Do it! :star_struck:

Once you choose your personal, DC-based theme, give us a lil somethin’ to listen to while we wait for this weekend’s festivities by posting your choices in the comments below! :slight_smile:

While lyrics must abide to Forum Guidelines, the songs can be anything, of any genre, as long as it meets each week’s theme!

:headphones: Curious what Mixtape Monday is? :headphones:
Every week, we’ll post the title of our latest Mixtape, and you post a track of your choice in the comments below! We’ll follow up next Mixtape Monday with the full list of tunes collected from the week before. And if our “What’s the Last Song You Heard?” thread is any indication, you all have superb taste in tunes!


This week, I’m going to go with a few songs devoted to our second installment of FanDome. Because I always wanted to go to a convention but thus far, had never had the chance to, I’m really excited by the prospect of digital ones that provide access to such a mountain of content. I also like checking out “Epic Music” videos on youtube, so, here are a few beauties I picked up during my travels there.

The first choice is aptly named because I’ll need the strength of 1000 men to finish planning out my 24 hour watch schedule for the day (eat your Wheaties, y’all! :muscle:)

“Strength of a Thousand Men” by Two Steps from Hell

This one’s for the last few minutes before everything starts - it accurately captures the anticipation I felt last time, and will undoubtedly feel this time around, too. :slight_smile:

“Rallying the Defense” by Machinimasound

And for how I’ll feel once the event begins:
“I Gotta Feeling,” by The Black Eyed Peas

Also… Response Update: Sorry responses have taken so long! As you know, I tend to get a little… ahem, “overzealous,” which tends to have a “one step forward, ten steps back” effect when trying to heal up. >,< I’m finally caught up enough to say expect full updates this week, though. :slight_smile: I send many thank yous and digital hugs for your sweet words and well wishes! :heart:

Hi @MissInkBlot,

Glad you’re feeling better! And no worries or apologies really, we all appreciate everything you’ve put in and given to us! The most important thing is that you are well and feel tip top. :white_heart: :purple_heart: :black_heart:

See you sometime during FanDome pt. 2!


Well since you mentioned ships, I’ve gotta throw out the (un)official Supercorp anthem


Hello @MissInkBlot, hope you’re doing well, can you do me a big favor? I want you to sit back relax and enjoy these music that I pick out based on each DC characters starting with…

Robotman from Doom Patrol,

Old Bruce Wayne from Batman Beyond

Pat Dugan from Stargirl,

DC Universe

Green Lantern

Talia Al Ghoul

Wonder Woman

:smiley:Well that was fun, hope you enjoy listening to them @MissInkBlot!

Here’s 1 more song that would be perfect for DC Fandome, here’s Robert Picardo singing 'holodeck’:smiley:


Well… we gotta keep that energy up for this weekend. Don’t fall asleep anyone!
“Sleepwalking”, by Blindside

And this looks like another “Open Mic Night” like week, so here’s a few character/group choices:

“Birds Of Prey”, by Anberlin

I might’ve just shared due to the song title. Three guesses for who, or the group, this is supposed to be for… :stuck_out_tongue:

“Beautiful Girls”, by Bayside

This is a cover, but I like it more than the original. And it’s for the Amazons.

“Laugh & The World Laughs With You”, by Artifex Pereo

This one I’ll have to explain the choice a bit. So lyrically it talks about a woman with fear/anxiety and she makes a brave choice, although it costs her. While I’m not too familiar (yet) with the character, I think this might work for Jessica Cruz (Green Lantern)?

Well hello MissInkBlot and to the fellow music mixers! :wave: :sunglasses:

Ah, yes the excitement in the anticipation for part two of DC FanDome! :star_struck:
(I might have also gone a little over board again because of this excitement… :sweat_smile:)

Double checked my schedule to dish out some tunes for this week since there still is a lot to look forward with this second part this weekend! :grin:

First up, still very much looking forward to what will be happening with the Doom Patrol Panel. I thought of this tune… :negativeman_dp: :rita_dp: :robotman_dp: :cyborg_dp:

Especially, considering the whole Patrol is encased in wax and would like to see them… Breakout of their waxed positions they were left in during the 2nd season’s finale! :scream:

Next, there are a few Young Justice panels that are on the schedule and so this song came to mind. :cowboy_hat_face:

Also on the schedule is the Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons panel and so I thought of this song from the previews that I have seen for it with Deathstroke doing what he is natural at doing. :eyes:

Now, looking forward to what happens during the panel for Stargirl and so I found this soundtrack for the battles that took place during the series. :star2:

Next up, there is also a panel for a Superman Radio show that will have Tim Daly return and many others doing voices for the show as well so I thought of none other than the theme from Superman The Animated Series for it. :superman_hv_3:

Also, on the schedule is a panel that goes into the recording studio with Hans Zimmer and takes a look into the scoring of Man of Steel. Getting a look into any of the scores for Man of Steel would be fun, although maybe we’ll get a peak into the making of this one. :clark_hv_5:

There are also a couple of Smallville panels I’m looking forward to checking out and here is a track I found for one of the panels that is being discussed. :clark_hv_4:

Another is having the panel about taking a look into the world of Krypton and how it came to life and maybe they will also have the theme going in the background as well. :superman_hv_1:

There is also a panel that dives into the many different Batmobiles and so I found this score for one particular Batmobile, but looking forward to what the panel offers on all of the Batmobiles. :batman_hv_1:

To round out the list as a whole would be this track as seeing there is so much to also choose from this second round it can only be described as a… Sweet Emotion. :superman_hv_4:


Hey there @MissInkBlot, hope you had a great Labor Day Weekend and hope you’re doing better.

First things first, just wanted to again say “Happy Anniversary”. I left a thingy there for you and the other mods in that thread. I hope people check it out.

So, for the upcoming Fandome I want to open with a couple of songs themed for the Death Metal series.

“Rain in Blood”-Slayer and
“Underworld”-Symphony X
I know they’re not “Death Metal” but they’re a couple of my favorite pieces in the Metal genre.

Next for the Harley Quinn panels, anticipation of a third season and all else Har/Ivy,

“Blood”- In This Moment. This is to represent the stress and strain of her relationship with “Puddin”. Great example of the saying “Love is Blind”

“She’s a Rainbow”-The Rolling Stones. Harley has become one of the most beloved characters in the DCUniverse and this song represents another side of her. One that isn’t psychoticlly violent and murderous. A side maybe only Ivy sees. Next for her co-hort,

“Poison Ivy”-The Coasters. Could I make this list and not include it? Should I not have included it? I hope “Crew” members like it. Last two for this group,

“Sunshower”-Chris Cornell and
“I’ll Stand By You”- the Pretenders,

I thought these would be good songs to represent their relationship meaning you’re not going thru this alone, we’ll get thru it together.

Oops, sorry, I just realized how long this got. Have a good week.


Since Fandome is having a part dos, why not my post…

“Working for the Weekend”-Loverboy, it’s only Tuesday coming off a Three day weekend, waiting to get to Fandome. Next,

“The Choice Is Yours”- Blacksheep, people planning on going 24 hours strait? They don’t know what panels to choose? Hey man, like the title says… and why???

“Because We Can”- Fatboy Slim, and if you planning on 24 straight,

“Java”-Al Hirt, caffeine, caffeine and more caffeine. In case you have too much and need to burn some off,

“The Funk Phenomenon”- Armand Van Helden, it’s got a nice groove going and I thought some others might like it and FINALLY,

“Hocus Pocus”-Focus. Gary Hoey also did a cover of this and it’s great too but doesn’t roll off the tongue as well. Thanks again.


Sharing my love for all the talented Supergirl music vidders out there this week.

Fifth Harmony - That’s My Girl

Amaranthe - Electroheart

Sia - Unstoppable

Hidden Citizens - Paint it Black

Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway

Breaking Benjamin - Dance with the Devil

Natasha Blume - Journey (Ready to Fly)

The Script - Hall of Fame

Skillet - Watching for Comets


Here is an assortment;
Groups (heroes like the JSA, TT, LOSH, … or Villains (Secret Society of Supervillains, Legion of Doom, Superman Revenge Squad, …) there is greater power in numbers.

Computers and tech have come to be very powerful tools in comics, fighting crime and have really solidified “the person in the chair” as a staple of comics.

As characters have become darker, it has to have an impact on villains, especially the street level thugs. This is for them.

To what some (perhaps many) folks think of as the most “eeew” and/or creepy moment in DC History. The relationship between Deathstrole and Terra in The Judas Contract.

For Speedy’s jaunt with dope in the early Bronze Age.

For Lucifer Morningstar, DC’s satan on earth.

For finally unclogging AJ Office Hours thread with entire discussions about vampires, it now now has its own thread over in the Iceberg Lounge



I absolutely :heart: the Mirror’s edge theme.


I’d give you TWO thumbs up if they let me. I watched The Warriors the other day too. Right on.



To: @MissInkBlot

RE: The Scene Goes Into Slow Motion, All Heads Turn, and This Plays EP

a previously unreleased EP containing a DC universe mix culled from wayward themes and ideas presented in no particular order. though the actual recording dates are unknown, the few surviving notes pertaining to each selection were transcribed, and are being presented here in an attempt to provide some historical context.

( ( @Applejack ) )
Nobody Beats the Biz by Biz Markie, prod. by Marley Marl

[ . . . Apples is legend. everywhere and nowhere. accessible and mysterious. kind, wise, yet deliberate. a pillar. think . . . ]

( ( @Pretty.Poison.Bombshell ) )
Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament by Beastie Boys

[ Around the way, thoughtful, a big heart, strong family dedication, a ride-or-die. if Applejack is viewed as the cosmic or celestial, then Pretty.Poison.Bombshell is the terrestrial and elemental. ]

( ( @moderators ) )
Walk Like an Egyptian by The Bangles

[ unfortunately space does not allow for a full record of themes for each individual mod; however, as a collective when they all walk into a room together, the scene goes into slow motion, all heads turn, and this plays . . . ]

( ( Black Canary: A DC Universe Original ) )
I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down by Ann Peebles

[ One can dream & dream + dream . . . ]

( ( DC Universe pre-order ) )
Nakamarra by Hiatus Kaiyote

[ Could it be that it was all so simple then . . . ]

( ( HiddenAlliances ) )
Joeira (feat. João Pedreira) by Kurup

[ :eye: ]

Thanks: Above / @MissInkBlot :white_heart: / Tulsi G. / Ad-Rock / Not-so-hidden truths / 50% off canvas sales / WW watch along crew / @DC89 - for I gotta’ motor & Babs’ theme! / Mixtape Monday crew / You / All who have also been alienated and de-humanized