🎶Mixtape Monday: Moderators🎶

Hello Everybody, welcome to the special edition of Mixtape Monday, while @MissInkBlot does this each week, I’ve notice she hasn’t post this week music. According to @Applejack it’s one of the topic that won’t get posted, since Moderators are busy getting ready for DC Universe Infinite.
Without their knowledge I’ve decided to do the mix tape monday and make it a Moderators music week!
This will be our way of saying Thankyou to them for all their hard work.:grinning:
This week post music that you think that is best represent to each of our Moderators! Here’s a list of Moderators.:grinning:


Here’s a song that reminds me of @DC_Community. :grinning:

Here’s for @Alec.Holland

Here’s for @Applejack

Here’s for @Barrys.Better.Half

Here’s for @MissInkBlot

I think they put a post on the Watchtower saying that they’re not going to do any of those posts for the rest of the year because the moderators are focusing on cleaning things up for the upcoming DCUI launch.

But hey, there’s no reason why we can’t do it ourselves, right?


Right. :grinning:


Well, if this is a thing…

I already had the link cued up in the Iceberg Lounge. Narf.

Hello there Reaganfan and everyone else. :wave: :sunglasses:

Ah, the Super Mods… Busy at work getting ready for DCUI… Yes, there are a few tunes I’d pick out for them that hopefully would help as they work (and be a little different than past songs I might have given them :smile:). :smiley:

First, for Alec.Holland, this tune came to mind. :deciduous_tree:

Ah, for Applejack… Time for a song from one of Applejack’s favorite bands… :grin:

For Barrys.Better.Half this tune came to mind. :flash_hv_1:

Hopefully the nice montage that has been recently associated with it also comes to mind.

Honorable mention for Best.Beast.Boy. Hope they are doing well in their new job. :gargif_ttns:

This next one I thought of for Green.Lantern. :gl_hv_2:

Only had one occasion seeing HarleysPudding and that was during the Batman (1989) and Batman Returns Watch Along so this tune came to mind. :joker_hv_2:

Ah MissInkBlot. It’s always fun listening to the music brought with each Mixtape so I thought of this tune. :clark_hv_4:

For Pretty.Poison.Bombshell this tune came to mind for the innovative gifs used each time counting down to show time in Watch Alongs. :poisonivy_hqas:

And a final honorable mention for ZatannaAndHerSpells would be this tune that was used in Batman The Animated Series for Zatanna. :woman_mage:

Thank you again Super Mods for what you do! :star_struck:


For those of us at Office Hours tonight:

I already suggested this song before.


I love this idea @Reaganfan78! Always so happy to help out in the DCU - you’re the best!

:trophy: In the spirit of being the best and always trying to dismiss their amazing superhero endeavors, I present this fun little diddy.

Thank you, thank you, thank you DCU Moderators: @Alec.Holland, @Applejack, @Barrys.Better.Half, @Green.Lantern, @HarleysPudding, @MissInkBlot, and @Pretty.Poison.Bombshell - here’s to you!


This is awesome! :grin: @Reaganfan78 How did you know Toy Story is one of my favorites?!

@ajm08g - I’ll be honest, I had never heard this song until you posted it. I’ve listened to it about 10 times since though and I love it!

@KeyFamily - Before I listened to the song I was already cracking up because you chose a Lonely Island song, that’s just great :joy: :orange_heart:


@KeyFamily, Thankyou, I really appreciate that, I love music and would like to see Monday Mixtape continue each week.:grinning:

@Barrys.Better.Half, Thankyou, I really didn’t know, I was trying to find the song that fit you perfectly, and I pick you’ve got a friend in me, cause you’re a great friend to have.:slightly_smiling_face:


That is super sweet and a huge compliment. Thank you! :orange_heart:


Ah, happy to add it to your music playlists. :clark_hv_4:

I also find it a nice song to listen to while driving… :blue_car:

And it is a nice reminder on long drives to check the fuel gauge… :joy:


This is really great! :slight_smile: I haven’t listened to Rush in a while, but I might have to more often now.


Hi all, this is a great idea. I know I usually have long playlists but I’m gonna try and keep it short and to the point

David Lee Roth- Good Times
Since I’ve been in the community, I’ve really enjoyed myself, expanded my appreciation of the DCUniverse beyond just a show into books and movies and the online chat. Thus these have been Good Times. Next…

Aerosmith- The Train Kept a Rollin
The mods are busy preparing for the launch of the new DCUI so we won’t let them down. The train keeps rollin alright…

Someone likes RUSH, so how bout another one…

RUSH- Working Man
And women too…

Finally if I ever was in a situation where I ran into them …

AC/DC- Have a Drink on Me
It would be the least I could do for these people who make everything here run so smoothly and just so much fun. Thank you, thank you, thank you…

Everyone have a good week, see ya later


Sorry I’m late this week :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t had many encounters with the mods, so I don’t really “know” them very well, but figured I could maybe add some chillax tunes to help with the work hours. Thank you for keeping the community in order!


Hey @Reaganfan78! :wave: Thank you so much for looking out for us and doing this! You’re awesome—Fact! :raised_hands: (Great picks too, everybody!)
(This was literally my reaction when I saw the thread :smile:)
Anyway. Just got one for the Mod-Squad. It’s a mellow day, so this what came to mind, and offering thanks feels right. :purple_heart: So! For maintaining this land w/ care:
Across the Universe- Beatles


I’m sorry. I meant to keep it short but it’s been buggin me so I want to add a few…

Donna Summers- She Works Hard for the Money
I’m sorry, I just felt like I left the ladies hanging and deserved more than, “and ladies too”

Lover boy- Workin for the Weekend
Sammy Hagar-Rock n Roll Weekend
Because you’re re always there for us even on the weekend

Todd Rundgren- Bang The Drum All Day

That’s all, thank you again.


There has been alot of great songs choice for the Moderators, I would like to say Thankyou to…
For all your song choice. If @MissInkBlot doesn’t do a Mixtape tomorrow by 12:00pm PST, If nobody don’t mind, I’ll be happy to make a new one. I do have an idea what it will be, so stay tune.:slightly_smiling_face::radio::notes:


Thanksgiving theme! I have a great song idea! :grin:


You’ve just read my mind!:wink: