🎶 Mixtape Monday: King Shark - A Playlist Fit for Royalty! 🎶

Greetings, DC Family! :batman_hv_2:

Batman Day arrived, and ever eager to accept a challenge, we’re thankful that with your cooperation, we have a playlist of songs truly worthy of gifting to man of the hour! Dare we say… not only did we love it, but it was so good a playlist it made even the Bat, himself, crack a smile… er, grin? …grunt? Something! Sure, he’s a bit of a tough crowd, but rest assured, whatever it was, we could tell it expressed approval! :eyes:

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This Week’s Theme:
King Shark - A Playlist Fit for Royalty!

Having seen the community’s excitement after hearing about the new season of Harley Quinn that’s coming, you know we couldn’t go without sending some love its way! :heart_eyes: Since we’ve already covered a bit on a more collective level in the past, this week, the name of the game is to tell us what you think would be (or should be) on the one and only King Shark’s playlist!

Think a song that fits his backstory as a royal would be a good choice? Or would a tune describing how he fits within the group be best? What about something you think he’d be happy to dance to?

Let us know what you’d choose for him by sharing in the comments below! :slight_smile:

While lyrics must abide to Forum Guidelines, the songs can be anything, of any genre, as long as it meets each week’s theme!

:headphones: Curious what Mixtape Monday is? :headphones:
Every week, we’ll post the title of our latest Mixtape, and you post a track of your choice in the comments below! We’ll follow up next Mixtape Monday with the full list of tunes collected from the week before. And if our “What’s the Last Song You Heard?” thread is any indication, you all have superb taste in tunes!


With a mixture of the loveliness of Ron Funches as his voice actor, and his highly coveted computing/hacking skills, I’m excited for the chance to choose music for King Shark. :partying_face:

Devoted to his intellect and his being an all around awesome character, I thought about going with something from the 1995 movie, Hackers, but decided on this one would be better from Mr. Robot:

“Razorgirl,” by Dubvirus

I also got a kick out of what happens to him when one happens to be unfortunate enough to draw blood around him (or, you know, look like a tasty snack), soooo, this one’s from his perspective in describing what how he’d feel about the scent of blood, itself (regardless of whose it is, lol):

Jace Everett’s “Bad Things,” (from True Blood)


Boys like Blood by Jacuzzi Boys

Because he’s a :shark: and he doesn’t do well around blood (that was one of his sayings right? it’s been while since I watched. still waiting for chance to watch season 2)


D12 - Lies & Rumors


What a coincidence with the theme this week, I was going through my music library recently, remembered the music video for this song had a shark in it, and told myself the next time a chance for King Shark would show up I’d add this one:

“Sword In Mouth, Fire Eyes”, by Norma Jean


Hey there MissInkBlot and everyone else! :wave: :sunglasses:

Songs for Harley’s King Shark playlist? :thinking: :kingshark_hqas:

Here are a few that I thought might do. :kingshark_cutehqtas:

King Shark can be pretty relaxed… Until he does interact with blood… :sweat_smile:
So perhaps this relaxing tune about the ocean will calm him down should he ever have one of those moments. :smiley:

Next up, in those instances where he can’t deny himself from attacking, then this tune would do to get him into his shark rage. :angry: :kinghsark_grinhqtas:

And, finally, I thought this tune would bring him back down again after all his rage and have fun with Harley and the crew on their next adventure. :smile:


Thank you for the “True Blood” flashback @MissInkBlot. List coming soon.


Uh ok, list coming now…Hope you’re continuing to keep getting better @MissInkBlot. I’m gonna open with the obvious,

John Williams-“Jaws Theme/Main Title(First Victim)”,

I can see KIng Shark swimming around to this and all of a sudden, he pops up, “Oh Hi! how you doin”. He’s just cool like that, which is my next song

Digable Planets-“Rebirth of Slick, (Cool Like Dat)”
It’s just a cool song I can see him groovin to, relaxin, chillaxin. Next,

Junkie XL-“A Beach of Bodies”, from the 300, Rise of an Empire Soundtrack
Who opened the buffet? Followed by,

Led Zeppelin-“The Ocean”,
He has to have some water to live comfortably sometime doesn’t he?

Slayer -“Seasons in The Abyss”,
One of the lyrics, “Frozen eyes stare deep in your mind as you die“, made me think of a shark attack and the victim.

AC/DC-“If You Want Blood, You Got It”,
King Shark is very mild mannered, until it’s time to NOT be mild mannered, don’t push your luck or else.

Hellyeah-“Sangre Por Sanger,(Blood For Blood)” and Accept-“Fast as a Shark”,
Here’s where it starts to pick up in tempo, leading to a feeding frenzy.

The Offspring-“Sharknado, The 4th Awakens”, Hwaji-“Sharknado”, and Quint-“The Ballad of Sharknado”, I went looking for the song I heard in the movie and found three different versions and ended up liking them all. Pick one you like.

The Chantays-“Pipeline”, The B-52’s-“Rock Lobster”, and The Trashmen-“Surfin Bird”, I just consider these “classic” beach party songs and I feel King Shark is always up for a party. Finally,

The Animals and Santa Esmeralda-“Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”,
Both bands do really cool versions of the song. But I think the title says it all. He’s part man, part Shark and even with the best intentions sometimes things happen. All we can do is hope to learn from our mistakes and not repeat them.

Thank you and I apologize for being so long. Have a good week everyone.

EDIT: I should mention this is for Harley Quinn Show King Shark and not the one I’ve read in Suicide Squad. Also, I thought about adding some Barry White for his alone time with Tabitha but…

ADDITIONAL EDIT: sorry but I completely forgot, since I’m not a big Beyoncé fan, can someone make some suggestions so there’s some music King Shark would like. I think I only have 3 of her songs in my collection and I think those were from Destiny’s Child.


I could see him listening to ain’t to mountain high enough :joy::joy::rofl:. He just gives me those vibes


@MissInkBlot hey so when is the list coming :joy:. I clicked on the arrow and it said list coming soon. I just didn’t see it. I’m not trying to come across as impatient but yeah


To: @MissInkBlot

RE: K. Shark: Le Cargo Pants & Bermuda Shorts Dance Mix

( ( All Of The Above ) )
What Are We Doing Here by André Cymone

( ( All Of The Below ) )
Modernaire by Dez Dickerson

( ( Rows & Series of Teeth ) )
The Poured Out Blood by Pain Teens

:musical_note: Bonus Track :musical_note:

( ( All Of The Below pt. 2/Tabitha and King, Secretly ) )
Automatic by Prince dna eht noituloveR

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This is an interesting one. Slayer is a Thrash Metal band, but they sound more Nu-Metal in this one. :joy: :heart:

Catching up on this. :heart: Sending thanks for your kind words and patience during the (unexpectedly :disappointed:) slow healing process, everyone. :slight_smile:

@seitan – I can see him dancing around to that, for sure. :thinking: Was that something you thought he’d like before seeing his character on Harley Quinn? I ask because I think that’s one of the most interesting things about that show, and it exposing me to characters like KS that I wasn’t familiar with before. But now that I am, songs like that click so well, and the lightbulb goes off over my head, and I go: :hushed: that’s fantastic! xD Love the explanation given! :slight_smile:

@IrishX – Oh my, I haven’t heard D12 in forever! Thank you for this, it’s right up my alley as well! :wink: The aquatic theme already makes it a perfect fit, but it’s all the better because I can visualize him singing that aloud himself. Or listening to it with huge headphones to get into the zone as he tinkers about, helping the team out in some pretty important ways (by gaining access to restricted files or security cameras, etc). It’d also be a great theme song for his eating bad guys, too, though. :laughing:

@LDFM – I love coincidences like that – alas, ‘tis a sign Mixtape Monday’s gotten into your bones! :stuck_out_tongue: Oh, that intro… the music’s an enticing pull into the suspenseful (in a similar way to how the JAWS theme does so), but the fact that the man getting into his car is completely oblivious to the shark, both outside, and while in the workplace, reminds me of how odd it might seem to some that the HQ squad walks around with KS like it’s the most normal thing in the world. That is, until heads start disappearing, much like they do in the music video. :laughing: The way he excels at tech (the malfunctioning copier), making his coworkers cheer has me laughing, too. I couldn’t have chosen a better video/song combo had I tried – fantastic job! :slight_smile:

@ajm08g – Yes, indeed! King Shark needed his time in the spotlight for a bit. :wink: And that in mind, I adore where you went in touching on different parts of his personality and weaknesses. “One Ocean” does a very good job of being tranquil enough to soothe the senses, I agree. When I hear it, there’s something about it that makes me see someone using both hands to smooth out white fabric in my head, to remove the creases and wrinkles… and it reminds me a tad of the song “All That I’ve Got,” by The Used. :thinking:

But “Red Cold River” works well, too, in fooling the listener with that peaceful beginning, before roaring at you with that sudden crescendo! The eye image is fitting, too, making me envision what it’s like on the inside for the rage to spread (thinking 28 Days Later and the rage virus, in particular, which was also a bloody affair, lol). :eyes: I burst out laughing at “Born to be Wild,” though! It really does embody that feeling of having a good time with good friends making up a stellar crew. To quote KS, himself, “I have friends that I’m so important to, they won’t even finish a puzzle they’re working on until I get back. Do you understand that type of bond?!” :stuck_out_tongue:

@ejdias.95910 – Always happy to oblige with a good tune from True Blood - truth be told, I miss that show sometimes, lol. And thank you kindly for your well wishes, I’m so appreciative! :slight_smile:

As for your songs, no need to apologize for length at all! I like going with the well-known songs first, too - everyone needs a bit of the obvious to give us shared ground on which to set the tone, so I’m glad you went with the JAWS theme. :heart: That said… yes! :laughing: I can totally see him doing that, especially with that song. “Rebirth of Slick, (Cool Like Dat)” fits his personality to a T! Interestingly, I think “The Ocean” would fit his personality, too – he seems to be as adaptable, and malleable as we are in our own song choices, so I think his appreciating the talent of LZ would be a given. The same’s definitely the case with the beach party songs shared.

I wish I could choose one of the Sharknado songs, but I’m little help there, as I happen like them all as much as I like the movie of the same name (which isn’t a bad thing, by the way, since I love movies like that xD) – that’s a difficult choice, though I do lean toward The Offspring due to my liking so many of their songs prior. :stuck_out_tongue:

I must say the way you mixed in the scarier songs - “A Beach of Bodies,” “Seasons In The Abyss,” “Sangre Por Sanger” and “Fast as a Shark,” are enough of a combo to send a chill down the spine, though, wow! They hit the fear scale on different levels, but do so in a way that increases the chances of the hair on your neck rising, so they’re a serious reminder to respect the might and power of KS (outside the scariness of the “shark” part, there’s a King” in there for a reason, after all!).

“If You Want Blood, You Got it,” on top of showing he can bring the pain as needed, mentioning living in a human zoo is so appropriate for his being around humans so often, and seeing all of their shenanigans, lol. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” is a delight, too… a soulful, self-reflective piece that speaks straight from the heart, and makes me think of the conversation KS had with his dad about his love life, and how happy he is with where he was in life, in general. :cry:

What beautiful additions to the list! Thank you! :heart:

About the Beyonce recommendations… hmmmmm, I don’t listen to her much lately, since I tend to cycle through artists, and it sometimes takes me a while to come back around to them, but off the top of my head, I think KS would like “Crazy In Love,” and “Irreplaceable.” I have a feeling he might even like the song she did with Lady Gaga called “Telephone,” now that I think about it, lol.

@The_phoenix2192 – Lol! You and me both. Not only listening to, but both dancing and singing to, as well. He knows the good stuff when he hears it, and you do, too! :slight_smile: Sorry about the missing list, by the way – I’m going through to update them, as we’ve been switching away from lists. We’re going with links for now, as you’ve all been seeing with the newest threads, but the hope’s something more interactive, so you all won’t have to take the extra step of looking up the songs yourselves, so I’ll eventually be switching them all out at some point. Thanks for the reminder, though! :wink:

@xLOVEandDoomPatrolx – A masterful mix, as always, I see! Particularly intrigued by what you chose to begin the list with – the inclusion of the most electronic bits in the backgrounds of “What Are We Doing Here,” and “Modernaire,” add some really interesting depth of meaning for this theme, I find, along with the songs, themselves, being a joy to listen to. :slight_smile: The latter’s inclusion of wanting to swim underwater ties itself to King Shark in such a cool way, as does, at least to my ear, how musically similar the singer’s voice is to that of KS in the show.

“The Poured Out Blood” was a surprising addition, in part because of what you chose to focus on for it, and in part because of how it reminds me a bit of Rush’s, “YYZ.” There’s a bit of a controlled chaos to it, that does lend itself to making you think of how shark teeth are layered – sometimes seeming to follow a pattern, but often times, seeming to be haphazardly placed and a little frightening, while still, just as the song is, being incredibly compelling. Likewise with “Automatic” and its unique sound, however. The multi-dimensional way it fits its reasoning, and how it fits his and Tabitha’s relationship provides a superb touch – it ties everything before it together like a neat bow! :heart:

@NCharles39 – The spoken intro for “Drag the Waters” is phenomenal! The first thing that came to mind when thinking about it was that there’s something hostile and bloody about just the very sound of it, not to mention what “dragging the waters” actually means and is used for in reality. Needless to say, it seamlessly goes hand in hand with Slayer’s “Bloodline.” Both work together to represent that terrifying part of KS, hidden behind his bubbly personality. For me, the ease with which you hear, “I’ll kill you and your dreams tonight” in the latter song, for example, matches the way he has no qualms about snacking on a human, as needed (…or sometimes as not needed, but simply wanted… xD), after which he goes back to being the loveable, happy go lucky shark who likes to complete puzzles with his friends. :stuck_out_tongue: Really enjoyed your choices for him! :slight_smile:


Thanks @MissInkBlot.

It’s always a pleasure creating a Mixtape for you! :white_heart: :purple_heart: :black_heart:

I placed “The Poured Out Blood” there suddenly just as King will be cool one minute, but then once blood comes into play, goes immediately from first-to-fourth gear. :upside_down_face: Still a dance record, but just at a different kind of dance!

Hope you’re doing well. Thanks for all the fun and your very kind words.