🎶 Mixtape Monday: JLD: Apokolips War! 🎶

Hello, Music Mixers!

DC Universe’s FanDome was a success! And one made all the more so by your presence and the lovely addition of your thoughtfully crafted event-specific playlist. We couldn’t have done a better job narrowing down a list of songs for our possible soundtrack, so we’re ever so thankful to have been able to had the chance to work with you in compiling the list of songs below! :partying_face:

Click here to see the full list until we add them below! :slight_smile:

This Week’s Theme:
Justice League Dark: Apokolips War!

The rumbling of war has emerged and broken free within the DC Universe, and its name is… Apokolips! Yes, indeed, as of a few days ago, Justice League Dark: Apokolips War made its way onto the service, and we’re here to see the even through to its end, come what may!

But, with our set of protagonists being comprised of the remaining members the Justice League, Justice League Dark, Teen Titans and Suicide Squad, we want to know which characters are your favorite? Are there any that you feel deserve a special musical nod for the week? Or are you actually eyeing the side of JLD:AW’s antagonists, and find yourself preferring a tune devoted to your favorite villain, instead?

Tell us whose side you’re on by sharing a song for the character of your choice below!

While lyrics must abide to Forum Guidelines, the songs can be anything, of any genre, as long as it meets each week’s theme!

:headphones: Curious what Mixtape Monday is? :headphones:
Every week, we’ll post the title of our latest Mixtape, and you post a track of your choice in the comments below! We’ll follow up next Mixtape Monday with the full list of tunes collected from the week before. And if our “What’s the Last Song You Heard?” thread is any indication, you all have superb taste in tunes!


This week’s choice was based on a combination of things, including our recent “Who Would Win” between Constantine and Zatanna (and a specific post, in particular, there). :stuck_out_tongue: I’m rather partial to John (and Peaky Blinders, lol), so this one’s for him:

“Play Dirty,” by Kevin McAllister ft. Sebell
(Note: The followup song that shows up after’s rather good, too: “Chosen One,” by Valley of Wolves)


To: @MissInkBlot

RE: JLD: Apokolips War

( ( Raven ) )
Others Here With Us (Unreleased) by Prince & the Revolution

( ( Zatanna ) )
Sweetest Talk by Habibi

Thanks: Above / Islands / Sylvia P. / Abby M. / Tulsi G. / Zadie S. / Tala A. / @TheKateKane / Los Bros. / Empire Files / DIY / Books / You / Authentic kindness / All who have also been alienated and de-humanized



@iJest I feel like they’re really trying us now… :joy::eye:

Guess I’ll have to think of a song that eyes in that direction…


This is all I got lol :see_no_evil:


“where’d ya get them peepers” :joy::rofl::nauseated_face:


Found this in my playlist. I love this song!

I figured I could “feed two birds with one seed” (because I refuse to use the other idiom :unamused:) and use this song:

  1. To express my repulsion (squeamishness) for the eye brutality shown in the movie :nauseated_face::laughing:, and
  2. To also express the sense of hope that was portrayed at the end (despite everything else). I think this song gives a sense of hope; I certainly interpret it that way. There aren’t any lyrics, though. I’m a sucker for cinematic music. :blush:

:eye: think this is a great choice! On to my second listening . . .


Hey, thanks! :smile: OMG your icon/flair winked at me! :eye::scream::rofl:


This one goes out to me boy Constantine who looks for hope in Superman, drinks the darkness away with Etrigan and longs for the embrace of Zee.

It’s the DMK cover because we all need to smile again after that movie. :smiley:


“Another One Bites The Dust”, by Queen

Well… this can go out to a LOT of people. But, I do like Green Lantern… and unfortunately it sounds like he was the first to go (darn it)

And my emotions were all over the place, and this song conveys a lot of emotion for me:
“Anakin’s Betrayal”, by John Williams (from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith)

Could probably fit in any of the scenes where we see someone fall to…


Greetings @MissInkBlot!
I hope this finds you well. So lets get right to it: The movie, for me, was great, but a bummer (aside from cheering Lois for min :wink: and when Diana came back) These are songs I love, but also the ones that came to mind first, and mostly reflect my feelings on some of my faves Diana, Swampy, Etrigan, Supes, Lois, & Constantine…and the end/beginning. Plz enjoy. :purple_heart: Take care.

Short Change Hero- The Heavy, captures the state if things.

Doing it to Death- The Kills, for the mission.

Broken- UNKLE, This ones both hopeful as well as sad to me—like the dark of night just before sunrise.

New Star in the Sky- Air, great track.


Hey @MissInkBlot, hope you’re doing well,

WOW! Quite the movie to say the least. It had me all over the place, happy sad, and a few “What the…” moments. Although he wasn’t my favorite character, my suggestions are for Constantine and they are,

“Drink My Stupid Away”, by Royal Bliss. I felt it best described what he was trying to do when we see him later in the story (sorry, trying not to give a spoiler) and,
“Time Machine”, by Black Sabbath. Although living in the present, I think he’s affected by his action/inaction of the past. It’s just meant as some friendly advice. I don’t know maybe I’m wrong, I gotta watch it again.

One last suggestion would be for the Suicide Squad, I just don’t know if I can suggest it
“You Can’t Bring Me Down”, by Suicidal Tendencies. Warning: EXPLICIT LYRICS.

Anyway MissInkBlot, edit as needed and keep getting better.

Thank you


The song that comes to mind that I think really evokes the spirit of the movie is “The Dead Flag Blues” by Godspeed You Black Emperor. It conveys the surreal horror and tragedy of a world dying in front of you, but in the end offers some beauty and hope for what can be after it ends.


Well hello there MissInkBlot! Hope that you are continuing to be well. :wave: :sunglasses:

Ah, yes, the Apokolips War… Oh boy with all that happened… :open_mouth:

Finally had an opportunity last night to take it all in so apologies in being a little later this week. :sweat_smile:

So to start off my list for this week I have to dive back into tunes from Breaking Benjamin again. :grin:

So to start, after watching I thought of this tune. Mr. Benjamin’s emoting during the later of it sure conveys what it was like when all of our heroes were falling. :scream: :cry:

The next one I would pick would be AC/DC’s Have a Drink on Me.

It described Mr. John Constantine and Etrigan for a little while. :woozy_face: :sweat_smile:

After that, I thought of this tune…

I thought of it in describing Superman’s journey and his hope to make things right after their first unsuccessful attempt at stopping Darkseid. :grimacing:

Next, this tune also came to mind.

Especially when Lois was talking to Superman when he was infused with Trigon fighting Darkseid as the Paradoom’s did what they did… As well as when it was revealed that Zatanna actually saved Constantine as a back up plan put into motion by Batman. :sob:

And to finish off this week’s list, this tune came to mind once more from BB. :sunglasses:

It does sound hopeful for the future with the heart beat of Mr. Benjamin’s son and also just learned his wife also sang with him during the vocal parts of the song. :smiley: Also, to symbolize the going into the light Flash did with the hope this second Flashpoint would make.


I’m a Peaky blinders fan and this is a perfect match for the thread. Well done!