🎶 Mixtape Monday: Harley Quinn Relationship Tunes 🎶

Good Mixtape Monday Morning, all!

What a week, and what a playlist to match! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Experts that you are, you gave us everything we needed to make this year’s Father’s Day one to remember! Each of your songs showcase how important the Dads in our DC and real lives, alike, are, and were the perfect accompaniment for the holiday. We hope you had a wonderful day with your families, and want to thank you for the fantastic playlist compiled, as shown below:

“Seein’ My Father In Me,” by Paul Overstreet
“Just the Two of Us,” by Will Smith
“Do It Again," by Steely Dan
“Beautiful Day,” by U2
“Oh! My PaPa,” by Eddie Fisher
“Everything I Own,” by Bread
“Father and Son,” by Cat Stevens
“Daddy,” by Sammy Kaye and His Orchestra
“My Son Calls Another Man Daddy,” by Hank Williams
“Tear In My Beer,” by Hank Williams, Sr and Jr.
“The Best Day,” by George Strait
“Can You Hear Me When I Talk To You?” by Ashley Gearing
“Daddy (I Found You),” by Will Ferrell (from Elf)
“It’ll Get You Where You’re Goin’,” by Joey+Rory
“A Boy Named Sue,” by Johnny Cash
“Suddenly,” by Hugh Jackman (from Les Misérables)
“You Two,” by Robert B. Sherman and Richard M. Sherman (from Chitty, Chitty, Bang Bang)
“Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again,” by Sierra Boggess (from The Phantom of the Opera)
“El Dorado,” by George Alexander (from El Dorado)
“My Father’s Eyes,” by Amy Grant
“My Old Man,” by Ian Dury and the Blockheads
“Valley Girl,” by Frank and Moon Unit Zappa
“My Heart Belongs To Daddy,” by Marilyn Monroe
“Cherry Bomb,” by The Runaways
“Running From Your Dad,” by Bowling For Soup
“Too Much Too Young,” by The Specials
“We’re a Happy Family,” by The Ramones
“Hell is for Children,” by Pat Benatar
“Live & Let Die,” by Paul McCartney & Wings
“Fade Away and Radiate,” by Blondie
“Social Disease,” by Elton John
“People Are People,” by Depeche Mode
“New Math,” by Tom Lehrer
“Whiskey In The Jar,” by Metallica
“Graceland,” by Paul Simon
“Just Breathe,” by Willie and Lukas Nelson
“Forever Young,” by Bob Dylan & The Band
“Box of Rain,” by Grateful Dead
“Cats in the Cradle,” by Harry Chapin
“I’ve Gotta Be Me,” by Sammy Davis, Jr.
“Let it Be,” by The Beatles (Pickin on Series Cover)
“Little Star,” by Madonna
“If I Can Dream,” by Elvis
“(What a) Wonderful World,” by Sam Cooke
“Valerie ('68 Version),” by Amy Winehouse
"Come on, Let’s Go!* by Ritchie Valens
“Green River,” by Creedence Clearwater Revival
“Daddy’s Hands,” by Holly Dunn
“My Little Girl,” by Tim McGraw
“Not All Heroes Wear Capes,” by Owl City
“Song For My Father,” by Sarah McLachlan
“The Living Years,” by Mike & The Mechanics

Character-Specific - Minimizing for Space

DC Character-Specific (and Related):
NOTE: If you think these should be categorized differently, let me know! :slight_smile:

Animal Man
“My Girls,” by Animal Collective
“Remember When,” by Bad Wolves
“Welcome Home,” by HELLYEAH

Black Lightning
“I Am Electric,” by Heaven’s Basement

“Serve the Servants,” by Nirvana

Cassandra Cain
“Breaking Down,” by I Prevail

Connor Hawke
“Say It Ain’t So,” by Weezer

Hal Jordan
“Welcome to the Black Parade,” by My Chemical Romance

“The In-Between,” by In This Moment

“Forever Young,” by Bob Dylan
“Other Worlds Than These,” by Starset
“Simple Man,” by Shinedown

The Bat Family (Collectively)
“Mama Said Knock You Out,” by Five Finger Death Punch
“The Unforgiven,” by Metallica
*The Kill," by Thirty Seconds to Mars

The Flash
“Unsteady,” by X Ambassadors

The Kents (Collectively)
“Small Town Southern Man,” by Alan Jackson
“Livin’ On Love,” by Alan Jackson
“Drive (for Daddy Gene),” by Alan Jackson
“You Can Always Come Home,” by Alan Jackson
“Summertime Blues,” by Alan Jackson

The Wilson Family
“I Hate Everything About You,” by Three Days Grace

Villains (Who’ve Been Captured) - Songs for their Children
“Bankrobber,” by The Clash
“Race With The Devil,” by Gene Vincent
“I Fought The Law,” by The Clash

This Week’s Theme:
Harley Quinn Relationship Tunes

Ah… Season 2, we hardly knew thee! :sob: Ugh, we know… we’re as bummed out as you are about Harley Quinn coming to an end as you are, but, to alleviate our collective pain, we’re inviting you to partake in the welcome distraction of another Mixtape Monday, now focused on a topic we’ve noticed a growing interest in here on the forums - the show’s assortment of relationships!

Do you have a favorite set of characters you’d love to see together, or adore the relationship dynamics between a set of friends or family members on the show? Share a song celebrating the connection of your choice below!

While lyrics must abide to Forum Guidelines, the songs can be anything, of any genre, as long as it meets each week’s theme!

:headphones: Curious what Mixtape Monday is? :headphones:
Every week, we’ll post the title of our latest Mixtape, and you post a track of your choice in the comments below! We’ll follow up next Mixtape Monday with the full list of tunes collected from the week before. And if our “What’s the Last Song You Heard?” thread is any indication, you all have superb taste in tunes!


The Queen of Fables is my favorite character from the series, so, imagining a pairing for her is… interesting. :stuck_out_tongue: Because I like that she’s a “real bad guy” versus, as she’d feel, a fake one, and seems to have a go big or go home mentality, while I don’t have a specific character in mind, I think she’d need someone who’s something of a Bonnie & Clyde match - someone also lacking in both a “line” and cares left to give. Someone who’d be there for her through thick and thin… very much the ride or die type who recognizes how special she is. :thinking: I like this as a choice for them, and feel the lyrics explain how they’d feel toward each other:

“My Beloved Monster,” by Eels

Ne-Yo’s, “Beautiful Monster,” too, methinks:

And because I’ve become a chronic show binger who often watches seasons after they end (no worries about spoilers, I do watch some of the episodes before the finale, so those don’t bother me), noting this choice is based on Season 1’s bit where Ivy was embarrassed to be around Kite Man. Doesn’t completely fit for the two, no, but, considering the title, I’d still probably choose this for the poor guy’s reaction upon putting 2+2 together (that had to have been a blow to his ego, lol). Also because I love the song and wanted to hear it again. :eyes:

“Self-Esteem,” by The Offspring


Disclaimer. I have not seen the show yet. Besides that “Release the Snyder Cut” gag. (I know, I’ve heard great things about it, I’m sorry!!!) But I could probably go off of the comics?

“Chemical”, by The Devil Wears Prada

Despite my sharing of the Zombie EP two weeks back, this is a pretty mellow song. This could be good for a Joker/Harley relationship. I kind of got the thought for this from the scene in the “2016 Task Force X” movie, at the ACE Chemicals plant.
“Every Rose Has Its Thorn”, by Poison

Well this probably points to a Harley/Ivy relationship. Especially with the plant AND Poison (heh heh) references. But from some of the comments I’ve seen, maybe this might be Kite-Man/Ivy? Since it seems to be more of a sad, bittersweet, or breakup song?

I was so happy to see Harley and Ivy happen. It might have taken forever, almost like we had to sit in a Toronto airport on the longest layover ever.
Rush - YYZ

We were teased in the middle of this season, almost as if Pam’s lips were poison.
Alice Cooper - Poison

The next time something happened it was like Harley was trying to get a kiss from a rose.
Seal - Kiss From A Rose

Then the relationship became more of a “less we said about it, the better” type of relationship.Even though Harley knew that she was home and that is where she wanted to be.
Talking Heads - This Must Be the Place

For my favorite DC couple:
Porcelan - Lois Lane

There were complications though. Mainly, Superman was too busy saving the world from Solomon Grundy.

Happily, they finally married. I like to think that Clark’s vows were something like this. Especially the part where he says, “Strange you never knew” as she was in love with Superman before she was in love with Clark.


Let us follow Harley’s emotional journey of relationships.
(This could be a much longer list, but I thought 21 songs was a good stopping point. EDIT: it’s now 22, because one of Harley’s epiphany moments is when Joker pushes her out the helicopter again. It’s a deep psychological moment and deserved it’s own song.)

Harley With The Joker

Anything, Anything - Dramarama

Pleasure and Pain - The Divinyls

Harley Breaking Away From the Joker

Poison Arrow - ABC

4 ever 2 gether - ABC

Love Me Madly - Human League

What Harley Hears The Second Time Joker Pushes Her Out OfA Helicopter, Knowing That She Blew Off Her Appointment With Pam

I Saw The Sign - Ace of Base

Finally Over The Joker

No Guilt - The Waitresses

Harley and Ivy on Themyscara

Thoughts Of Being Together

Let’s Spend The Night Together - David Bowie

Be My Lover Now - Philip Oakley and Giorgio Moroder

Action Of Those Nights

Physical - Adam and The Ants

Strip - Adam Ant

Harley’s Dreams Those Night

Mister Sun and Mr Moon - Human League

I’m Shakin - The Blasters

The Morning After

Love In The First Degree - Bananarama

Our Lips Are Sealed - The Go-Go’s

Harley’s Thoughts On the Way Home From Themyscara

Pleasure Victim - Berlin

In Denial About Ivy

All That She Wants - Ace of Base

The Remembrance Of Ivy

Libertine - Adam Ant

I Touch Myself - The Divinyls

Didn’t We Meet - Alice Cooper

Coming to Acceptance Of Her Feeling for Ivy

(I Am Always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear - Blondie

Harley and Ivy Both Accept The Truth

Love Is All That Matters - Human League


:clap:t3: Yay! Happy you went for it @MissInkBlot! :star_struck: The combinations on this show are nearly ENDLESS! (For reals, you opened a big ol’ can of worms for me lol)
Don’t have time right now— I’ll be back, tho!! :dancer:t2:


Well since we are going all gay, I’d love to see buff Riddler and thespian Clayface hook up for some extra weird relationship stuff.


Harley (Fishbone - When Problems Arise)

Ivy (Echo & The Bunnymen - Lips Like Sugar)

Harley & Ivy (Al Green - I’m Glad You’re Mine)

Kite-Man with Ivy (Prince - Forever In My Life, Sign ‘O’ The Times LIVE version)

Kite-Man without Ivy (Jimmy Ruffin - What Becomes of the Brokenhearted + The Chi-Lites - Have You Seen Her)

Commissioner Gordon & Clayface’s Hand (The Beatles - There’s A Place)

The Joker before Bethany (The B-52s - Private Idaho)

The Joker after Bethany (A Tribe Called Quest - Bonita Applebum)


I have a feeling Harley would be a big Scandal/Patti Smyth fan, and would probably have this song playing in her head as she declared her independence from Joker:


Commissioner Gordon and Clayface’s Hand? I never would have thought of that! Way to go, my friend!


Gordo & Clayfaces Hand! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!! :fist:t3: Excellent @xLOVEandDoomPatrolx :tada:
I have a Joker/Bethany tune in mind too! :laughing: And King/Tabitha.


Ooo King and Tabitha! That’s a good one @Razzzcat !! Looking forward to what you come up with.

This topic could be infinite . . . back to the record collection.


Thanks! And cool call on Patti Smyth and Scandal.


Harley Quinn tunes you say @MissInkBlot? :thinking:

Well, looks like it’s a good thing I always have my music on shuffle as I have gotten quite a few ideas now. :sweat_smile:

First I’ll take a look back at some of the tunes I had in mind a little while back for Harley and Joker…

Next, I’ll take a dive into the Ivy and Kite Man relationship… This first song is what I thought upon the first interactions between the two.

This next one follows their relationship for a little while, especially when Kite Man and Ivy were “floating on air.”

This next one I’m thinking could be used for both Kite Man and Ivy and then later on Harley and Ivy. Also, thinking about it, it might also work for Joker thanking Harley for “delivering” Batman to him at the end of season 1. :sweat_smile:

This last one I think is a good fit for a certain “moment” that happened between Harley and Ivy in season 2 that sent the threads on fire. :sweat_smile:
(My friend in college had one day played this song while we worked. Also works really well for my cardio workouts, and I have to say listening to the Swedish version for so long, the English version is a bit weird :sweat_smile:)


this is too endless @MissInkBlot. great choice.

Selina Kyle & Catwoman & Selina Kyle (Sade - Smooth Operator)

Ivy & Kite-Man as close friends (Electric Youth- Through the Same Eyes)

King Shark and Tabitha pt. 1 ( Hall & Oats - I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do) )


Here’s my four picks.
The first is based on Harley seeing Joker with Punchline

Harley wants to come back to Joker but found new love,

Harley finally say bye to Joker!

Harley and Joker

First time giving this a go!!

Harley - Ivy
Hmmm I’d have to say from Ivys perspective :eyes:
Accidentally in love - Counting Crows

What Harley just wants to hear :pleading_face:
I love you always and forever -Betty Who


Okay, full transparency, I haven’t kept up with Harley Quinn. I watched the first three or four episodes of Season 1 and fell out of it (please don’t block me). That being said, I’ll give it a shot anyway:

I do remember Kite-Man throwing himself at Ivy even though she is waaaaaaaay out of his league. I did feel for the poor dope. I know what it’s like to be that guy. Here’s my favorite song about being that guy:

I don’t need to watch too much of the show to know that The Joker is toxic for Harley. He’s the worst. He gaslights her, shifts blame, and just takes and takes… like a vampire. Here’s a song about vampires and leaving a toxic relationship:

Harley and Ivy are a thing now… right? If so, good for them. It’s about time. Here’s a song about being in love from my very favorite band:


@bribriibri Nice picks!
Got any ideas for Chad & Clayface? :laughing: