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Hello again, DC Family!

Talk about knowing how to make the heart go pitter patter! Last week’s Harley Quinn playlist was one for the lovey dovey record books, and we thank all of you for doing so wonderful a job coming up with a little something for everyone, and every type relationship on the show! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Don’t forget to click the arrow to see the fruits of your labor! :point_down:

**Bane (+ The Pit :stuck_out_tongue:) *
“'Till I Get There,” by Lupe Fiasco

“TKO,” by Le Tigre

“Smooth Operator,” by Sade

Harley Quinn
“Kiss From A Rose,” by Seal
“When Problems Arise,” by Fishbone
“Goodbye To You,” by Scandal
“Mr. Brightside,” by The Killers
“The Beautiful Ones,” by Prince
“Head On,” by Man Man
“Love Stained,” by TV On The Radio
“Never My Love,” by Tashaki Miyaki

“Woman,” by Karen O & Danger Mouse

“Self-Esteem,” by The Offspring
“What Becomes of the Brokenhearted,” by Jimmy Ruffin
“Have You Seen Her,” by The Chi-Lites
“Blindfolded,” by Saves The Day
“Time For Me To Fly,” by REO Speedwagon

The Joker
“Private Idaho,” by The B-52s

The Queen of Fables
“My Beloved Monster,” by Eels
“Beautiful Monster,” by Ne-Yo

Poison Ivy
“Poison,” by Alice Cooper
“Lips Like Sugar,” by Echo & The Bunnymen
“Wicked Game,” by Giant Drag
“Bizarre Love Triangle,” by New Order

“Superman’s Song,” by Crash Test Dummies

The Riddler
“Believe It Or Not,” by Joey Scarbury (from Greatest American Hero)
“I’m Too Sexy,” by Right Said Fred

“YYZ” by Rush
“Sweet but Psycho,” by Ava Max
“Psycho Circus,” by Kiss
“Crazy Love,” by PACO
“Obsession,” by Siouxsie and the Banshees
“Who’s That Girl,” by Eurythmics
“A Change Would Do You Good,” by Sheryl Crow
“Crazy On You,” by Heart
“You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me,” by Dusty Springfield
“F You,” by Lily Allen
“Best Friend,” by Rex Orange County
“My Demons,” by Starset
“Let It Burn,” by Red
“Without You,” by Breaking Benjamin
“Wake Up,” by Three Days Grace
“Broken,” by Seether
“Bring Me To Life,” by Evanescence
“Damn I Wish I Was your Lover,” by Sophie B. Hawkins
“There Goes The Neighborhood,” by Sheryl Crow

PAIRINGS/COUPLES Below - Shortening for Space + Possible Spoilers!

PAIRINGS/COUPLES (Familial, Platonic, Romantic, etc):

Batgirl/Commissioner Gordon
“Ride,” by Twenty One Pilots

“(You Drive Me) Crazy,” by Britney Spears
“Only Girl (In The World)” by Rihanna
“I’ll Be Your Man,” by The Black Keys

Commissioner Gordon/Batman
“Never Take Friendship Personalm” by Anberlin
“Right Here Waiting,” by Richard Marx

Commissioner Gordon/Batwing
“Take My Breath Away,” by Berlin

Commissioner Gordon/Clayface’s Hand
“There’s A Place,” by The Beatles

Harley Quinn/The Joker
“Chemical,” by The Devil Wears Prada
“Anything, Anything,” by Dramarama
“Pleasure and Pain,” by The Divinyls
“Poison Arrow,” by ABC
“4 ever 2 gether,” by ABC
“Love Me Madly,” by Human League
“I Saw The Sign,” by Ace of Base
“No Guilt,” by The Waitresses
“Cheater, Cheater,” by Joey + Rory (+ Joker/Punchline)
“I Told You So,” by Randy Travis
“You’re Just in Time to Be Too Late,” by Hand Williams, Sr.
“All Time High,” by Rita Coolidge
“Vampyro,” by Torche
“I’m a Mess,” by Bebe Rexha
“Crazy,” by Patsy Cline
“For Your Eyes Only (Main Title),” by Sheena Easton (from For Your Eyes Only)
“If You Asked Me To,” by Celine Dion
“How Do I Live,” by LeAnn Rimes
“You’re Still The One,” by Shania Twain
“Face Down,” by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
“I Hate Everything About You,” by Three Days Grace
“L.O.V.E.,” by Frank Sinatra
“These Walls,” by Trapt
“Forbidden Fruit,” by Hallway Swimmers

Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy
“Every Rose Has Its Thorn,” by Poison
“This Must Be The Place,” by Talking Heads
“Let’s Spend The Night Together,” David Bowie
“Be My Lover Now,” by Philip Oakley and Giorgio Moroder
“Physical,” by Adam and The Ants
“Strip,” by Adam Ant
“Mister Sun and Mr Moon,” by Human League
“I’m Shakin,” by The Blasters
“Love In The First Degree,” by Bananarama
“Our Lips Are Sealed,” by The Go-Go’s
“Pleasure Victim,” by Berlin
“All That She Wants,” by Ace of Base
“Libertine,” by Adam Ant
“I Touch Myself,” by The Divinyls
“Didn’t We Meet,” by Alice Cooper
“(I Am Always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear,” by Blondie
“Love Is All That Matters,” by Human League
“I’m Glad You’re Mine,” by Al Green
“Carameldansen,” by Caramella Girls
“Accidentally In Love,” by Counting Crows
“I Love You Always Forever,” by Betty Who
“Sometimes,” by My Bloody Valentine
“Do It With a Rockstar,” by Amanda Palmer
“Beautiful,” by Goldfrapp
“I Feel You,” by Depeche Mode
“I Can Make You Feel Young Again,” by Copeland
“You + I,” by Nostalghia
“Burn With Me,” by Amaranthe
“Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now,” by Starship
“Husavik,” by Molly Sandén
“Misery Business,” by Paramore
“Bella’s Lullaby,” by Brussels Philharmonic & Carter Burwell (from Twilight)

Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy/Kite-Man
“Sweet But Psycho,” by Ava Max

King Shark/Tabitha
“I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do),” by Hall & Oates
“Keep On Knocking,” by Death

Mr. Freeze/Nora
“Again,” by Lenny Kravitz
“Together We Will Live Forever,” by Clint Mansell (from The Fountain)
“Stay With Me,” by Clint Mansell (feat. Kronos Quartet; from The Fountain)

Poison Ivy/Frank
“Cissy Strut,” by The Meters

Poison Ivy/Kite-Man
“Every Rose Has Its Thorn,” by Poison
“Forever In My Life,” by Prince (Sign ‘O’ The Times LIVE version)
“Hey Baby (Drop It To the Floor),” by Pitbull
“Believe It Or Not,” by Joey Scarbury (from Greatest American Hero)
“You Make My Dreams (Come True),” by Hall & Oates
“Through the Same Eyes,” by Electric Youth
“Doin’ It Right,” by Daft Punk (feat. Panda Bear)
“Girlfriend,” by Ty Segall
“YOU,” by Off Road Minivan
“Crying, Waiting, Hoping,” by Buddy Holly

Psycho/Harley Quinn
“Psycho,” by Breaking Benjamin
“Black Honey,” by Thrice

Superman/Lois Lane
“Lois Lane,” by Porcelan
“Fade Into You (Mazzy Star),” by J Mascis and Fred Armisen

The Crew
“Flipside,” by The Breeders

The Joker/Bethany
“Bonita Applebum,” by A Tribe Called Quest
“Mambo Del Amor,” by Pérez Prado

Wonder Woman/Batman/Superman (when induced by Ivy’s pheromones)
“Tell Me Something Good,” by Rufus and Chaka Khan
“Too Funky,” by George Michael

This Week’s Theme:
Happy Fourth of July!

The Fourth of July’s upon us this week, and we think it’s time for a list of tunes to set the tone for the holiday and/or season! What stands out most for you when you think of the summertime? Is it the warm weather, sitting together with friends on the porch swing, the smell of barbecue, or the sound of friends and family spending time together?

If you know of a song representing the dog days of summer for you, share it below! :sun_with_face:

While lyrics must abide to Forum Guidelines, the songs can be anything, of any genre, as long as it meets each week’s theme!

:headphones: Curious what Mixtape Monday is? :headphones:
Every week, we’ll post the title of our latest Mixtape, and you post a track of your choice in the comments below! We’ll follow up next Mixtape Monday with the full list of tunes collected from the week before. And if our “What’s the Last Song You Heard?” thread is any indication, you all have superb taste in tunes!


“Fireflies,” by Owl City - Oh, how I love fireflies… when they would show up in the woods behind our house, I’d become a giddy little girl, hopping up and down with eyes wide, pointing them out. Some of my best Summer memories feature them. :heart:


Summer feels too much like a childhood thing to me these days.

It is memories of something that you can only haphazardly try to fumble after as an adult. It is the feeling of something that seemed to last forever where you could watch morning cartoons, play with action figures, have water fights, go fish, go out on the lake in a rubber boat, swim, pick berries, toast marshmallows, stay up too late, and then tomorrow do even more. I was shorter, closer to the grass and flowers, the senses were stronger, scents were everywhere that I can barely feel if my dip my nose into them now.

Now it is just a small breather between work and more work where you feel like you don’t have the time to do anything before it’s over.

I’m going with The Mo’s Nostalgia Locomotive.


Here’s a nice, sentimental song that captures an easy going side of the season. Chad and Jeremy with A Summer Song:

And let’s not forget their DC Universe connection: They guest starred on an episode of Batman!


“Summertime”, by Mae

“Summer Wind”, by Frank Sinatra

These first two should be somewhat obvious of the “summer theme”. :stuck_out_tongue:

“The Rock Show”, by blink-182

Going with the summer memories angle, I’ve had some fun times and experiences at summer concerts like Warped Tour (which is mentioned in this song), Mayhem and Uproar Festivals.
Although, being in Arizona, it’s hard with the sun/heat, so you’re trying to keep from getting sunburnt and/or dehydrated :hot_face:.
But I got to spend time with friends, meet some of the bands, and hearing music live is a different experience, I love it. And we’d close out the day with In-N-Out. :hamburger: :fries:


Okay, a lot of these will be cliche, but it’s summer! A time for fun upbeat songs that in some cases are a little subversive.

The Loving Spoonful - Summer in the City

Billy Idol - Hot in the City

ELO - Mr. Blue Sky

The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon

The Kinks - Holiday (Live)

Mungo Jerry - In the Summertime

The Monkees - Sunny Girlfriend

Burning Sensations - Belly of the Whale


Ooh! I love Sade! This song is perfect for Catwoman! My favorite by Sade (great for Harlivy :wink::purple_heart:) https://youtu.be/C8QJmI_V3j4


Got another Kesha song to add to the mix!


:us:Happy 4th of July everybody, hope you all have a great week, and here’s my pick for 4th of July music!:us_outlying_islands:


I just had to highlight this song by Jerry Keller, Here Comes Summer from 1959:

And, just to make things REALLY interesting, here’s the very same song (in German!) by Ralf Paulsen (love the sound of that organ!):


A Happy 4th of July to all as well. :us: :fireworks:

Looks like I might have a more, well, figurative picks with these first few songs @MissInkBlot. :sweat_smile:

First up, I have this song for the red, by the band Red.

Next, I have this song the for the white stripes, which is also by The White stripes.

Then, for our blue, I would have to pick none other than ELO’s Mr. Blue Sky.

To bring it all together for our red, white, and blue it would have to be this song to keep things rocking. :sunglasses:


Summer Madness by Kool and the Gang (it’s an instrumental song) and
Summer by War

Just a couple of super mellow songs you can nap to. Thanks.

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Oh, on more of a summertime note, I would pick these. :smile: :sweat: :cloud_with_rain:


Summer time is a good time for emo. I love summer, but I always have a sense of longing during summer. Like I should be making the most of it, but it always falls short of expectations. Here’s to everything I’ll do this summer, everything I won’t, and all the people I used to listen to this song with who I no longer talk to anymore:

I also get really nostalgic during summer. Even though “a little voice inside my head said don’t look back, you can never look back. Those days are gone forever. I should just let 'em go but-”

These days, if I had the choice to do anything during the summer, I would hang out with Lee “Scratch” Perry and just watch him make dub records.

I lived in South Korea for about five years. I’m not into KPop much. But… I had a lot of good summers in Korea. This song makes me think of them… like the good times haunting me.

Sometimes, I worry that all remaining summers will be summers in Abaddon.


I went looking in my shoebox filled with ticket stubs for concerts I have attended in the summer. My selections will be from the tour if I cannot find a video of the concert I was at.

Viola Lee Blues - The Dead 7/23/04
I saw The Dead in Charlotte on 8/18/04 and Atlanta 8/19/04.

Kung - Phish - 7/25/03 - Charlotte
I was at this concert. I haven’t looked at song stats in a long time but later that night they played the longest version of Harry Hood. Instead of sharing that song I figured it would be more fun to stage a run away golf cart marathon. From experience you can fit about 9 adults on a golf cart going at a pretty fast speed. Kids, don’t try that at home. Oh yeah, I was also in Atlanta on 7/26/03 and my friend broke the drivers seat in my other friend’s car on the way home. I have no idea how that happened.

Forever - The Malah - 9/12/09
The Malah were a local band where I used to live. I saw them way too many times to count in various locations. I was not at the performance but the audio quality was good enough to be included.

Whipping Post - Allman Brothers Band - 8/10/03
I saw Allman Brothers Band on 8/24/02. This selection is from the same venue a year later. I think Galactic opened for ABB when I saw them. A highlight was giggling at nothing as I got my ticket stub signed by Warren Haynes in the parking lot. My friend had a beer can signed by him. A little backstory, I woke up and we decided it would be a great idea to drive to Raleigh, NC. It was a 6 hour drive and we only had enough money for gas, tickets, and Little Debbie snacks. Sometimes you do things when you are younger that you wouldn’t do when you are older. This journey was filled with that vibe.

Ripple - Phil Lesh & Friends - 7/11/08
I saw Phil and Friends on 6/12/08 in Columbus, OH. I was living in South Carolina at the time. The rest of my family was living throughout Ohio. I might have scheduled a summer vacation to spend time with family around this concert. I was able to talk my sister into going to this concert with me! The great Levon Helm opened for Phil that night. Then the worst thunder storm I have ever seen popped up out of nowhere. They shuffled everyone into the bars surrounding the venue and drinking picked up from where we stopped in the parking lot.

A sampling of concert tickets that I have accumulated over many summers.


I have only now just realized why your screen name is darkstarz… I’m embarrassed that I didn’t make the connection sooner.


It was between Darkstarz or Dogstarz. Both are references to Grateful Dead. “Have you seen the dog star?” was sung by Bob Weir in Lost Sailor and sometimes he would change it to Dark Star.


A short list this week, but songs that are very personal to me. So some context and history. (Probably to much, but that’s the way it goes.)
For 45+ years my summer has always had one constant. Le Tour Fe France.

Having to watch 5 hours of the CBS Sports Spectacular (pre vcr-days) for the 12 minutes of coverage we got. Seeing Eddy (The Cannibal) Merckx win his 5th tour. Joop Zoetemelk finally get a win, after so many second places. The battles of Bernard Hinault, Greg LeMond to be the first (and still only American to win the tour). Seeing Marco (Il pirata, aka The Pirate) Pantani scale Alpe do Huez, the 13.8 km (8.6 mi), with an average gradient of 8.1%, maximum gradient of 13% with its 21 switchbacks, and simply crushing it. Then through all the doping scandals, to responding in 2000 to somebody with “Of course Armstrong (on his way to “winning” his second tour) is doping. You can’t preform like that day after day for 3 weeks if you aren’t doping. To winning a bet with a French colleague about who was the last Frenchman to win the tour (Bernard Hinault in 1985).

Le Tour has been what has defined my summer since 1974. Sadly, this year it won’t. Members of my family have been born and died, friends have come and gone. Serious, multi-year relationships have fallen by the wayside. Jobs, college, and even cancer have never stopped me from consuming every minute I could get of my beloved event. To think that it finally gets taken out by a microscopic virus. It is frustrating, infuriating and depressing. C’est le vie!!! So in remembrance of an old and dear friend what else can I start with but…

Les Marseilles (French National Anthem)

PreviewPreview1:41National Anthem: France - La Marseillaise (New Version)YouTube · Ian Berwick · Dec 3, 2016


What would America be like if it wasn’t for James Brown,and other artists of color that through sheer force of will and dedication to their craft, have brought people of all races together. To stand as one for the sheer musical enjoyment they brought.

Living in America - James Brown


I know I’ve recently used this song in a different playlist with a different context. The extraordinary versatility of some songs is that you can drop it in a completely different context, and it’s lyrics don’t change, but their meaning does. So for everybody who will be gathering this 4th…have your face masks at the ready and “Come join the masquerade”. (Let’s be safe out there.)

Masquerade - Berlin


If the 4th of July is about freedom, and those freedoms defined in the Constitution and the USSC doing their job as outlined in article 3 of the Constitution. One may not like or approve all of their decisions and some have ended up being in the wrong side of history. Such as Dred Scott v. Sandford in 1857. But, in the end, by and large, the USSC has the best track record of actually doing its job over the last couple of centuries. Certainly more fairly than the Legislative or Executive branches (hell, I’d argue the Legislative and Executive branches combined.)

As DC fans and DCU members, we are about consuming media (print, film and/or tv). As such, thru the ups and downs of comics, not just DC but others as well over the years. We all owe a debt of gratitude to those that have fought for free speech and freedom of expression. (For a top 10 list of “obscene” literary classics look here: Top 10 "Obscene" Literary Classics - Banned Books )

So on this day of independence, I will add my spoken voice to the opening of this song. (Cuz trust me, nobody wants to hear my “singing voice”. I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket.)

“I do have a cause though. It’s obscenity. I’m for it”

Smut - Tom Lehrer

3:15Tom Lehrer: SmutYouTube · Tom Lehrer - TopicDec 12, 2018

So as you venture out or stay in this 4th of July. Remember:
“All books can be indecent books,
Though recent books are bolder.
For filth I’m glad to say
Is in the eye of the beholder.
When correctly viewed
Everything is lewd.
I could tell you things
About Peter Pan
And The Wizard of Oz
There’s a dirty old man.”


Have a safe and sane 4th of July.


Hello @MissInkBlot!
I’m going to give you a break this week (because :canned_food:o’ :bug:). This is the first song I thought of, but first:
Once upon a time, a young razzzcat found this album in her parents collection, and became obsessed w/ it for several months. The end! This is one of the more cheerful tracks. Plz enjoy, and have a great Fourth.
:sunglasses: :sparkler: :beers: :purple_heart: