🎶 Mixtape Monday: Happy Father's Day! 🎶

Just gonna jump in with a couple of songs that always make me think about my Daddy!

Daddy’s Hands by Holly Dunn

My Little Girl by Tim McGraw

Not All Heroes Wear Capes - Owl City

Song For My Father - Sarah McLachlan

Living Years - Mike & The Mechanics


Cat’s Cradle sung by Cat Stevens
Because we become our parents


Welcome to DC Universe @rebecca221b.31882!:grinning:


Thanks! Lovely community here.


Greetings, everyone, I hope you and your families had a great Father’s Day today! :heart_eyes: Reaching out to let you know I’m almost done responding to everyone, so I’ll post the full post in the morning. In the meantime, I wanted to send a thank you from me (and my Dad, too, he quite enjoyed them!) for your excellent list of tunes shared! :slight_smile:


Happy Father’s Day to your Dad @MissInkBlot, hope he’s having a great day.:slightly_smiling_face:


Lots of intelligent people with outstanding taste in this community!


Annnnnd, we’re back! Sorry about that, had to rest my hands for a spell. :sleepy:

@LDFM - Your dad sounds a lot like mine - widely varying interests, and generally open to, yes, whatever comes next on the radio. :slight_smile: Have you come across any songs that he likes which surprise you? I’ve been surprised mine has a thing for emo-rock. :laughing: As for your songs, I love the way you covered two completely different feelings and time periods with your song choices. Steely Dan’s a fun way to get the party started, and U2’s perfect for the eventual cool down! :partying_face:

@LuciferComplex140.80394 - My goodness, you have such a peaceful set of songs this week! :slight_smile: Both powerful and emotionally enriching, they’re a perfect way to set the tone and give a lot of insight into how it sounds like you feel about the theme. There is longing there, and the sadness of inevitable separation, but also clear admiration expressed. Were they put there to represent your feelings toward your own Dad, or were they just a general homage to all things Dad-related?

@patterson65.37405 - Reaching back into time is always appreciated! :slight_smile: Songs like that, especially, make for a nice visit to the past, since they do a great job telling you a story while making you want to get up and dance, lol. I can’t help but laugh at all the requests Daisy Mae makes of, well, what seems to an interestingly named significant other as opposed to her actual dad :eyes: The singers describe her as lazy, but she’s certainly expending a good deal of energy listing her wants - from diamond rings to a brand new car and caviar, she wants the best of everything! :stuck_out_tongue:

@Lincolnfan78 - Corny is good, though, so if you think I’d turn that down, you’re plum out of luck. :stuck_out_tongue: Hank Williams adds a special touch to the list, especially when it comes to that duet (my goodness, you guys want to make me a weepy mess with these dad/child duets this week, don’t you? lol), Loved the way they interspersed his dad’s portion into it, making it a part of the video like they did! Totally wasn’t expecting that! :hushed:

It was quite the ride going from George Strait’s song to Ashley Gearing’s and the other songs - in those first two, for instance, you can hear their respective emotions with crystal clear clarity, and you can’t help but feel what they feel. I’ll even give Buddy’s voice points for being similar, though… those breathy “I love you’s” killed me! :stuck_out_tongue: Speaking of which, I’m glad you were able to add more songs, weaving together songs from popular movies in, too! El Dorado stood out as my fav (had to keep it away from my dad before Dad’s Day ended up being “The Day of Binged Westerns,” however. :stuck_out_tongue: It doesn’t take much to cause that to happen, lol).

@arkhamassassin - While the lyrics make that one an issue, that’s an absolutely beautiful song - you’re right, it does hit at the emotions strongly. I’ve listened to some of Kesha’s music but completely missed this one. She’s a bit like Lady Gaga in that her quieter songs end up being the most surprising for me; due to how in your face (thinking of “Blah, Blah, Blah”) or party-focused (thinking “Tik Tok”) some of their other music tends to be, it’s interesting to see the tender places and topics they go to when venturing into songs that are more self-reflecting in nature. It’s fantastic!

@RedShadow - Ohh, I love how you went through so many character relationships, and covered the spectrum when it comes to emotion! I must say, you represented them so well that explanations aren’t needed - just the song/its lyrics, and the names shared are enough to visualize and understand the choice. That in mind, I ended up loving them equally and had such a tough time choosing a favorite, but eventually settling a tiny bit more toward “Unsteady” because of the video. It, and singer’s voice convey so much emotion that by the end, you too, feel as unsteady as its title describes, and I love when that happens. Bad Wolves has been stuck in my head all week for a similar reason, too, though, and it’s also worth noting that the FFDP song is a serious adrenaline rush! It is so glorious in how it embraces the state of being aggressively awesome. :smiley: An unexpected list of songs (including your followup posts), but a good one!

@DeSade-acolyte - I get what you mean, 100%. Despite the best intentions, sometimes our parent/child relationships, as with things in general, don’t end up as rosy as, say, what we’re shown on tv, so interesting’s a good way to describe it. I like how Ian lists his dad’s assortment of traits… the good and the bad. It shows how much we, as children, not only remember, but paid attention to in real time growing up. How even the small things shape us. This feels particularly emphasized in your later songs, touching on accidental parenthood (or maybe regret that mounts over time?), the abuse and negligence some children endure, and the traits one, at times, must ignore in order to be able to continue loving the ones one already loves, and want to continue loving, despite how hard said relatives make it to.

You’re kind to share music for the children of villains who were caught, too! Thinking of said group, which, I imagine most don’t usually consider, is like watching a show/movie and focusing on the extras behind the “stars.” Sometimes it’s surprising to notice how much we miss going on in the background. What made you decide to share the more disturbing songs, by the way? In the end, I can’t stop laughing at “Valley Girl” (which, weird connection, reminds me of some fantastic skits from an old show named *Little Britain," lol), so I’m glad I’m glad you were able to end on a happy note, and am happy it was with another Tom Lehrer pick! :slight_smile:

@ajm08g - Aww, completely understand! I didn’t start out with an ear for Country, either, but it refused to be ignored and made a warm home for itself in my playlists (darn you, Rascal Flatts, Florida Georgia Line, et al! lol). Your explanations are fantastic, by the way! They take me through every episode of Smallville all over again, thinking of the coziness with which Clark and his family interacted with each other. Couldn’t have done a better job representing each aspect of their relationship you mentioned if I tried, and clearly, I’m going to have to set up a place for Alan Jackson next to the previously mentioned artists - makes my own fuss and holler calling out to playlist songs “Look alive, and make some room, guys! Looks like we have another artist who’s here to stay!” :wink:

@Zomaster - While I can definitely appreciate the gem that is Metallica, that song’s another unexpected one to add to the list. :hushed: I’ve sometimes listened to this song for other reasons, but would’ve never considered it for this week’s theme, so I’m intrigued! May I ask what it was that made you choose it, and if you might’ve had a character in mind?

@TheCosmicMoth - You know, the mentions of Animal Man this week really has me wanting to read up on him (Brainwave, too!). Considering what you shared about him, if you have any recommendations for where to start, please let me know. :slight_smile: “My Girls” is a delight to both listen to AND watch - so many stars, so many colors, so much going on, and such a good song to match! Kudos to all of you for finding songs that do such a great job epitomizing the Kents this week, also. I love “Forever Young,” and “Serve the Servants” gets you right in the feels when matched with your explanation. I can understand why you and your dad’s tastes intersect on the likes of “Graceland,” in the end - it shows that you two know good music when you hear it, even if you often differ on what said music each considers good should be called. :wink:

@D4RK5TARZ - Oh, wow, I can’t blame you if you get a little choked up when he sings that first line… that performance really makes the experience, doesn’t it? If the song wasn’t enough to make the eyes misty, the video accomplishes the task flawlessly! Interestingly, after watching that, I just realized how much the harmonica in it gets to me. Didn’t expect that, but the way it adds to the song makes it feel timeless and all the more heavy and emotional. Adding another good dose of “Forever Young,” and “Box of Rain,” put me in need of a box of tissues, so I hope you managed to compile these without needing one, too! :sob::heart:

@McEddard - Aw, I think we were too busy weeping to remember to add “Cats in the Cradle,” to be honest. :stuck_out_tongue: That’s why I’m grateful to have people like you in the community, though - you make sure the i gets its dot and the t gets crossed! I’m glad you added the song, as well, and that we had the chance to go through the touching story it shares. From childhood to college to retirement… the years pass so quickly. We end up busy, unable to chat with our parents, unable to visit with family for this reason or another, but in the end, the feelings remain, as does the plan to have a good time when the day we can talk and get back together. Love that song, thank you! :heart_eyes:

@Razzzcat - Cue the tears and the sniffles and the second Kleenex box! :stuck_out_tongue: Sammy AND a cover I already adore 10 seconds in (of a song my parents love, too)? Forget a one-two punch… we’ll just go straight to calling it a knock out! :heart: Though I must say, it’s an honor to be able to travel upon the clouds of music with you, going through your memories, since you mentioned how each song is so specific in being representative of particular ones. I love how wide-ranging the songs are in sound and genre, going from Madonna to Elvis, to Sam and Amy (both Sam and Amy’s voices make me want to tear up on their own… such a heart-wrenching pair of nostalgic gems). And to round it out, “Come On, Let’s Go” is such a fun one to pair with “Green River.” Despite how bittersweet many of the songs translate into being, your list soothes the soul in a special set of ways, for so many reasons. It takes you deep into the chest-aching feels, and pulls you like a hooked fish, right on up out of the river with the more upbeat songs. It made for a lovely trip! :slight_smile:

@Pretty.Poison.Bombshell - Oh, my, these are as lovely as the ones shared for Mother’s Day, for sure! Your transition from first person perspective of daughter to dad, before switching, is seamless - both are stunning in how they isolate the feelings fathers and daughters have for each other, from birth through those childhood years, and especially the adult and elderly years that give us the time and distance to look back on the earlier moments, realizing how reciprocal our feelings often are, from pride to awe. :heart: You already know how much I like Owl City, so I can’t be happier having that song added. :smiley: And Sarah always bowls me over with how ethereal her voice is. No matter the song or the topic, she has that gift of making it feel otherworldly; listening always ends up being a multi-dimensional experience. I’ve never heard “Living Years” before, but it is amazing! That choir really stands out… :hushed: I love it!

@rebecca221b.31882 - Agreed, we do, don’t we? And it always happens when we least expect it, too! Then one day, we look up, realize we’ve been using the same favorite phrases our parents have, or have the same perspective on certain topics that they do, and the transformation’s complete. :stuck_out_tongue: Welcome to the community, and thank you for sharing your song choice! :slight_smile: It really is true that with DC Family members like you and @McEddard around, we don’t have to worry about there being any holes in our playlists - as they say, teamwork makes the dream work! :heart:

Thank you! I suppose I can say: as much as he can, considering he had to endure me bugging him all day. :wink: :laughing:

I concur! All of you blow me away with your thoughts, perspectives, musical expertise, and obvious careful consideration of each week’s theme, so I’m thankful for how you spoil us each week. You make the ears and the heart happy! :headphones: :heart:


Have you come across any songs that he likes which surprise you? I’ve been surprised mine has a thing for emo-rock.

Umm… not necessarily. It seems he does tend to stick to classic rock, maybe some 80’s/90’s pop. Although, a few months back, he asked me for some goth music (he does some music challenge in a Facebook group and “goth” was the theme that day), I introduced him to Lacuna Coil and he seemed to like that.
And no way! That’s pretty cool your dad likes emo-rock! I’m kind of jealous :rofl:

I think it’s easy to overlook some of the more disturbing elements that arise. To gloss over them. To excuse them. To idealize someone. However, it’s important to see, be it in real-time or in looking back, what the raw, unfiltered truth is. Those that we are subjected to as kids mold our own vision. Sometimes it’s “that’s what I want to aspire to.” Sometimes it’s “I may not know yet exactly who I am or what I want to be as a person, but it sure as f*** ain’t that.” Even to see the unfiltered reality is one thing. To embrace the truth of it is another, and far more difficult. In the end, for me, that raw truth is important.

I know I am not alone in having parent(s) that were less than ideal, shall we say. If my experience and perspective can help someone else find the courage to look at the raw, unfiltered truth of what they went through. It’s worth it and maybe, just maybe, it is a stepping stone to help them process their trauma.

I will admit, I wouldn’t wish my childhood on anyone. I can’t deny it and living through it made me the person I am today. And I’m ok with the person I am today.

So that’s why I felt it necessary to include the more disturbing stuff as well.

P.S. The go to choice for a father/daughter duet would have be “Unforgettable” by Natalie Cole & Nat King Cole. However, Valley Girl is just so much more fun and slightly twisted. So you know which one I’m gonna pick. :rofl:


When it comes to Animal Man, the best place to start would be Grant Morrison’s run. Grant wrote issues #1-26 of the 1988 volume of Animal Man, and it is just… wonderful. It’s beautiful, even. Unfortunately, I could not find this volume of Animal Man on DC Universe (which is a real drag).

That being said, the New 52 volume of Animal Man is on DC Universe and it’s also pretty good. Not as good as Grant’s, but it would be a fine place to start.

For Brain Wave Jr.'s quest to redeem his family from the sin’s of his father, check out Infinity Inc. That book is really relevant to the Stargirl show right now.

Thanks, as always, for your comments! I’ll be moving on to this week’s Mixtape.

Glad you liked my list, I often hear my tastes are…unique.

Love to talk to you more, but I got this week’s topic to catch. See you on the other side!!!