🎶 Mixtape Monday: Gen13 🎶

Welcome back to Mixtape Monday! Last week’s playlist was a great one for one of the greatest Green Lanterns, John Stewart:

John Stewart Playlist
  • “Marines’ Hymn”, by Jacques Offenbach
  • “Entrapment”, by Groove Addicts
  • “In Brightest Day”, by Gary Mitchell
  • “Rooster”, by Alice In Chains
  • “Stare at the Sun”, by Blaze Bayley
  • “Theme Song”, from G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
  • “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American)”, by Toby Keith
  • “Count On Me”, by Bruno Mars
  • “Lean On Me”, by Bill Withers
  • “Sunshine Superman”, by Donovan
  • “To Sir With Love”, by Lulu
  • “Theme Song”, from Justice League Unlimited
  • “Fight the Good Fight”, by Triumph
  • “Never Surrender”, by Triumph
  • “Evening Colors”, by Jim Steele
  • “Sharivari”, by The Dirtbombs
  • “What’s Going On”, by Marvin Gaye
  • “Fly Away”, by Lenny Kravitz
  • “Intergalactic”, by Beastie Boys
  • “Starman”, by David Bowie
  • “Bonzo Goes to Bitburg”, by The Ramones
  • “Love Bites”, by Def Leppard
  • “Make Them Hear You”, by Brian Stokes Mitchell
  • “Trouble Man”, by Marvin Gaye
  • “The Star Spangled Banner”, by Jimi Hendrix

This Week’s Theme: Gen13

Gen13 #1 is arriving on DCUI this week at last! Whether you’re a long time fan or (like me) are looking forward to reading it for the first time, we want to know what songs you think would make up the ultimate Gen13 playlist. Share your picks with us, below!

Due to the high volume of submissions and the limited number of hours in a day, we’ll be selecting two songs from each member, but feel free to share as many as you like!

:headphones: Curious what Mixtape Monday is? :headphones:
Every week, we’ll post the title of our latest Mixtape, and you post tracks of your choice in the comments below! We’ll follow up next Mixtape Monday with the list of tunes, two from each user, collected from the week before. And if our “What’s the Last Song You Heard?” thread is any indication, you all have superb taste in tunes!

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Gen X metahumans (yeah, yeah, they haven’t aged a day, but one of them is named Grunge, for the love of Grodd)? So let’s try this one:

White Zombie - More Human Than Human

(Oh, Sean Yseult, how I love thee.)


Idk too much about Gen13 so I’m gonna have to sit this one out


Two songs come to my mind. First up is “Teenage Rampage” by Sweet

Second is “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana.


I was just thinking about what my friends and I listened to as teens so, here ya go!

“Days End”, by Ivoryline

“I’m Made Of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?”, by A Day To Remember

“Niki FM”, by Hawthore Heights


Mostly for Grunge…but all.

All…Used in Titans season 1.


I just finished reading the first issue, and this is the first song that came to my mind:


Great One!!! Musically, & Precise to the comic!!


Thanks! I was trying to think of a rain-related song too, but there’s a lot of good ones so I had a hard time thinking of one.


Haha. Thunderstruck, or Bridge Over Troubled Waters, CCR Who’ll Stop The Rain…lol. Just a few of the noggin. It’s always easier when you’re thinking for someone else tho…I’m Only Happy When It Rains- Garbage…Give Me Some Water- Eddie Money I believe? amazing tune. I love Sarah love all of em really…? I did a whole reading order with welcome to tranquility etc. etc. when they 1st put em on. Some were missing, but got em now…!!!


Smells Like Teen Spirit definitely fits – especially since there is literally a team member named Grunge.


I don’t know a lot about them, but


This definitely seems to fit with the Gen13 vibe, at least from what I’ve gathered so far! :slight_smile:


Who’ll Stop The Rain was actually the first thing that came to my mind! Then I’m Only Happy When It Rains, which I think would probably be a better fit since it’s actually a nineties song.


Greetings Mix Mob!! :notes: :inkys_mixtape_mob2: For some reason my brain has decided to bring the Armstrong Brothers for this, and I’m NOT gonna fight it.:laughing: :purple_heart: Plz enjoy, and have a great week!

International Cover Up- Rancid

Youngblood- Green Day


Same. I’ll be lurking to learn more, though.

And, of course, I also stay for the tunes!


All good choices!!! I was just messing around lol. That’s awesome u had CCR 1st thought too tho?!?!


I mean …

See also Bob McFadden, if you weren’t already aware…

I’ll stop now…