🎶 Mixtape Monday: Eighty Years of Wonder Woman 🎶

Anyone check out the Teen Titans Go episode marking Wonder Woman’s 80th? I’m ashamed to admit I did chuckle a bit at the Titans’ “work” on the comic book (and yes, I will burn in hell for that!).


I’m sorry. :confused: People can be overly assumptive and self-absorbed. Their loss, I say!

Exactly! Sometimes it takes a lot of energy to converse with certain people, especially those with high expectations who refuse to see a different perspective.

I get this a lot :laughing: (people asking why I’m not active on FB). While I am a bit busier these days (which will hopefully lessen eventually), I’ve also become bored of the vapidness on social media. So whenever I get on a social platform, I usually stick with DCU. You guys are awesome! :grin:


Totally agree. I can go missing forever on here & nobody is upset about it. People are just happy when you’re back. Plus nobody fights. I would go insane on FB etc. I can’t stand when someone talks tough sitting behind a screen. I would go crazy trying to deal with that. It’s the Italian side of me. That side of my family is very bad on Social Media. I’ve got 3 cousins that are banned for life from FB. One just got allowed back on 2 weeks ago. She lasted 3 days & she was banned again. She called my dad & said well, I’m giving up. Waited 2yrs & lasted 3 days banned again haha. We like to have our arguments face to face. I hate that someone can sit in anonymity & fire off at the mouth, when I know they wouldn’t do it in person. I’ve never even seen FB, but I know I would go insane if I did.


Yes, it was very funny and adorable. :blush: Listen, if Diana actually aged like a human, Steve would absolutely be there helping her get her prescriptions refilled. :joy: :sparkling_heart:

Couldn’t help grinning when the 70’s Wonder Woman theme played, too. :00_wonder_woman_stars:


Although I have a Facebook account, I rarely go on it, except for birthdays and other important things.


I’m in the vast minority. Nothing against anyone who does. My entire family including my parents do. But, I will say (from what literally everyone tells me) that sounds like the right decision for sure. I just don’t want anyone to think I have anything against people who are on FB. Everyone is. I just hate what happens to people on FB. I can say, I miss out on absolutely nothing by not ever even seeing it. Plus, I wouldn’t have the time & id lose friends b/c I wouldn’t respond in time for proper FB etiquette. I lose enough friends for dumb reasons. Definitely don’t need another one lol. So, after saying all of that, GOOD FOR U 𝑺𝑰𝑵𝑪𝑬𝑹𝑬𝑳𝒀!!!