🎶 Mixtape Monday: Doom Patrol! 🎶

Catching up on this. :heart: Sending thanks for your kind words and patience during the (unexpectedly :disappointed:) slow healing process, everyone. :slight_smile:

@Coville - Ah ha… I must say, despite that song’s name, one thing I’ve learned is that one can’t go wrong with Depeche Mode when it comes to choosing songs for themes like these, so I’m excited to see that added! Thinking about what Cliff’s gone through over each season makes that song’s overall feel a very appropriate choice. Likewise, choosing Meredith Brooks for Jane is interesting… the way she moves and sounds in that song is, to me, reflective of Jane in a good way. A similar vibe there, along with the offered mix of traits given in that song.

I’m honestly surprised by the addition of “Bad Romance,” but I can see that, and can’t help but be thankful for the chance you gave to dance to a song I’ve long enjoyed having on my personal playlist. :stuck_out_tongue: “Burning Bridges” is an intriguing addition for Larry; I like how the feel of it makes me think of the armed forces, which would make sense for him, but the lyrics feel very fitting for him, as well. The video and song for Rita’s just as well-suited for her and her prior career as an actress - the glitz and glamor of it all.

The sound of Rebecca’s voice in “The Midnight In Me” was the first thing to hit me when thinking of Dorothy. Wow, that’s such a good pick for her! The childlike sound of it, juxtaposed with the song’s theme… I don’t think I could’ve chosen better, myself. And I’m glad you went back to Depeche Mode for Niles. “Walking In My Shoes,” is powerful for a number of reasons, in making me think of his relationship with Dorothy, for example. You did a superb job with these! :slight_smile:

@ajm08g - Why hello, hello! I know how you felt about the finale… we hardly knew ye, Season 2, but I’m glad there’s another one on the way. :partying: For your list, I like how I’m already familiar with so many of the songs chosen. It made it so that I could compare them to their character without even needing to listen to them first. And then, I listened to them, of course, because they’re all just that good. xD

There are certain lyrics that stand out to me for each of them, too, such as “it just takes some time,” popping out for Rita, and “I’m waking up to ash and dust, I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust, I’m breathing in the chemicals,” making me think of what is it that makes Larry have to cover up like he does (though I can see him cooking to that song, too lol). I don’t blame you for choosing more than one for Jane… one isn’t enough for her, by any means! I hadn’t thought of “Diary of Jane,” though, but wow, I’m amazed by how well that fits! Nicely played, my friend. :wink: Same is true with “Hammerhead,” in that, after listening to it, I realized just how well-matched the lead singer’s voice is for her on its own. The frenetic energy of the song is icing on the cake there.

Ooh, and Cliff, yes! “I want to heal, I want to feel what I thought was never real,” pulses like a flashing light from that song for him, while “Robot Boy” is an indisputably lovely choice for Cyborg, in both name, and lyrics, alike. “The Famous Final Scene” is a heart-wrenching pick that really tugs at ya when it comes to what we learn about The Chief, so I’m glad you round it all out with an upbeat song for Dorothy (ah, another wonderful choice one can’t go wrong with - you all know just when to unleash the good’uns we’ve suffered from not hearing for too long, lol). Great choices! You made them create a double layer of familiarity for me that I would’ve had a hard time achieving myself. :smiley:

@patterson65.37405 - Ah ha, I see what ya did there with Rita :wink: Nicely played with “Bend Me, Shape Me,” and just a really good, catchy tune all on its own, too! “Because They’re Young” is a nice one to add for Dorothy, and it’s sound makes it something I can see being background to some of her scenes. Everyone else’s songs are expertly chosen, as well, with my favorites being the ones for Cliff, Larry and Vic (with that song from Elvis being spot on for how I envisioned Cliff during his earlier days, “Only the Lonely” being something I can imagine Larry having on his personal MP3 player, and “Man With the Golden Arm” giving me a good giggle. I love how swanky that last one is, and can totally imagine that being a theme for Vic). The shared themes running throughout all of your songs tie together really well; I think it’s a good depiction of how good they all work together as a team. :heart:

@TheSpookyWifeOfJasonTodd - You know, I can see “Bohemian Rhapsody” being a great fit for the show, too. I’ve always loved how ornate and unexpected parts of the song is, and that goes hand in hand with a show like this, for sure. :slight_smile: It’s been a long time since I’ve heard “Born This Way” - thank you for mentioning that; it brings back a lot of memories, and I agree about it being just as good a choice for Danny!

@Reaganfan78 - Hey there! No worries at all, cycling through to get everything posted to, so no worries about going overboard at all; as you now know, it’s not been due to any of your or anyone else’s choices (twas a case of the mind fooling me into thinking I could do more than I could, and the body shut me down with a stern, “NO!” >,<). I always enjoy what you come up with from week to week, so it’s never a negative to listen to what you had in mind! :slight_smile:

Speaking of choices, though, yes, I am so here for Randy Newman being added to the mix! You hit the nail on the head and then some, considering how many strange, indescribable things seem to happen in this show. :eyes: That, and who doesn’t like Toy Story? :stuck_out_tongue: Or “The Wizard of Oz,” for that matter, which does epitomize the whimsical traits bubbling off of that particular poster with skill. You did a great job just going off of so little experience with the show - your instincts are very much on the money in my opinion, both in topics, and, for songs like “Face to Face,” the overall feel! :smiley:

@TheRosses - Ahh, I see what you mean - I like the way your mind thinks when summing up the collective like it does, then!

@biff_pow - Wow, it sounds like your mind’s been hard at work when it comes to Doom Patrol, hasn’t it? Hours, days, weeks, months! :stuck_out_tongue: No worries about being topical. I often work on a mixture of “everything but the kitchen sink” and “throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks” when it comes to songs, since I go by feeling before more concrete things, so wherever your creativity takes you is fine!

You’re right about “Not Your Kind of People” having a creepy sound to it. Almost like a mixture of The Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind?” and Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box,” along with a few songs from the ending of Casper and Hocus Pocus - gives a very Alice in Wonderland edge that’s positively delightful! You achieve a similar sound with “Queen” (that song’s perfect for an intro/ending credits accompaniment), actually, while the brass in “The Man With the Golden Arm” brightens up everything, taking it to a whole 'nother level. I really liked your choices, and can definitely see why they came to mind for you!

@xLOVEandDoomPatrolx - I adore how you began your post - the love and appreciation for comics and the creativity found therein are evident, as is the influence they’ve had in your life. It’s an honor to have been able to experience your mixtape with you! 'Tis a love letter if I’ve ever seen, and lists like that are why I’ve always been hesitant to restrict the amount of songs one can share. :slight_smile:

When listening through them, I really found myself drawn to Betty Davis’ “They Say I’m Different” for something that does a good job encapsulating this group from my perspective - beautifully appropriate, and adding a really nice bit of funk into the mix. But, at the same time, I like the way you seem to manage “cool” things down periodically with songs like “Lost in the Supermarket,” “Bad In My Head,” “J’ai Jeté Mon Coeur,” and “Balloon.”

Then, from an entirely different direction, you also do a lovely job mixing in the perfect amount of quirky by using the tempos and background instruments for songs like “Punk Rock Girl,” “Pata Pata” and “Go!” I point out those because it all comes together to show just how well you know the characters, and the overall feel of Doom Patrol as a whole. So well that finding the perfect pieces is something that seems effortless for you, along with being a delight for the ears. :heart:

@LDFM - Hmm, I have a hard time choosing a favorite character in that bunch, or the show, in general. For that, I’d have to find one I relate to best, and I’ve yet to come across one that fits just right (although personality-wise, the closest is probably Jane, if I’m honest. Sometimes I’ll watch what she goes through and it feels oddly familiar). Thank you for asking and for sharing your badge idea, though! I love that, and will run that by the wonderful Applejack to see if it’s possible. :smiley:

@Razzzcat - That heat wasn’t playing around was it? Ugh, I hope things have improved where you at, at least! Staring at a snowman will have to be my go to for the future when I find myself glaring at the clouds for not adequately shielding the sun (can you tell I agree with you? Alas, yes, it IS the little things! :stuck_out_tongue:)

Ah, I see what you mean about maintenance - I think, looking back, I conveniently left that out because of my personal aversion to it. Jokingly, I’m the horrible type wants to do things once, and they just stay as they are because I deem they should, so the idea of them painting the Gate Bridge on a daily basis has me going :eyes: and already merging over into :tired_face: (vicarious depletion of my energy reserves, engaged, lol). But on a serious level, I agree with you. One’s work is never done. :slight_smile: As for that song, I’m seeing Cliff and Larry for that masterpiece. :heart: