🎶 Mixtape Monday: DCeased - Zombie Fighting 🎶

“My Way” Frank Sinatra, “Suprise! You’re dead!” Faith No More , and “Symphony of Destruction” Megadeth.


Anna and the Apocalypse has a great playlist for zombie handling, obviously. I think “Soldier at War” would be one of my top tunes for Zombie Killing!
Also “Disaster Party” by Magic Giant.
Gotta keep a little life in battling the Undead! :grin: :wink:


I think both this song and the group name would be very appropriate for the subject matter. I give you…Friend of the Devil by The Grateful Dead:

By the way, with the upcoming second season of Doom Patrol, I think a playlist dedicated to them would be great. And to honor the Elasti-Woman of my dreams, I think we should start off with a song for Rita Farr. Bend Me, Shape Me by the American Breed.


My brain: Zombies? Musical numbers? I’m in! :smile:


I’ve been meaning to watch that film, but since it has a Christmas setting, is it best to wait until the holidays to see it?

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Right at the buzzer!!!

First off, I must cheat and make @LDFM a little mad, cause I say Zombie… By Bad Wolves. I mean, it’s literally zombie

I say Dark, by Breaking Benjamin. It reminds me of the scene from I amLegend, where Will is broadcasting about how he can help.

I Stand Alone by Godsmack. It represents the isolation the survivors feel.

Digging My Own Grave, by FFDP. I think it represents the way DS royally screwed up.

I am Machine, by 3DG. It makes me think of the horror Cyborg faces.
What if God Was One Of Us, by Joan Osborne makes me think of the way the crusty affects everyone


@Jay_Kay - Ohh, you know, I never realized how fantastic Johnny Cash’s voice is for setting up the atmosphere this week, but that really stands out as perfect. It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen Dawn of the Dead, so I didn’t think to check the movie’s music and am thankful you shared your favs! :slight_smile: The way he narrates with such a sense of calm can be both equally calming for the listener, but also, in its own way, a bit eerie. I think it’s because it makes me think of Westerns, which, plots aside, tend to feature wide open spaces with few people in them, which I’m only now realizing goes together with the likes of a zombie apocalypse. :thinking: And while I can’t include it on the list due to language (I did change the video to a clean version, though), I’m loving the addition of “Down with the Sickness,” having possibly watched a video featuring it not long ago (lol those Baby Yoda radio vids give me the giggles, lol). :stuck_out_tongue:

@McEddard - The first song made me laugh… one doesn’t usually think to couple the word “delight” with “zombie,” but it works well for that song! I saw the lyric video for it and absolutely love it - as you can tell from my own pick, I wouldn’t turn down well-dancing zombies, lol. Plus, the song’s so catchy, there was little chance of getting that out of my head this weekend. :stuck_out_tongue: “The Dead Don’t Die,” is a nice change of pace to transition into, as well. Beautiful pacing, and deeply emotional - takes on a different angle for the week, making us remember the people behind the zombies, humanizing them in a way that doesn’t often happen. Does it behave that way in the movie you mentioned?

@arkhamassassin - Oh, man, that game and its soundtrack! Truly a treasure to behold, and since the sequel is set to come out soon (I think?), it’s exciting to be able to visit it again. :heart_eyes: What’s fascinating about that piece is how the way the strings played are plucked seem, to me at least, to be a physical manifestation of what the creators of the song and the game are looking to do with your heart strings, especially when one considers how emotionally gripping the game’s opening sequence is. Would this act as a song you’d listen to regularly during a zombie apocalypse, or would you save it for certain moments of time?

@DeSade-acolyte - Oh man, you’re creating a challenge within a challenge this week! Can’t blame you for choosing Adam Ant, though - that’s some fertile soil to create a playlist from, and the harvest is lush from the looks of it - I consider it better than just passable! Speaking of the challenge, how would you like something like that officially incorporated into Mixtape Monday every once in a while?

Cool zombies are the best zombies, though… they go hand in hand with the ones who, as @McEddard’s song mentions, dance excellently! :partying_face: I hadn’t considered there being a voodoo aspect alongside zombies, but the idea’s intriguing. The concept of non-virus zombies is, too. Later on, I go into the idea of people being zombies until they’re awakened through love, but the same can be said of information, of truth, of knowledge, and even self-awareness, as well. And that blends in well with the idea of zombies being the next step in evolution, too (lol, and there I go, straight back on the Orwell and Huxley mind track again!). Would you lean more toward mind control being more likely, or the previous idea of the lack of info (or perhaps excess of the wrong type), causing it?

Ah, but with the idea of dog eat dog survival… he does a fantastic job addressing that in a fun way! Maybe that’s similar to “be a cool zombie” situation… if you’re going to have to fight for survival, do it in a way that makes the most of things, and lets you have a little fun? :stuck_out_tongue: And the initial treasure trove of songs aside, I’m enjoying how we head back to what, by comparison to the zombie issue one would’ve been dealing with up until then, is the normal… the mundane, with “Car Trouble” (since that’s far from an apocalypse-only situation), and “S.E.X.” Thankfully, he makes even those topics worth dancing around to, so there’s still an upside for those who miss the adrenaline rush of moment-to-moment survival. :wink:

@LDFM - I :heart: your excitement! All good on the metal inclusion - I often look for metal covers of songs from other genres, so I’m here for it. Want me to put down the entire album as your first choice on the playlist, or was there a specific song from it you wanted to identify, as well? I can see why you chose the entire album… it literally goes through every aspect of what you see during zombie movies, for example - speaking of how such a thing would affect human anatomy, the feeling of being surrounded by a set of zombies, what living off old canned goods would feel like, etc. I think I’ll have to settle on “Revive” as my fav, though - there’s a soft tenderness hidden in it that I like. :slight_smile: It matches excellently with your choosing The Cranberries, too. There’s something about that song that always makes my soul begin to cry before my eyes do (…if that makes sense, lol). It hits in such a visceral way.

As for State of Decay 2, yes, please! You might also like some of the music they’ve shared for the new game called The Medium. If I understand right, the composer from the Silent Hill games did theirs, too. Regarding your picks, songs like those sadden me, not because of how they sound, but because of how easily they’re overlooked when playing the game. Granted, it’s the trait of a really well done song to blend so seamlessly into the background and add to the immersion like that, but they’re such beautiful pieces on their own that they deserve to be savored as is, too. I’m sad to have missed out on these for so long! The main theme’s already captivating, but “Hope Prevails” is just as amazing in how well it reflects its title. It really does fill you with a breath of fresh hope. Listening to it makes you feel like you’ve caught sight of the first few rays of new sunshine popping out from beneath the horizon! :heart_eyes:

@ajm08g - And here I was thinking I was the only one reminded of our Scooby Doo week theme :wink: Zoinks, indeed! :smiley: I can’t help but laugh at the song vault idea, since it makes me think of Tomb Raider… time to go find some buried treasure! :gem: Speaking of gems, that song by Alter Bridge is right up my alley, considering my profile’s banner pic. I can’t agree with you more about his voice… wow, you can really hear it, as if he’s existing smack dab in the middle of the apocalypse, witnessing it all take place before him. The fact that it manages to simulntaneously portray such a hopeful tone in the midst of all of that is remarkable. I’m also left giggling again at the choice of The Beatles! We’d have to make sure to broadcast that on the radio when sending out an SO.S. distress (or invitation if we have all the supplies) call to friendly non-zombies in the area, lol.

@LuciferComplex140.80394 - As someone who grew up with an awful lot of KISS (and a share of Alice Cooper) being played in the house, I concur with your choices and give two thumbs up. :slight_smile: What I find interesting about your list of songs is how they leave you feeling a little off kilter, especially with songs like, “We Hunger” (for its unexpected sound and the instruments used), and “Would You Be So Hot (If You Weren’t Dead)” (because of its title, but also the way it transitions between tempos - interestingly, it does so in a way that’s similar to Jerry C’s rendition of “Wedding In the Dream” about 2 mins in). But I note those because of how you couch them in songs that sound the way you’d imagine rock music to sound. It creates a really nice dichotomy. :slight_smile: Were there a specific rationale behind your choices?

@TheCosmicMoth - Goodness, “Hungry Face” caught me off guard at first when I heard it. I see what you mean… very mist-like. The very way it puts together the lower pitched, but more airy tones with the higher pitched, and more vibrant twinkling, music box-like moments makes for exactly the backdrop you’re aiming for. It’s a gorgeous piece, truly. I’ll add anything by Coheed and Cambria to the list of gorgeous music, too, though. The way they make instruments cry out alongside their lead singer’s already fantastically unique voice is flawless. :slight_smile:

“No Cure For the Lonely” and “Archangel” go together like a hand in a glove. Both of them have an interesting effect on the body… almost ilke a warming of the blood (here, I’m reminded of the movie of Warm Bodies, in this case, with regard to your story, thinking of how one could compare everyone to zombies who come alive, and become their warmer selves upon finding that special person - or even the coming across the mirage of a possibility of having found one - finally! Another person! Yes, I agree! :slight_smile:). What a sad ending to that story, though, for it to have all been an illusion. But you’re still alive to search another day, so maybe tomorrow, eh? Maybe.

Love your descriptions and reasoning behind everything, and really like the way your mind works - you do a beautiful job telling stories! Also wish I could put things as succinctly as you did. Brevity is a virtue I’m ever in awe of. :wink:

@darkstarz - You’re right about Goblin… thank you for making our playlist all the more complete! :smiley: The assortment of instruments and overall feel of it is like entering into a time machine, and it adds some serious flair to the list! But, I reckon the same could be said about a zombie playlist that didn’t include Rob Zombie, it seems - it just wouldn’t be right! :wink: That music video, in particular, gives the same feeling previously mentioned, too - a blast from the past, isn’t it?

Adding “His Eyes” (those dance moves are addictive!) and “Tonight” to the list has me dancing in my seat! Add in “Thriller,” and my mind’s already going, “just because it’s a zombie apocalypse doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish, right?” Going with so many tunes from such memorable movies and artists really does add pizzazz to everything - like icing on top of the party cake! :partying_face: “Night of the Living Dead” is its own treat to add, along with the fact you shared! I had no idea about that, so I’m super excited about seeing you were able to get your question answered during the Q&A - thank you for sharing that! :slight_smile:

@Coville - Ahh, going short and sweet this week, I see! Though I don’t blame you with a choice like that, which so wholly addresses this week’s theme in such an, again, Warm Bodies way, letting the listener get into the mind of a zombie, and, like a happy kitten, make a circle, before curling up into a warm ball (lol, that song radiates such a feeling of warmth that I’m not sure how else to describe it… it presents you with reasonable zombies who just want a little taste of the good stuff… and makes you re-evaluate things, asking yourself, “I mean, is that really too much to ask for?” :laughing:). I didn’t know what to expect going into that, but I definitely came out of it with a new fav! :stuck_out_tongue:

@Razzzcat - Lol! Is it decided, then? Shall we call this the “bloody baseball bat” playlist"? :stuck_out_tongue: If so, “Bury Our Friends” sounds like an appropriate song with a music video that probably shouldn’t have creeped me out as much as it did, but in truth… it honestly did. More than anything else this week. :laughing: Which is weird because the vocals in that song are so energetic that amidst it all, it’s still possible to understand why the source of said discomfort also wants to dance to it. And then your body joins along with and… since I skipped to “Jennifer’s Body,” my brain immediately put two and two together and now I wanna know if Jennifer was one of the friends buried. :thinking: Clearly, I’ve gone off the rails, lol.

That cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” though, wow… not only is it fun, agreed, but so skillfully done! :hushed: Did they happen to do one of “Heart-Shaped Box”? Another fav of mine, and that band sounds like just the one to make me love it more. :heart: No need to squint with “Fire With Fire,” though. Since it’s another one that makes me wanna dance, that’d no doubt be one of the main songs keeping me awake and eagle-eyed when given the job of lookout for the night. I’m here for it! Can see Metallica being an understandable staple, as well, particularly with how timely it is in speaking of freedom of speech and choice, along with the importance of truth. I wonder if, during a zombie situation like the ones we see in movies and on tv, such would make such freedoms easier or more difficult to acquire/keep; would the truth be harder or easier to find?

Oh, and Shaun of the Dead… truly, you’re speakin’ my language! That movie’s been in my head often this week, so seeing it on the list made me go: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you!

@Green.Lantern - Aww, I adore that song! The manner with which it immediately sends staccato the listener’s way sets the tone for everything, and keeps you engaged throughout the entire song, hearing every bit of anguish felt by the singer’s loneliness. So good! The tone makes me think of the song I shared named, “Echo,” so I’m curious, since yours speaks of, does that apply to you as well - would being alone make you feel lonely? Or would you go the route mentioned here regarding the status of introverts pre- and post-quarantine, dealing with it all just fine? :stuck_out_tongue:

@KingOfTheWickerPeople - Oingo Boingo’s a must-have this week, clearly. I didn’t know it yet, but your sharing the song fixed my mistake for us! The album cover portrays its feel perfectly - indescribably festive, and one I must ask that you please remind me of when Halloween rolls around, because it’s so good we’re going to need it shared more than once. :wink: “Zombie,” too, though that’s the sort of song I can see playing that as road music for when one’s traveling around to find more supplies. It keeps your spirits high with the beat, and is just a really feel good one all around. :heart_eyes: That said, I’m not sure where I’d put “Still Dawn” in my daily zombie-filled schedule, but it makes me want to binge-play some Resident Evil, either way. :slight_smile: Where would it fit in your day?

@Vroom - Oh, we’re spoiled when it comes to Danny Elfman’s undeniable talent, and are especially so this week when it comes to a song like that! Just hearing it makes it so easy to imagine an impending hoard of scary goodness (goodness in terms of this week’s theme, at least :laughing: Would just stick to “scary” in any other situation, lol). Thanks for the fun fact shared, too! It’s a timely reminder to finish catching up on all things Ash vs Evil Dead, which is also appreciated. :slight_smile:

@Pollster - Ooh, you listen to FF5, too?? :hushed: So glad I’m not alone in that having popped into my head! “Zombie Zoo” is a lovely substitute, though, and just a fun a song to listen to! Along with making you wanna dance, it would provide a nice break from the craziness of an apocalypse, that’s for sure! Though I, too, have a feeling “Singing in the Rain” is exactly how some of us who grew up strongly believing that video games would prepare us for all out war with zombies would react, indeed. :wink: And “Everything is Awesome” has me doubled over with laughter… everything is cool when you’re part of a team comprised of people you actually like, so we should probably make our participation lists early, just in case! :laughing:

@VincesDad - Loving your range of songs! What was it that made you think of “My Way” this week? Just the idea of a zombie apocalypse, in general, or was it something more closely related to what happens in DCeased, specifically? Ah, and I haven’t heard Megadeth in years, so it’s a joy to again be reminded of why I used to listen to them in the first place - that song’s excellent! Mixed with Faith No More, both create a really nice combo of upbeat grittiness that adds to the theme in just the right way! :slight_smile:

@MegRojahn - What is this glorious looking zombie movie, and why haven’t I seen it yet? :hushed: That video and song are both absolutely fantastic, and the idea of mixing a musical with a zombie movie is awfully intriguing, so I appreciate your sharing it with me for the introduction! The same is true of “Disaster Party” - getting some interesting Panic! at the Disco and Twenty One Pilots vibes from that group, so it ticks off all of my boxes for what’s needed for a great playlist, even without the zombie theme in tow. If I’m honest, they had me from the moment I heard the whimsical whistling. :slight_smile:

@patterson65.37405 - I agree with you on how appropriate that song is, though listening to it delivers such a different experience because of how sweet-sounding it is. A good case of not judging a book by its cover! :slight_smile: It reflects life in an interesting way, too, since in shows or movies about the apocalypse balance out the experience between survival and upbeat moments in much the same way that song does with its sound. Intriguing! I also thank you for your playlist suggestion - alas, it looks like we’re on the same page! :wink:

@RedShadow - Nonsense, the buzzer’s just a figment of our imaginations. :stuck_out_tongue: “Zombie” is a beautiful song that always manages to be heart-wrenching, getting better with each listen, so I’m glad to have it added! Breaking Benjamin has a similar effect, but is a bit more buoyant in how it lands within the body for me (the music from The Fountain does the same in how atmospheric it is). Have you experienced similar? Awesome connection made with I Am Legend - not only a fitting movie for the week, but one of my favs! :slight_smile:

What I find stands out about the next there songs - “I Stand Alone,” Digging My Own Grave," and “I Am Machine” is how alike all three are despite how differently they’re used when reading through your reasoning. I’m glad you put them next to each other, as there’s a fluid transition that takes place when going from one to another. :thinking: They’re lovely, and have me wanting to catch up on my reading sooner rather than later so I’ll better understand why you chose them. :slight_smile: “What if God Was One of Us,” will always hit me in the soft spot, as well. It’s such a wonderful song, and poignant and powerful in meaning despite being delicate and seemingly unimposing in sound. A great list you have there! :slight_smile:

Adding this one - heard Duran Duran’s, “Hungry Like The Wolf” when I went to the store today, and immediately thought of it as the theme song for a zombie sneaking up on non-zombies to, you know… say “hello!” :stuck_out_tongue:

General Disclaimer: As a head’s up, I’m going to start replacing videos that have language issues with clean versions if they’re available online so you’ll all still be able to share them. If you happen to find clean versions, you can go ahead and put them up in your initial posts, as well. :slight_smile:

Also in the process of trying to plan a few things for the near future that you might enjoy, so, if you have any general feedback, feel free to share as @patterson65.37405 did! Particularly when it comes to holidays, since the awesome job all of you did this week, and for those spookier songs during Scooby week, have me thinking Halloween already, lol. Additional apologies for delays, too. It takes a little while to work out details on some things so catching up will be done over time. :slight_smile:


@RedShadow ARGH!!! Lol! I actually did think of the Bad Wolves cover, but decided to just go with the original. Still a good pick along with your others.

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“Wobble”, “Dance or Die”, and their latest album are pretty good. Unfortunately, some of the brothers quit. I don’t know if the band will continue.

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Heh, sorry about that, probably should have thought of that beforehand.


Frankly I love the idea. Having to use one artists songs. Songs only beginIng with alternating letters (a, c, e, g, etc), songs that all start with the same letter, song from a specific year, decade or within a three year span. Songs by bands you‘ve actually seem perform live. Any of those as an extra constraint might be fun.

It always been my point of view that giving people constraints often always or makes them look at things in different ways.

I fully support the idea.

As for Voodoo & Zombies
Zombies are a well known in voodoo.
The term comes from Haitian folklore, in which a zombie is a dead body reanimated through various methods, most commonly magic.

One of the first books to expose Western culture to the concept of the voodoo zombie was The Magic Island (1929) by [W. B. Seabrook] This is the sensationalized account of a narrator who encounters voodoo cults in Haiti and their resurrected thralls.

It is interesting that western culture has really only had zombies as part of that culture for less than a century. Yet in that time, they have become ubiquitous.

Thanks for the compliment(s)!!!

I didn’t even think of the transition, but I see it now. Sharp eye!

As far as WIGWOOU, i was afraid that one might be misunderstood.


@MissInkBlot In regards to the Zombie EP, I’d say put all of them down. They work so well together as a whole. And I actually understand the vibe you get from “Revive”. If I had to pick one song, “Escape” might be my go to. You could put all the songs individually, or maybe make a note that it’s an entire album. Whatever you think would work.

As to the soundtracks. I’ll have to check The Medium out, I haven’t heard of that game… although, I’m not too big on the horror genre in general, so that’s probably why. :grimacing: But I can understand the music getting “lost” in the visuals or whatever. I guess I’m lucky, the sound and music is probably one of the first things I notice. That or I really just love the genre. I mean, some of the first CD’s I remember buying as a kid were Halo 2 and Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith.

Reminds me of this quote I I really like (and movie can be substituted with TV show or game):

The sound and music are 50% of the entertainment in a movie. - George Lucas

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Good morning! :sunny: :coffee:
“Bloody baseball bat playlist" it is! Or bloody cricket bat? …or do we just call it You’ve got red on you…? :stuck_out_tongue:

Such a great movie. I agree: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And you’re right about the creep factor on the Sleater-Kinney vid. It reeeally takes a turn when she starts dancing, doesn’t it? Sorry. Great song tho!?:dancer:t2:

As for Jennifer, she was the leader of a rival apocalypse tribe. I don’t know what they did w/ the rest of her? She might still be alive w/ a peg leg n’ eye patch, preparing for another midnight raid on our camp. :upside_down_face: I’ll go right off the rails w/ ya. Anytime! I suppose that little detour means I’m inclined to think nothing would change in terms of attaining truth, peace, safety & freedom in a zombie apocalypse, right? The Walking Dead is prob accurate (and Idiocracy)? Yep! It’s why I need ALL the baseball bats, @MissInkBlot!! :joy:

You’re in luck! I love me some unique/weird covers, and if I had to choose only a handful of albums to listen to for the rest of my days, In Utero is the 1st one I grab, so I brought you a present! Not the same band, but if you liked Los Straitjackets you may enjoy this one as well. Enjoy. Have a great week. :purple_heart:

:thinking: why didn’t I pick this one?? Nevermind.

Er… :laughing: ok, bye.

No, I have no rhyme or reason. just liked those songs especially Siouxsie and the Banshees. you could use their album JU JU and all the songs would be a good fit for this topic.

Thanks, once again, for your comments! I’m in awe of all the hard work you put into Mixtape Monday.

“Hungry Face” is from a soundtrack Mogwai did for the French TV series Les Revenants (“The Returned”). It’s basically what passes for a zombie TV series in France. The show is actually really good (the American remake, not as good). Sometimes I try to deny the fact that Mogwai is one of my favorite bands, but, no, they really are one of my favorite bands.

As for the end of the story… yeah… there’s always tomorrow… but… At this stage I’m pretty sure I’m just the guy in the radio station from the Shellac song.

Thanks for the compliments! I’ve honestly struggled with brevity for most of my life. I’ve been working at it. These days, I think the best messages are simple. Though, that’s not always possible… or even recommended.