🎶 Mixtape Monday: DCeased - Zombie Fighting 🎶

Greetings, Mixers!

Masters at your craft, you excelled at last week’s theme, making us think of Leviathan in an assortment of ways and forms, both surprising and mind-blowing! To say you sure know how to keep us at the edge of our seats is quite the understatement, and each of your songs was certainly worthy of being the theme for so feared an organization!

For those who missed out, you can see the list of songs chosen below!

  • “The Kraken,” by Hanz Zimmer (from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest)
  • “Davy Jones,” by Hanz Zimmer (from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest)
  • “Monster,” by Steppenwolf
  • “The Leviathan," by James Newton Howard (from Atlantis: The Lost Empire)
  • “Leviathan,” by Volbeat
  • “I Crush Everything,” by Jonathan Coulton
  • “Ship is Sinking,” by Ye Banished Privateers
  • “White Knuckles,” by Alter Bridge
  • “Slip To The Void,” by Alter Bridge
  • “Down,” by Breaking Benjamin
  • “Don’t Bring Me Down,” by The Electric Light Orchestra
  • “The World is Not Enough,” by Garbage (from The World Is Not Enough)
  • “If I Needed You,” by Joey + Rory
  • “Nobody Does It Better,” by Carly Simon (from The Spy Who Loved Me)
  • “Mission: Impossible,” by Lalo Schifrin (Theme from Mission: Impossible)
  • “No Place That Far,” by Sara Evans
  • “Where Does My Heart Beat Now,” by Celine Dion
  • “End of Line” (Remixed by Boys Noize), by Daft Punk (from TRON: Legacy Reconfigured)
  • “Thought Contagion,” by MUSE
  • “Art of Doubt,” by Metric
  • “Man of Steel,” by Black Francis
  • “The Beast of Pirate’s Bay,” by Voltaire
  • “Ra - The Sun God,” by David Arnold (from Stargate)
  • “Baseball Furies Chase,” by Barry De Vorzon
  • “Champagne,” by Ann-Margret and Roger Daltrey (from Tommy)
  • “Sanctuary,” by Fun Boy Three
  • “Mirror Man,” by The Human League
  • “There Ain’t Half Been Some Clever Bastards,” by Ian Dury & The Blockheads
  • #1 Crush” (Nellee Hooper Mix), by Garbage
  • “The Man with the Golden Gun,” by Lulu (From The Man with the Golden Gun)
  • “A View To A Kill,” by Duran Duran
  • “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap,” by Joan Jett
  • “Warm Leatherette,” by The Normal
  • “Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money),” by Pet Shop Boys
  • “Killer Queen,” by Queen
  • “Situation” (U.S. 12" Mix), by Yazoo
  • “Maschine Brennt,” by Falco
  • “Einzelhaft,” by Falco
  • “That’s the Way the Money Goes,” by M
  • “Red Cold River,” by Breaking Benjamin
  • “The Deep End,” by Crossfade
  • “Live And Let Die,” by Paul McCartney & Wings (from Live and Let Die)
  • “Jimmy Olsen’s Blues,” by Spin Doctors
  • “Watching The Detectives,” by Elvis Costello
  • “Lucifer Sam,” by Pink Floyd
  • “Message In A Bottle,” by The Police
  • “Save Me,” by Remy Zero
  • “True Dreams of Wichita,” by Soul Coughing
  • “Night on Bald Mountain” by Modest Mussorgsky
  • “4’33”,” by John Cage

This Week’s Theme:
DCeased - Zombie Fighting

Continuing on with last week’s suspenseful trek into the great unknown, DC’s spending this week celebrating our having added DCeased to the service! To do so, we’re going from one end of the spectrum to the opposite, from the ocean and all that’s hidden within its depths, to dry land and the creatures that lurk upon its great expanse.

For those of you unfamiliar with DCeased, it features a world in turmoil as people fall victim to a zombie-like state, and as such, we’re left wondering what your zombie apocalypse playlist would sound like (or sounds like… if you’re like us and already have one, lol). Would you choose songs that lift your spirit, or songs better suited for the long spells of traveling you’d do looking for supplies?

What other parts of life would inspire a theme song or two? Let us know below!

While lyrics must abide to Forum Guidelines, the songs can be anything, of any genre, as long as it meets each week’s theme!

:headphones: Curious what Mixtape Monday is? :headphones:
Every week, we’ll post the title of our latest Mixtape, and you post a track of your choice in the comments below! We’ll follow up next Mixtape Monday with the full list of tunes collected from the week before. And if our “What’s the Last Song You Heard?” thread is any indication, you all have superb taste in tunes!


Something tells me I’m accident prone (ahem… noise prone) enough that zombies would be around often, so my first choice is for zombie fighting:

“Zombie,” by Family Force 5 -

Being a bit of a loner (think Eli from Book of Eli), this is another one that’d be in mind often:
“Echo,” by Jason Walker

And because I’ve been catching up a bit on all things Walking Dead-related, and it reminded me of just how much traveling goes on for supplies and other reasons, here’s a more upbeat one to get re-stuck in the 'ol noggin (lol came across it by chance last night and must now share the addiction… hides from possible tomatoes coming my way). :wink:

“A Thousand Miles,” by Vanessa Carlton


Guess I’m out for a week, I’m not into zombie stuff.:slightly_smiling_face:

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All good, @Reaganfan78! Alternatively, if you’d like to broaden the topic and are into dystopian or apocalyptic stories, you can offer a song representing that instead, sans zombie inclusion. :slight_smile:


Well, I’m reminded of some of the fitting tracks from one of my favorite zombie movies, like the Dawn of the Dead remake:

Johnny Cash – The Man Comes Around

Disturbed – Down With The Sickness
(MIB Edit: Just adding the clean version :slight_smile:)


Zombie Delight by Buck 65 and The Dead Don’t Die by Sturgill Simpson, which he recorded for the Jim Jarmusch film of the same name.


The theme for probably the greatest zombie game ever feels appropriate here


I thought I’d give myself a challenge this week and see what I could come up with using a single artist. I picked Adam Ant. And I gave myself a 1.5 hour time limit and came in 12 minutes under. It might not be the best playlist ever, but, I think I rose to the challenge ok. Not great but more than passable.

If you’re gonna be a zombie. Might as well be a cool zombie. Cool Zombie -Adam Ant

One historical element of the zombie mythos is voodoo. That Voodoo - Adam & The Ants

Zombies are often thought of as mindless. We have been known to create our own type of zombies. They might not eat brains, but they are mindless and we only have ourselves to blame. More is the pity. Nine Plan Fail - Adam & The Ants

What if zombies are the next step in evolution. There is some mad scientist out there with a future manifesto on the topic. Animals and Men - Adam & The Ants

Going a bit far afield here, but the question of mind control, and therefore being mindless. What if that control came from outer space. (This type of mind control is very much a type from the Silver Age.) Never Trust A Man (With Egg On His Face) - Adam & The Ants

Once we get a zombie apocalypse, it’s pretty much “every man for himself”. Dog Eat Dog - Adam & The Ants

And what modern zombie situation wouldn’t be complete without the hurdle that when you are trying to escape, your vehicle dies and leaves you stranded. Car Trouble Adam & The Ants

Finally, if we ever can rid ourselves of the zombie threat, repopulation is going to be required and that means one thing… S.E.X. - Adam & The Ants


YES! I think I have some good ones for this week!

Heavy metal advisory. I know the metal genre can be kind of weird for people, I know there’s no genre limits for these, but just a heads up for those who may want to skip my first pick:
the entirety of the “Zombie EP”, by The Devil Wears Prada

This is a concept album, which basically follows the story of a zombie outbreak. For a lot of fans of this band this is their best work. Lots of cool elements, from a shotgun blast in the breakdown in the song Escape, to the chainsaw start in Anatomy. If you want to check it out, or maybe if you want to skip all the yelling and aggressiveness, find some lyrics and follow along. (Above link is all five songs at a little over 20 minutes long)

And now some more “friendly” tunes :stuck_out_tongue:

“State of Decay 2 Main Theme”, by Jesper Kyd (from State of Decay 2)

“Hope Prevails”, by Jesper Kyd (from State of Decay)

My next two choices are from a recent video game franchise I’ve enjoyed playing. There is more of a survival aspect for this game. The first song just has that sense of uneasiness and unknown. The latter is more, relaxed, I think even in times of struggle or it’s good to think about better times, even just the glimpse of “hope” you have can maybe make things a little more bearable.

And last but not least:
“Zombie”, by The Cranberries


Z-z-z-Zombies! Zoinks @MissInkBlot! :joy:
Looks like I’ll also be breaking into the song vault for this one. :sunglasses: :+1:

I’ll start first with some mentions with a strong word of caution for language. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :flushed:
Those would include Rob Zombie’s Living Dead Girl (because, well, he knows a thing or two about being a zombie :sweat_smile:), Dead by Sunrise’s End of The World for the time in it being a zombie outbreak (also as a side note, first heard this song in an episode of Smallville where then Green Arrow was picking up then Plastique to do some good [also fun side note is the actress who then played Plastique turned out to play Barry’s daughter in The Flash]), and finally but not least in these mentions is Breaking Benjamin’s Until The End to listen to when the anguish of taking on the zombies gets too intense.

Now, also reminding of the time it would be with zombies running around, I’d pick this tune by Alter Bridge. It does have a bit of hope in fighting till the end when the end is here as they sing. I think the lead singer also does a good job vocalizing the anguish felt in thinking about the end being “here.”

Next, for a more upbeat note (I think :sweat_smile:) I can’t help but think of this tune first by The Beatles when there is an outbreak by zombies. We all could use some help every now and then too and this tune reminds me of that in its fun way.

Next, as another inspiration to keep fighting during the dire situations a zombie outbreak would bring would be this next tune from Breaking Benjamin. One of my favorites from them for sure. :sunglasses:

Ah, and now for those pick me up tunes to make it through those zombies. Great advice is to always go for the head and make sure your cardio is up to speed! With these tunes playing, perhaps that will be not a problem! :grin:

First, got to have this one when tackling those zombies. Great lyrics to pick up the mood for sure and I think surviving a zombie outbreak would be quite… Legend… Wait for it… :sunglasses: :v:

Dary! :rofl:

Next, a not so subtle reminder for the zombies what would happen if they happened to find us. :smile:

To keep the momentum going, have to include these classics for sure! :sunglasses: :metal:

And finally, if things do get quite dire, this would be the fitting song to go out on in the end. :superman_hv_4:


kiss " Unholy"
Siouxsie and the Banshees " We Hunger"
Black Sabbath" Symptom of the universe"
Alice Cooper “I love the Dead”
Blondie “rip her to shreds”
Suicidal Tendencies 'Waking the Dead"
The Dammed “would you be so hot (if you weren’t Dead?)”

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Dozens of walking corpses emerge from the mist

A great battle occurs

Our hero wanders the wastelands alone

Then- Finally! Another person! Companionship! Love!

But… it was all an illusion. Our hero spends his final days doing a radio show for no one…


I am not sure if any zombie themed mixtape can be without Goblin from George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead. Goblin - Zombi

Next up would be Rob Zombie’s Living Dead Girl, which shares it’s name with a classic Jean Rollin film La Morte Vivante English title.

One of the greatest songs in any zombie movie has to be from the risque scene in Return of the Living Dead.

His Eyes from Friday the 13th: A New Beginning performed by Pseudo Eyes. While Friday the 13th is not a zombie movie I can make a strong argument that Jason is a zombie. Also, check out Violet’s excellent dance moves in this video!

For a non horror movie based song Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The video has all of the big Hollywood effects and one of the most recognizable dances ever.

My last selection is Night of the Living Dead from The Misfits. The song shares it’s namesake with my favorite movie of all time. Is that Glenn Danzig or Big Tony singing? You decide or you could read Jimmy Palmiotti’s answer to my question about Big Tony and Danzig.



Another Jonathan Coulton song this week:


Hey there, @MissInkBlot!
Saw the theme and immediately thought: :thinking: what music would I be channeling thru a baseball bat in the event of a zombie apocalypse!? :sunglasses: For your consideration, may I present: what surfaced first! lol :woman_zombie:

Bury Our Friends- Sleater-Kinney

Smells Like Teen Spirit- Los Staightjackets version… ‘cause it’s fun.

Jennifer’s Body- Hole

Fire with Fire- (The) Gossip

(We’re squinting, we’re squintiiiing— yep, there it is! Why not, let’s roll w/ it!) :grin:
And last, because Metallica has been a staple in my PT playlists for a long time, and Night of the Living Dead seems even more relevant these days:
Eye of the Beholder- Metallica


Ok, wait. Sorry, but I can’t NOT do this!
This scene is hilarious, and who doesn’t like the contradiction of a cheerful song during a tense scene?? :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t need to add it, btw. It’s more for entertainment value for anyone who may wander in here than anything. Enjoy. Take care. :purple_heart:


When I started thinking about being alone in an apocalyptic wasteland, this came to mind:


Oingo Boingo - No One Lives Forever

Michale Graves - Zombie

Makoto Tomozawa, Akari Kaida, and Masami Ueda - Still Dawn


Deadites are close enough to being zombies. So with that in mind, I present March of the Dead, from Army of Darkness, by DC movie and TV music maestro, Danny Elfman.

Fun Fact: Ash was a titular character in the Wildstorm mini Freddy vs Jason vs Ash.


“My Way” Frank Sinatra, “Suprise! You’re dead!” Faith No More , and “Symphony of Destruction” Megadeth.